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Weight Loss / Weight loss diet / Can I lose weight by eating more fruits at night?

Can I lose weight by eating more fruits at night?

Whether you don’t eat fruits at night depends on the amount and variety of fruits . Can lose weight : not eating at night , lack of energy in the body , hungry to eat some fruits with low sugar content , such as orange , grapefruit , kiwi and other sour fruits , can play a weight loss effect . Can not lose weight : do not eat at night , but eat fruits , fruits choose some high-energy foods , such as avocado , grapes , bananas and other high-sugar sweet fruits , the energy intake after eating a certain amount is not necessarily less than that of dinner , Can not play a weight loss effect .

If you don’t eat fruit at night , although you can lose weight in a short period of time , it will rebound quickly when you eat high-energy food next time . Therefore , the weight loss effect is not good .

Gastrointestinal injury

Doesn’t eat fruit at night , the amount of fruit eaten first is relatively small , and at the same time will choose some sour fruit , this fruit has a strong irritant to the gastrointestinal tract , after eating it will secrete a large amount of gastric acid and intestinal juice , for a long time Easy to cause stomach problems .


Many nutrients in the human body are in a state of dynamic balance of replenishment and loss . Among them , calcium , collagen , chondroitin , ammonia sugar , etc . be the most severely lost at night . Therefore , if you do not eat dinner for a long time , it will directly lead to fruit Malnutrition , severe growth , osteoporosis , joint pain , pale complexion.

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