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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Chinese medicine acupuncture embedding weight loss method, lazy people must lose weight

Chinese medicine acupuncture embedding weight loss method, lazy people must lose weight

Embedding therapy can embed absorbable intestinal thread under the skin to continuously stimulate acupuncture points to achieve the effects of clearing stools , reducing appetite and promoting metabolism . In recent years , more and more people hope to use acupuncture embedding thread in Chinese medicine to control body weight . Since this is an invasive medical treatment , it is recommended that we go to a regular Chinese medicine hospital , and a professional Chinese medicine doctor will personally evaluate and operate it to ensure your health .

1 . Acupuncture point embedding therapy is to embed the sheep intestine thread into the subcutaneous acupuncture points , and to continuously stimulate the meridian points and meridians to achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation and metabolism .

2 . Fat decomposition : The gut line of the sheep is embedded in the subcutaneous acupuncture points , which can stimulate the decomposition of fat and achieve the effect of local line sculpture .

3 . Reduce appetite : Continuous stimulation of specific acupuncture points can help suppress appetite and also help eliminate stubborn stools .

4 . Physique adjustment : Through the evaluation and selection of acupuncture points by professional Chinese medicine practitioners , continuous adjustment of meridian qi and blood through embedding thread can not only help to improve obese constitution , but also help treat chronic diseases such as allergies and insomnia . However , the combination of Chinese and Western medicine reminds that the embedding of acupuncture points should select the most appropriate acupuncture points according to the individual’s physical condition , and be carried out by qualified Chinese medicine practitioners , and be matched with Chinese medicine conditioning according to the situation to achieve the best results .

In addition , it is recommended that people should adjust diet , exercise and daily life in order to maintain health and not easy to gain weight . Contraindication for acupuncture point embedding : Acupoint embedding should be selected according to individual differences and obesity reasons , and then the corresponding acupoint embedding devices should be implanted into a protein magnetization line (also known as ” biological protein thread “) , which is medical ” lambing intestine ” ” Line ” reputation . Suture the wound during surgery .

These ” buried ” threads will be naturally dissolved and absorbed by the body of 15 days to 3 months . Dredge meridians , reconcile qi and blood , improve autonomic dysfunction and endocrine disorders , inhibit gastrointestinal digestion and absorption and excessive appetite in obese people , thereby reducing caloric intake , stimulating and activating obese autonomic nerves , and promoting catalysis and metabolism . Consume body fat . To achieve the purpose of weight loss . Acupoint embedding has a certain effect on insomnia , amnesia , fatigue , waist and knee weakness , irregular menstruation , and dysmenorrhea .

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