Lose weight / Weight loss diet / Cheap Cabbage Scrambled Oil Meal Helps Taoism to Lose 10 Kg in One Week

Cheap Cabbage Scrambled Oil Meal Helps Taoism to Lose 10 Kg in One Week

None of the MMs who shout to lose weight all day long are diligent . Since they do not want to exercise , they have to work hard on a diet . Today we would recommend to everyone that the cabbage scraped oil meal , as long as you eat 7 days in a row , you can lose 10 pounds of fat in a week .

Cabbage weighted loss principle :

Cabbage is rich in dietary fiber , which can enhance gastrointestinal motility , reduce the retention time of feces in the body , strengthen the digestion and absorption functioned , can relax the bowel and reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body . The pectin contained in cabbage can help the body eliminate excess cholesterol .

In addition , Chinese cabbage is rich in water content , up to 95% , contains very little calories , will not cause excess calories and become fat accumulation in the body . Cabbage is also rich in vitamin C and vitamin E , eating more is good for beauty .

1 . The soup with cabbage

Materials : Chinese cabbage , preserved eggs , scallops , green and red peppers , onions .

Method :

1 . After rinsing the scallops , soak them in warm water for 20 minutes ; take the core of Chinese cabbage and break it into whole leaves . The large pieces can be divided into two or three pieces in length ; the preserved eggs , green and red peppers and onions are cut into small pieces for use .

2 . From the oil pan , after the oil is hot , sate the onion diced ; add the water of the scallop ding and the scallop scallop to the boil .

3 . Add preserved diced eggs , cooking wine and sugar , and boil ; add cabbage leaves , cook until transparent , remove the leaves and put them on the plate .

4 . Add green and red peppers to the soup and add a small amount of salt to season ; collect the juice on fire until it is thick and pour it on the cabbage .

2 . Cabbage stewed tofu

Materials : Chinese cabbage , tofu , salt , chicken essence , pepper noodles , ginger , green onions .

Method :

1 . Cut the tofu into mahjong , boil it with boiling water to remove the bean smell ; cut the cabbage diagonally into slices .

2 . Put a little oil in the pan , add ginger and spring onion when the heat is 60% , stir-fry cabbage and stir-fry for one minute , add tofu and stir-fry for another minute .

3 . Add appropriate amount of water , put pepper and chicken essence one after another , cook for 5 minutes , and season with salt .

3 . Stir-fried fungus with cabbage

Materials : Chinese cabbage , fungus , spring onion , ginger , pepper , star anise , salt , chicken essence .

Method :

1 . Spread slices of cabbage by hand , soak the fungus in warm water for five minutes to soften it , remove the roots , wash it , and chop the shallots and ginger .

2 . Put oil in the pot , heat on low heat , add pepper and star anise to fry the aroma , add onion and ginger to savor the aroma , then add cabbage slices , stir evenly over high heat .

3 . When the cabbage slices are fried until slightly softened , pour in the old stir-fry and stir-fry evenly , add the right amount of sugar and vinegar ;

4 . Put in the soaked fungus , stir fry for a few minutes , sprinkle a little salt , chicken essence and stir evenly , just out of the pan .

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