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Can drinking green tea lose weight? Green tea weight loss

For fat people , if you have been fat for more than a year , you have a 90% chance of being fat like this , and 76% of them will continue to gain weight . But why are there not so many people eager to lose weight ? According to the survey , it is because many people believe that they will become what they want , but for fat people , losing weight is really a matter of perseverance . People say that drinking green tea can achieve weight loss , so is it true ?

In fact , reducing weight is a very simple thing . As long as you work hard , you will definitely reach a small goal , but the problem of how many pounds can be lost . Each cell in our body can be compared to an independent life . , Which means that every cell in our body has an independent memory . This is a very magical thing . It tells you that each cell remembers its skinny appearance , that is to say , if you are fat for a year , you need to spend a year to make the cell remember , And find what you used to look like while maintaining your current weight . It will take a while for the cells to forget what they looked like before . So how do we use green tea to lose weight , let the cells like their thin appearance .

The principle of green tea weight loss

The vitamin ingredients in green tea have great benefits of the secretion of gastric juice . Through the digestive function of the stomach , the purpose of fat loss and weight loss can be achieved . At the same time , green tea has the effect of preventing fat from accumulating , and through the consumption of fat and metabolism of tea leaves , the effect of weight loss is achieved , . So it is the best weight loss tea in tea .

How to drink green tea

This kind of green tea can’t be drunk immediately after eating . If you drink tea immediately after eating , it is very bad at people’s health because green tea itself is incompatible with iron and can also hinder iron . Intake , so if you drink green tea immediately after eating , the body will cause iron deficiency anemia . However , you can drink tea 60 minutes after eating , which can promote digestion .

When not to drink tea

1 . It is not correct to drink a lot of green tea before going to bed at night

Green tea itself contains caffeine . Caffeine is an important ingredient in coffee , which can increase the activity of cells , so that the human body do not feel sleepy . So if you drink too much green tea at night , it will affect your sleep . When people reduce sleep , they will not get the effect of weight loss . Lack of sleep will only reduce the body’s immunity . At the same time , because of the increase in appetite , it also has the characteristics of gaining weight .

2 . You should not drink green tea during special periods

Special period , including the female aunt period , prepares for pregnancy after giving birth to pregnancy .

In fact , in addition to perseverance and perseverance , it is necessary to coordinate with the physical method of exercise .

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