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Choose the right time to eat snacks for healthy weight loss

We all know that eating too much at night is easy to gain weight , which shows that choosing the right time to eat are important to weight loss . Today I will teach you how to choose different foods at different times this year to enjoy healthy and thin .

7 : 00 to 9 : 00 : calcium-containing food

Ingesting 300 nags at calcium can help you lose 22% of your body weight and 61% of fat , especially belly fat , and you will lose 81% .

10 : 00 to 11 : 00 : Almond

People who eat almonds lose twice as much weight as those who do not eat almonds ; if you eat almonds before lunch , calorie intake will be reduced by 333 calories .

14 : 00 to 16 : 00 : Honey

Honey can adjust your blood sugar to normal level within 20 minutes after drinking , and keep it for 2 hours , while reducing your hunger .

20 : 00 to 21 : 00 : Coconut

Coconut is the best source of fatty acids in nature , this fatty acid can increase the rate of calories burnt by the liver by 50% .

The secret to not getting fat after eating supper is to choose the right time . The following foods will not make you fat in the evening :

1 . Fruit

Fruits are the best food for making supper , but if you belong to the kind of physique that ” you can get fat even if you drink water ” , I also recommend a few kinds of fruits here , such as apples , tomatoes and bananas are all suitable for any kind of fruit Time to eat is not only nutritious , but also easy to satisfy instant hunger , fullness , and a good supper for friends who are in the middle of weight loss .

2 . Grinding and chewing food

According to research , the ground food is easier to digest than the original cooking , and the half-cooked egg is easier to digest than the hard-boiled egg . In addition , because the chewing action helps to consume calories , if you must eat supper , remember to choose foods that need to be chewed to reduce the calorie accumulation of food and become fat that can’t be dumped in the future .

3 . Vitamin B groups foods-Representative food for eliminating irritability : whole wheat food

B vitamins have a synergistic effect with each other , which can regulate metabolism and enhance the function of the nervous system . Whole wheat foods are rich in B vitamins , which can eliminate irritability and promote sleep . Oats , barley , brown rice , whole-wheat bread , whole-wheat biscuits , etc . be all whole-wheat foods .

4 . Calcium and Magnesium foods-foods that relax the nerves : milk , walnuts

Research has found that calcium and magnesium can be used as natural relaxants and tranquilizers . Milk rich in calcium is recognized as a ” good sleep aid ” . Nut foods are rich in magnesium . In clinical practice , walnuts are often used to treat symptoms such as neurasthenia , insomnia , forgetfulness , and dreaminess .

5 . Tryptophan food-reduce excitement Representative food : millet porridge

Tryptophan is metabolized in the human body to produce 5-hydroxytryptamine , which can inhibit central nervous excitability and produce a certain sense of drowsiness . At the same time , serotonin can be further converted into melatonin in the human body , melatonin has been proven to have a definite sedative and sleep-inducing effect . Millet is the most abundant of tryptophan in all grains . Adding some millet to the dinner staple should be a good idea , which will help increase the amount of tryptophan that enters the brain . In addition , the content of tryptophan in vegetables such as pumpkin seeds , yuba , tofu skin , dried shrimps , nori , black sesame and other vegetables are also very high .

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