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Busy OL can also easily lose weight

The most difficult group to lose weight is the professional OL , they are all busy people , usually have little time to lose weight . In fact , no matter how busy , as long as you use the right method , busy people can also lose weight healthy . By summarizing the experience of successful weight loss among busy people , we will teach you how to achieve healthy weight loss in a busy life .

Before going to work

1 . Go to bed early and get up early to help your body burn fat : always remember ” relying on bed means keeping fat ” , so be a good girl who gets up early and goes to bed early .

Slimming Fast Ways:

2 . Have a good breakfast : Nutrition experts suggest that breakfast is the source of vitality for the day . A good breakfast is needed to give you the energy to make a good weight-loss plan for the day .

3 . A low-fat nutritious breakfast : a low-fat nutritious breakfast is actually very easy to make , as long as you master the principle of ” two staple foods , two milk eggs , vegetables and fruits as much as possible ” .

4 . Great helps for small sports : after going out , it is best not to take a car immediately . You can walk 3 more places and then go to the car or subway to get a good opportunity for each sport . For details , see the thin-belly method recommended for white-collar ladies .

At the company

1 . Working posture often changes

In a recent article edited by the editor , Dr. James Levine , a professor at the Mayo Clinic in the United States , said : ” We have consumed an average of 1,500 calories per day less than people who were 150 years ago . This conversion is equivalent to one year It should be 10 pounds longer .” . No wonder , modern people tend to gain weight .

To counter the office’s calorie consumption is too low , H Jun’s way is to maintain a change of work posture . After a while , you can stand and watch the computer for a while , or kneel for a while . If the floor is hard , it is better to put a cushion against ) and watch the computer . A small change can consume a little more calory , and it will not make the lower body fat . I don’t know when I can always see Mint’s office . Jun H leads , with a few colleagues , kneeling and typing with a computer . Of course , we are not a cult , we are ” believing in H , we must be slim .” . Ha ha !

2 . Bring your own fruit as a snack

Those friends who have snacks into the cold palace since the beginning of weight loss should pay attention to eating snacks properly , not only will not gain weight , but also help you effectively control your appetite and suppress your urge to overeating .

Introduce here , the snack list of the fruit master of Mint Office . The fruit master is the mysterious ” Miss Hua ” . In our office fantasy novels , ” Miss Hua ” is a master of hidden weapons . He always has all kinds of strange hide weapons , and the most is all kinds of tomatoes . In addition , there are Fuji apple , sugar pipa , crystal cherry , and the quality of the fruit is very good , sweet and delicious . The quality is far superior to the varieties purchased in the supermarket nearby . As for where ” Miss Hua ” bought these good quality fruits , it has always been a mystery .

Under the leadership of ” Miss Hua ” , the office snacks gradually moved closer to bringing their own fruits . Everywhere , fresh tomatoes and cucumbers are placed on the desk , as well as various seasonal fruits , apples , bayberry , grapes , plums and so on . Another point is very important . The fruit is very healthy , but it should be in moderation . Before everyone eats , they will go to Lejiang’s electronic scale of overweight . Now everyone is an expert on estimating the weight of food . With a glance at your eyes , you can probably guess that there is no difference .

As mentioned earlier , Jun H will make a large pot of black tea for everyone to share . Before , I always thought it was black coffee . Do you think you need so much caffeine ? Later , I poured a cup and it turned out to be black tea . The color is very dark , but the taste is not heavy and tasteless , and it is also quite refreshing . Judging by the experience of many years of drinking espresso , the caffeine content is not very high .

Either black tea or green tea , the home-made slimming tea drank a star-like devil figure . All kinds of freshly brewed teas are very healthy drinks , and all have zero calories . Definitely a good helper for office weights / weighted loss . Many research articles have introduced that drinking 3-5 cups of green tea a day can increase the metabolism rate and consume more calories . The editor will drink three cups of green tea every day in the ” health first ” cup , saying goodbye to the days when he was obsessed with espresso , and he feels that he has a light life every day .

After get off work

1 . Brown rice flour weight loss method :

Although brown rice has high nutritional value , it is difficult for human body to digest and absorb because the outer periphery of brown rice is wrapped by fiber tissue . After a long period of cooking , nutrients will be lost due to heating . Therefore , it is not practical to promote brown rice .

With the development of food science and technology , the wide application of new food technology has created conditions for the development of brown rice health food . The advent of brown rice flour , brown rice soup , brown rice beverage , etc . have solved the problem of brown rice being difficult to cook and difficult to absorb , but also preserved The complete nutrition of brown rice .

Brown rice paste : 70 grams of brown rice flour and 4 grams of salt are mixed with boiling water to serve . If you can persevere , usually a lot of bowel movements will be discharged on the fourth day . In Japan , there are many people that are using this method to improve their health . Their main effect is to quickly expel toxins from the body , purify the body and mind , and achieve the goal of successful weight loss .

2 . Black fungus pink date powders weight loss method :

Material : 5 grams of black fungus powder and 20 grams of red date powder .

Method : Use the right amount of boiling water to flush away the black fungus powder and red date powder .

Efficacy : The gums in Auricularia auricula can absorb impurities and wastes remaining in the digestive tract and be excreted from the body . In addition , the nuclei acid-like substances contained in the auriculate auricula can reduce the content of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood , continuously One week of consumption can achieve the effect of slimming and breast enlargement .

Black fungus powder is rich in cellulose and a special plant collagen , these two substances can promote gastrointestinal motility , promote the excretion of intestinal fat food , reduce the absorption of fat in food , thereby preventing obesity ; at the same time , because These two substances can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis , prevent constipation , and facilitate the timely removal and discharge of toxic substances in the stool in the body , thereby playing a role in preventing rectal cancer and other cancers of the digestive system . Therefore , the elderly , especially those with constipation habits , insist on eating black fungus and eating black fungus powder frequently , which has a good effect on preventing many kinds of old diseases , anti-cancer , anti-cancer , and delaying aging .

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