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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Blind acupuncture to lose weight may cause illness

Blind acupuncture to lose weight may cause illness

Although acupuncture weight loss is called ” green weight loss ” because it relies on traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy , there is no side effects , but experts say that the current acupuncture weight loss market is confusing . If you choose the wrong acupuncture site and method , patients are prone to infectious diseases .

1 . Reporter survey , 50 people in hospital every day to lose weight by acupuncture

Yesterday , the reporter came to the Third Acupuncture Clinic of the Beijing Hospital . The ten-square-meter clinic was already full of people , and all of the six beds were lying with needles . ” Now there are nearly 20 people that lose weight by light acupuncture every day , and there are more than 30 people that lose weight with auriculate .” . Dr. Liu Shukun of the acupuncture department said that the number of outpatients in the department increased significantly this year .

Ms. Chen , who has needles in her arms and legs , told reporters that this is the eleventh time she has come to puncture needles and has lost more than 7 pounds . Acupuncture is a bit painful , but it is still not possible to control the diet of .

Beauty salon acupuncture to lose weight is high

The reporter also found that the cost of performing acupuncture for weight loss in a beauty salon is about 500 yuan , while in the hospital , it only costs 120 yuan . ” These salons are unreasonable to charge patients . They use the psychology of patients that are unaware of the situation and eager to lose weight to collect fees . In general , for an uninformed patient , I feel that more than 500 yuan can reduce weight , not Expensive , but in fact , it only needs more than 100 yuan . ”


2 . Authoritative statement , Life Beauty Salon has no right to lose weight with acupuncture

Liu Shukun said that although acupuncture is less harmful to the human body and wider to the crowd than taking medicine and liposuction to lose weight , blindly performing acupuncture to lose weight will have serious adverse effects . Since acupuncture belongs to Chinese medicine , it must be pierced into the skin when applying needles . According to the law , this kind of invasive and traumatizing behavior belong to medical behavior . The needle-sticker must hold the ” Physician’s Qualification Certificate ” and ” Physician’s Practice Certificate ” , and the place must be in a medical institution ; if in a hospital External diagnosis and treatment must be approved and filed by the health administrative department . Therefore , choosing the correct and regular mechanism for needle insertion is the safest way to ensure acupuncture and moxibustion for weight loss . Therefore , people that choose acupuncture to lose weight must go to regular institutions .

3 . Improper stimulation may damage internal organs

The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau’s Health Supervision Office that there are currently a number of acupunctures and moxibustion weight loss programs in many beauty salons in the city . They often use the slogan ” Quick weight loss ” and ” One effect ” to attract customers , but In fact , it is completely illegal to lose weight with acupuncture in a beauty salon . Because of improper stimulation , heart , lung , liver and other internal organs damage occurs . In addition , after the silver needle is inserted into the acupuncture points of the human body , it may break the capillaries , so if the silver needle is not fully sterilized by high temperature and high pressure in repeated use , patients may easily spread diseases such as blood and hepatitis B between each other .

4 . Relevant tips , acupuncture weight loss precautions

Don’t over-diet : Diet should not be controlled excessively during weight loss , especially hunger therapy is not recommended . Because after excessive dieting , it may cause anorexia , causing digestive organ dysfunction , with serious consequences , and may cause reduced metabolic function of the human body , which is a potential factor of further fattening . Once the normal diet is restored , the patient can continue to gain weight , and may even be fatter than before the control diet . However , sweet foods and greasy foods should be properly controlled to reduce fat and sugar intake .

Appropriate increases to activity : Increasing fat consumption is a necessary condition for weight loss treatment . However , it does not advocate vigorous exercise and promote endurance and long-term exercise . For patients with abdominal obesity , abdominal breathing and abdominal exercise for about 20 minutes before going to bed are very beneficial for reducing abdominal fat and luxation .

•Guidelines for ear pressures therapy : Acupoint selection should be accurate during treatment , and patients should rub both ears on time . Generally , rub your ears for 5-6 minutes before meals to achieve fever in both ears . Press and rub 3 times a day , this is the key to achieving weight loss .

•The the most suitable age for weight loss : Young and middle-aged people between the ages of 25 and 50 , because of physiological changes going through a longer process from active to inactive , daily energy consumption also changes from less to more , . So it is easy Obesity occurs . But at this stage , the functions of the human body are relatively sound . It is easier to adjust the internal functions of stimulation treatment to promote the decomposition of fat and achieve the purpose of fat loss and weight loss .

5. Related knowledge, the principle of acupuncture weight loss

Acupuncture for weight loss is to adjust the nerve and endocrine function of obese people, which can inhibit the obese people’s increased appetite and reduce food intake; inhibit the obese people’s excessive digestion and absorption function, thereby reducing the body’s energy intake and storage; promote metabolism and increase energy Consumption, promote fat decomposition, and ultimately achieve weight loss.

Pros and cons of acupuncture for weight loss

Advantages: Compared with other weight loss methods, acupuncture weight loss is called “green weight loss”. The biggest benefit is that there are no other side effects. The combination of ear acupuncture and body acupuncture can achieve weight loss by stimulating the corresponding acupuncture points, while preventing And treat many diseases.

Disadvantages: Acupuncture is mainly based on body conditioning to lose weight, the effect is relatively slow, people with more obesity must insist on acupuncture for two or three months to have obvious effects. In addition, blind acupuncture should not be used to lose weight.

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