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Can pregnant women dance belly dance?

Bell danced is a form of dance with Arabic style . In addition to being a form of dance art , belly danced is also often promoted as a fitness exercise .

Can pregnant women dance belly dance ?

Be careful

Belly dance with pregnancy can enhance physical fitness , control weight and avoid fetus too big , which is conducive to smooth birth ! But don’t do it in the early and late pregnancy , otherwise it will cause miscarriage or premature delivery !

Can belly dance be performed during confinement ?

Be careful

Love beauty is a woman’s nature , but you should take a good rest during the confinement period . Belly dance , a body-building exercise that easily pulls wounds , let it go for now !

Can dance belly dance during lactation ?


Breast milk mommy can safely dance belly dance ! It can not only repel the wrinkled skin of the abdomen , but also show the feminine beauty in front of her husband . Such good things , moms jump up !

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