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Cecilia Cheung does not cost money to lose weight

The ” skinny beauty ” slimming style has been blowing in the entertainment circle , and Cecilia Cheung is one of the best spokespersons . If you have watched ” Star Wish ” , You must still remember the cute little face of Cecilia Cheung in the film . At that time , although Cecilia Cheung’s facial features were beautiful and beautiful , she always thought that her small round face always made people feel more amateur . , filming , not so photogenic . does you guys know how Cecilia Cheung did this ? In fact , Cecilia Cheung does not cost money to lose weight and face . The following editor will show you how to lose weight without spending money :

Tip 1 : Quit meat and vegetables

” Since the past six months , boiled vegetables and soup can be said to be my staple food . I have completely quit eating meat . I have tried many weight-loss methods of the past , but it has been unsuccessful because I am greedy and refuse to quit . Lose weight to bear , if you can’t do it , you will always have to carry a fat body .”

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Tip 2 : Running and dancing

” Weight loss must be coordinated with exercise . I run the treadmill at home whenever I have time . I use the treadmill to run for an hour every day . If I work in the field , I use swimming instead . At the same time , I also learn to dance with a row dance teacher . Practice dancing and dance with / to an hour each time .”

Tip 3 : Increase the workload

” People are most afraid of being idle , and it is easy to be greedy when they are idle , and they will be lazy if they don’t want to exercise . When they use their work to fill their free time , there is no time to think about what snacks to eat , so their willpower to control their diet will also increase . So in addition to making movies during my weight loss , I also launched new records , the workload is twice as much as I used to , and I run and run at home whenever I have time .”

Tip 4 : Persevere

” Weight loss must not be easy , you will suffer a lot . If you have some complaints , and the family members next to you will feel distressed for you , advise you not to reduce it , but you must firm your belief and stick to your decision . You should answer them : No ! I am the kind of person who is easy to lose weight and easy to get back . Although it is too thin , it is just right on camera ” .

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