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Choose the right weight loss products and weight loss pills, fat girls can also be as light as weight after losing weight

In the history , there is a saying ” Yan thin ring fat ” , Yan is Zhao Feiyan . Legend has it that Zhao Feiyan has a thin body , a light posture , and dances like a swallow . The beauty of Zhao Feiyan is because she is as light as a swallow . in pursuit of thinness , everyone wants to make themselves thinner and thinner . In fact , as long as you choose the right weight loss products , fat girls can also be as light as weight after losing weight .

For those who pay less attention to weight loss products , it is really difficult to choose the number one product . It is difficult to choose which weight loss medicine is the most effective . Remind you to choose the right weight loss product first to find out the reasons that cause you to gain weight :

1 . Genetic and environmental factors :

A considerable number of obese people have a certain family tendency , and obese parents and their children and siblings are also more obese . About one third of them are related to obese parents .

2 . Excessive energy intake reduces consumption :

Excessive energy intake is mainly manifested in increased appetite , the reduction in consumption is reduced activity and the imbalance between intake and discharge . Such people generally consume too much and exercise too little .

3 . Increase in the number of fat cells and hypertrophy :

The gradual increase in the number of fat cells is related to age and the degree of fat accumulation . Many people that are obese from childhood , when they are still obese in adulthood , the number of fat cells in the body will increase significantly ; while the slow and continuous obesity , there are existing fat cells The hypertrophy is accompanied by an increase in fat cells . The fat cells of an obese person can be increased by more than 3 times compared to the fat cells of a normal person .

How should people of all types of obesity chooses weight loss products ? The author recommends that you take the weight loss products of the weight loss drug rankings . These weight loss products are extracted from food or natural plants , and some are medicinal plant ingredients , but their weight loss principles and effects on the human body are different . You need to be careful To distinguish .

The representatives of active ingredients extracted from food or natural plants are dietary fiber and oligosaccharides , commonly used are soybean fiber , apple fiber , corn fiber , microcrystalline fiber and oligo fructose . Relatively speaking , such ingredients come from natural plants . As long as the amount of use is well controlled , there is little harm to the human body . Among them , dietary fiber is an effective ingredient that is recognized as a good weight loss effect , and it is also considered to be a functional food for the 21st century , Has many important effects on the human body .

There are many kinds of medicinal plant extracts from present . Extracts like cassia , lotus leaf , seaweed , oolong tea , etc . also have certain lipid-lowering effect . We can see that the weight loss products containing L-carnitine at the top of the diet pills list contain these ingredients . Scientific research shows that the extracts from oolong tea and Pu’er tea contain polyphenolic compounds , which have a strong binding capacity for triglycerides and cholesterol , and can be excreted with feces . In addition , it can also be extracted from blood lipids and body fat . A series of biochemical reactions play the same role . Therefore , taking some medicinal plant extracts properly has certain effects on weight loss and can be selected appropriately .

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