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Black coffee weight loss method, quickly become a thin beauty

Coffee is a kind of magical beverage , and it depends on its daily work efficiency . However , did you know that a cup of silky and smooth mocha coffee has a calorie equal to a bowl of half-white rice , an hour of the treadmill , and a cup of mellow and bitter American coffee with less than 30 calories , which is lower than a cookie Oh .

Low-calorie champion : espresso

Grinding coffee beans into powder and extracting them with steam at high temperature is a cup of espresso coffee , the Italian favorite .

It is the foundation of modern fancy coffee . The delicious taste of coffee beans is sealed in one bite . The heat of a cup of espresso coffee does not exceed 20 calories , which still retains most of the coffee fat (delicious ) .

Why are there fewer fat people in Italy ? Because they like to drink espresso coffee , a bit bored ~

American coffee that adds nothing but water

American coffee is espresso + hot water , which diminishes the bitter taste of coffee and allows more people’s tongue and heart to accept it (have you tried the feeling of palpitation after drinking too much coffee ) ?

The calorie of American coffee depends on the base espresso coffee , which is completely negligible . Now you know why American supermodels love it ? Oh yeah , adding hot water also loses half of the aroma of coffee , So Italians have always referred to American coffee as pot-washing water .

Did not add sugar when drinking American coffee

A cup of pure American without sugar or creamer , the calorie is at most 30 calories . When a packet of granulated sugar goes on , the calorie immediately increases by 30 calories , which is equivalent to drinking one more cup ; when a creamer goes down , the calories increase by another 60 calories . In other words , a serving of sugar milk plus enough American calories is 120 calories , which equals 15 minutes of running .

About creamer

The real name of creamer is creamer , you don’t need to know what it is , you just need to know that it has nothing but calories and fat , and it also contains trains fat that is not good for the human body~ healthy and smart girl , Please use milk and refuse the creamer .

Little girl’s favorite latte

Sleek and smooth , sweet and silky , it tastes particularly good for little girls , right ? A classic latte is a cup of espresso filled with a glass of milk , and then topped with foaming milk . If you add whole milk , a cup of latte is about 220 calories , and skim milk is halved in calories (but taste . ) . If it is seasoning latte , such as adding hazelnut syrup , caramel or something , the heat will be close to 300 calories , and it will take 45 minutes to burn . Therefore , girls who love latte , it is best to choose the unsweetened and skimmed milk version , as long as you don’t care about the taste .

Very Luxury Mocha

Fashion coffee loves Mocha , it sounds like a force , and if you drink two , you will feel that you are an IT girl full of famous brands . Mocha coffee is really gorgeous , you need to add a lot of fresh cream and chocolate , and chocolate sauce to make a lahar , a full cup of Fashion , but it is a terrible heat trap . A cup of rich latte , the calorie can approach 400 calories , a can of cola is only 153 calories ! You love to drink , you are just happy (show your hands ) .

Mocha coffee beans

Mocha coffee = Mocha coffee beans . The former are one of the fancy coffees loved by fashion people , while the latter is a coffee bean produced in Africa and the Middle East . It is rich in fruit , with obvious wine , spicy and chocolate flavors , in addition to single product extraction , Can also be used to mix coffee . By the way , Mocha coffee is usually not made from Moka coffee beans , don’t take it for granted .

Black coffee helps reduce fat

Black coffee with nothing added to it , besides its low calories , it can also increase the metabolic rate of the human body by about 3%-10% , which will help reduce fat in the long run . It can also promote detoxification-coffee has a diuretic effect and promotes the pharmacological effects of defecation . You find that no , baristas are usually not very fat , because they have to drink a few cups of black coffee to adjust the taste before opening the shop every day .

1 . A small amount of fresh milk can be added when drinking black coffee for breakfast

Adding about a quarter cup of fresh milk to a cup of black coffee can better protect the stomach and stomach , and can have more satiety . If it is to be used for breakfast , it can also be accompanied by some low-calorie snacks .

2 . Drink a cup of black coffee after lunch and after get off work

Drink a cup of black coffee after lunch , and with a little walking or standing , you can avoid the accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen . And drinking a cup of black coffee 40 minutes before exercise after getting off work can better help burn fat . But be careful not to drink coffee during exercise ! That’s not conducive to weight loss~

3 . Drink black coffee in moderation , 2-3 cups a day

If there are discomfort symptoms such as insomnia , palpitations , anxiety , it means that you drink too much coffee ! It is better to reduce the amount of drinking oh ~ people that drink black coffee in the early stage can choose to dilute the coffee into coffee water to reduce the bitterness and Discomfort , and avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach .

Black coffee slimming bath

The caffeine contained in coffee has the function of decomposing fat . When taking a bath , caffeine is absorbed through the skin and enters every pore of the body , which can stimulate sympathetic nerve excitement , directly burn and consume fat stored in the body , reduce appetite and achieve less eating the goal of .

(1 ) . Choose black coffee with high caffeine content to grind and boil ;

(2 ) . Then wrap the coffee grounds with fine gauze or stockings , immerse in the bathtub , it is best to add a little bath salt to the brewed coffee ;

(3 ). Then massage the body skinned after soaking , especially the waist and abdomen and the inside of the thigh , where the accumulation of subcutaneous fat is serious , regular massage has the effect of slimming ;

(4 ) . It is best to soak in a half body bath below the heart . The soaking time is about 15-20 minutes . You can choose the soaking time according to your own situation , such as soaking for 5 minutes , getting up and resting for 3 minutes , and then soaking in the pool for 3 consecutive times . The height of soaking can also be above the heart .

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