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Can senna leaves lose weight?

In order to attract the attention to people that lose weight , merchants will launch a variety of weight loss products every year , and some people even buy senna for weight loss under the promotion of merchants . Diarrhea after drinking tea made from senna leaves can treat constipation . Can senna leave to lose weight ?

Can senna leaves lose weight

Many people say that they start diarrhea after drinking senna leaf tea . During this period , the body absorbs less nutrients and can play a role in weight loss . In fact , it does not play a role in weight loss , because senna is a blind Chinese medicine , mainly It is used to treat constipation . If you drink tea made from senna leaves for a long time , it may cause harm to your body , so use senna leaves with caution to lose weight and hurt your body .

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Side effects of senna

For people with frequent constipation , Chinese medicine may recommend him to drink senna tea . The consumption of senna leaves can soften stools and promote defecation . Normal people may have diarrhea after drinking . Regular consumption of senna leaves has obvious side effects , which may cause nausea , fatigue , and abdominal pain , causing great harms to the body . If you want to lose weight , you must choose the correct method .

Lose weight should understand the reasons for gaining weight

Body obesity is caused by reasons , for example , some people like to eat junk food , barbecue , fried food , drink beverages , etc , excessive daily caloric intake , the body is prone to gain weight in the long run . Some people do not like sports , and like sitting after eating , then it is also the reason for obesity . So want to lose weight depends on exercise and diet changes , can not lose weight by using senna .

Healthy weight loss methods

1 . Participate in various sports , I believe that many people have tried jogging to lose weight , but after jogging for a while and found that the body weight loss speed has slowed down , it is recommended to choosing a variety of sports for smooth weight loss , such as swimming , cycling , climbing stairs , playing ball Wait . A variety of exercise methods alternate , which can help you lose weight quickly , and it is not easy to rebound .

2 . Adhere to some strength training , and the body has a more sense of lines of strength training , . So you can usually do push-ups , plate support , sit-ups and other exercises . These exercises can accelerate the body’s metabolism and help the body burns fat quickly .

3 . Never diet to lose weight , dieting to lose weight is a torment to the body , and the body is easy to rebound after starving to a long time to resume the diet . It is recommended to formulating a correct weight loss program . Absolutely not dieting to lose weight . Usually eat more low-calorie vegetables and fruits . When the body’s calorie intake is reduced , fat burning can be added to achieve the effect of weight loss .

4 . Eating mixed grains instead of refined grains . Our staple foods are usually fine noodles and rice . In order to lose weight , we can eat some mixed grains instead of a part of refined grains . Multigrain contains a large amount of dietary fiber , which can promote intestinal digestion and expel toxins from the body .

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