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Can intestinal tea lose weight?

Intestinal cleansing tea has a good effect of those who have a hard bowel movement or have a difficult bowel movement . Intestinal clear tea can improve stool hardening and can discharge toxins to protect the appearance . In addition , many women feel that intestinal tea have the effect of reducing weight when promoting excretion , . So it is often used as a weight loss tea . In order to have a slim figure , many people drink a lot of intestinal tea . Can intestinal tea lose weight ? are there any harming to intestinal tea ?

The medicinal ingredients of intestinal tea that are available on the market are generally some traditional Chinese medicine . The effect of intestinal tea is mainly to soften and decompose stool , . So it has a laxative effect . Intestinal tea also has a good nursing effect on the stomach and intestines . The ingredients of intestinal tea can balance the bacteria of the large intestine , so that the stomach is not too dry , and the injured parts of the stomach can be recovered , effectively improving the digestive capacity of the stomach .

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Therefore , many people have taken intestinal tea , and the situation of inadequate excretion has also been improved , and the body’s melanin has been controlled , and the stools that cannot be excreted are smoothly excreted , so the effect of intestinal tea is very obvious .

Can intestinal tea lose weight ?

The main ingredients of intestinal tea are medicinal cassia and lotus leaf . These ingredients can expel excess oil from the body and make the digestive system smooth . Cassia has the effect of improving eyesight and improving eyesight . , Eliminate excess fat in the body to achieve the effect of weight loss . From this point of view , intestinal tea can play some roles in weight loss .

However , we need to remind everyone that weight loss can not only drink intestinal tea , in addition to drinking intestinal tea , but also to cooperate with physical exercise and eat more fruits and vegetables , so that healthy weight loss .

The harm to intestinal tea

Many of the intestinal tea ingredients is no different from diarrhea medicines . If you take it for a long time , you will be inseparable from intestinal tea , which is addictive . If you stop taking it , it will cause a bowel movement .

Regular consumption of intestinal tea may also cause excessive stimulation of the intestines and stomach , causing pigmentation of the intestines and stomach , leading to diseases . If it hurts the muscle tissue of the intestines and stomach , it may also cause cancer . Therefore , experts do not recommend taking intestinal tea regularly .

It can be seen that intestinal tea has some effects on people that want to lose weight , but it is not recommended to taking only intestinal tea . This is due to the addictive nature of intestinal tea and some harm to the body , so people who want to lose weight We must pay attention to healthy weight loss , pay attention to controlling daily diet , and exercise scientifically and reasonably to ensure the best effect of weight loss .

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