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Can I lose weight without being hungry?

Many people think that weight loss is to eat less , but less , but do not know , in fact , many foods have a good effect on weight loss , , Let’s take a look at the role of these foods for weight loss .

Tips for diet and weight loss :

1 . Look at the label first when choosing food

Don’t lose weight when thinking about weight loss , you think that snacks are so small , the calories will not go anywhere , which is not necessarily . When buying food , it is best to read the label of the food first . Do not judge its calories according to your own feelings . This can effectively reduce the chance of eating high-calorie foods and reduce calorie intake . It can also help to lose weight .

2 . Eat more fresher fruits

Eat more fresher fruits when losing weight . Because the rich crude fiber contained in the fruit can make you have a strong sense of satiety , it is not easy to feel hungry , and it can effectively control calorie intake , which can also help to lose weight . In addition , the fruit is large in volume , high in water , and low in calories . Don’t worry about getting fat if you eat more .

3 . Reduce alcohol intake

Restricting alcohol intake is a very effective weight loss option . Alcohol is a major obstacle to successful weight loss . Alcohol contains extremely high calories . Drinking a little more than one cup will make you consume too many calories and cause obesity , . So you should control your alcohol intake . In addition , alcohol can also cause an imbalance in blood glucose concentration , excessive consumption of vitamins and minerals in the body , hinder the metabolism of fatty acids , make you fat , so drink less bars .

Foods beneficial to weight loss :

Vegetarian scratch ” oil water “

1 . Oatmeal has the effect of lowering cholesterol and blood fat . Oatmeal contains rich soluble dietary fiber that is not found in other grains . This fiber is easily absorbed by the body and has low calories , which is not only beneficial to weight loss , but also suitable for the treatment of heart disease , hypertension and diabetes .

2 . Corn is rich in calcium , phosphorus , magnesium , iron , selenium , vitamins a , b1 , b2 , b6 , e , carotene , etc . It is also rich in fiber . Regular eating corn can lower cholesterol and soften blood vessels , and has an adjuvant treatment effect on cholecystitis , gallstones and diabetes .

3 . Onion garlic Onion contains compounds such as cyclic lain and theine , which helps dissolve thrombus . Onions contain almost no fat , . So they can suppress the increase in cholesterol caused by a high-fat diet and help improve atherosclerosis . Garlic can reduce total cholesterol in the serum , and the secondary metabolite of allicin , methacrylic acid , can prevent thrombosis .

4 . Yam’s mucus protein can prevent fat deposition in the cardiovascular system , maintain blood vessel elasticity , prevent arteriosclerosis , reduce subcutaneous fat deposition , and avoid obesity . The dopamine in yam has the function of dilating blood vessels and improving blood circulation . Chinese yam can also improve the digestive function of the human body . If there is indigestion , yam , lotus seeds , yam and a little sugar can be used for cooking .

5 . Sweet potato has a strong effect of lowering blood cholesterol , maintaining blood acid-base balances / balanced , delaying aging and preventing cancer and anti-cancer . Sweet potato is rich in dietary fiber and colloids and other defecation substances , can be described as ” intestinal scavenger .”

Control lower body fat food

1 . Sesame : Sesame provides the vitamin e , b1 , calcium needed by the human body , especially its linseed olefin acid component , which can remove the cholesterol attached to the blood vessel wall .

2 . Bananas : Bananas are ideal food for weight loss . Bananas are rich in potassium and fat , and the sodium content is very low , which meets the nutritional needs of beautiful legs .

3 . Apple : The water-soluble fibrous pectin contained in apple can clear the intestines and prevent the lower body of becoming obese .

4 . Red beans : It can increase gastrointestinal motility , reduce constipation and promote urination . The cellulose contained can help excrete water and fat in the body , which has a 100% effect on beautiful legs .

5 . Watermelon : Watermelon is diuretic and has a lot of potassium content . Its ability to modify legs cannot be underestimated .

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