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Can plastic wrap really lose weight?

In the gym , we can often see that some female friends takes a roll of plastic wrap around the limbs and waist before exercise . Many people think that wrapping the plastic wrap around the part they want to thin before exercise can achieve more Obvious weight loss effect , is such a hot weight loss method really able to lose weight ?

In fact , this method is very unscientific and can not achieve the effect of weight loss in principle . He only loses weight by sweating . Although the weight will decrease , the part of the weight loss is moisture . The whole The method does not increase the consumption of fat , as long as the weight of water is added , it will still be restored .

25 Slimming Fast Ways:

In addition , as a result of this , the loss of electrolyte will also increase , which is prone to fatigue and adverse health . Wrapping the body of plastic wrap for a long time will prevent the skin from dissipating heat and cause sweated to accumulate locally , which can easily cause eczema , folliculitis and other skin diseases . In addition , the plastic wrap itself are a chemical substance , which can easily cause skin allergies and cause other potential harm to the body .

10 small ways to improve weight loss .

1 . Since laughter will affect 80 groups of muscles , which brings about weight loss , laughter is currently the most popular weight loss magic in Korea !

2 . Kelp and coffee are the baby of weight loss products ! The combination of the two can stimulate the body to eliminate excess fat and achieve weight reduction .

3 . Eat more radish , because radish contains spicy ingredients , can promote the metabolism of body fat , reduce the accumulation of fat in the body .

4 . Propanoic acid in cucumber , this substance helps to inhibit the conversion to carbohydrates in food into fat in the body , eat more !

5 . Drink California candie dates and pink rose tea every day , this can promote the metabolism and remove the fats in the stool and gastrointestinal tract .

6 . If you don’t eat anything , it will definitely not work . Just eat bananas with honey every day , the calories are much lower than the dinner , and naturally lose weight .

7 . Apple is a holy weight loss product , so many people use it for dinner ! Insist on eating only one or two apples for dinner will have obvious effect .

8 . Try to open your mouth wide to make a whistle-shaped mouth , make your lips as small as possible , and protrude forward . Repeatedly doing ten times can make your big face smaller !

9 . Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C , and the sugar content is not high . If you eat a grapefruit instead of a meal , it is easy to lose weight .

10 . Step two steps at a time when climbing stairs , you can quickly feel the muscles of the thighs , buttocks are firm , hurry and try it !

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