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Chinese herbal medicine slimming tea soup for detoxification and detoxification

For every woman after childbirth , she will encounter the trouble of enlarged bellies , and losing weight and thin bellies became the core task . As a mother , I also have this problem . And because the whole mind are absorbed in the children and taking care of the family , there is no more time to maintain the figure . The biggest problem of body shape is the stomach problem , and there is also the embarrassment to constipation . Today , the editor of the weight loss tea list introduces to me a Chinese herbal tea that I am drinking using two kinds of traditional Chinese medicine . This Chinese herbal tea can relieve the problem of constipation , and the biggest benefit is that it can also remove the body . Moisture This Chinese herbal tea soup for detoxification and detoxification can solve your big tummy problem in one stroke , and sometimes it is really not difficult to lose weight and thin tummies .

The magical effect of Chinese herbal tea

With the improvement in living conditions , we eat some fatty foods every day , which will increase the moisture of the spleen and stomach . The excessive moisture will not only make people feel tired easily , but also look complex . The whole person seems to have no glory , and this Chinese herbal tea soup can solve this problem . So which two traditional Chinese medicines are used in this traditional Chinese herbal tea ?

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In fact , it is made from two kinds of Chinese herbal medicines : fried atractylodes rhizome and cooked rhubarb . Both fried atractylodes rhizome and cooked rhubarb are not expensive Chinese medicines , and the price is also very cheap . The biggest advantage of Atractylodes macrocephalic is that it can strengthen the spleen and wet the skin , while rhubarb has Laxative effect , and cooked rhubarb can also promote blood circulation and lipid-lowering . The combination of the two can remove the moisture in the body and expel the garbage accumulated in the intestine in time . This is undoubtedly a good medicine for the big belly to lose weight , but if you are an easy to get angry For physiques , it is best not to use fried Atractylodes macrocephalic , just use raw Atractylodes macro .

How to take Chinese herbal tea

After I bought it from the pharmacy , I asked the staff of the pharmacy to grind it into a powder , which is very convenient to soak in boiling water . But I don’t drink it in boiling water . I drink it after boiling it like traditional Chinese medicine . Therefore , I usually put 15 grams of Atractylodes macrocephalic in the saucepan , 6 grams of rhubarb (4 grams can also be used ) , plus a cup of water , soak the cannon for about an hour , and then put it on the induction cooker to cook . After boiling , turn to low heat and boil for 10 minutes . If the time is tight , you can also soak it in boiling water for a while . I personally feel that it should be better when it is cooked , but you should also do it well . When you enter , you should face the special smell and taste of Chinese medicine . Try not to add honey . When warm , drink with your eyes closed . Twice a day in the morning and evening , drink on an empty stomach before meals in the morning , and before bed at night , the effect is really very good .

Normal reaction after drinking Chinese herbal tea

The biggest effect of this Atractylodes rhubarb soup that you feel is that the number of stools increased every day . Although you go to the toilet more often , it is not the kind of laxative laxative . After my personal use , every time I go to the bathroom , it is the kind of normal bowel movement , and there will be no diarrhea . In fact , what you excreted at this time is the damp poisons in the body . Although it pulls more times , it will not make people feel collapsed , but it will become more and more energetic , because the moisture in the body is reduced .

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