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Bitter melon weight loss tea, Weight loss tea for detoxification and beauty

Now many beautiful women and white-collar workers who want to maintain a slim figure are keen on ” food therapy ” , They always pay great attention to health and calories in eating . In fact , when drinking beverages and water , you can also pay more attention to your friends who want to lose weight or detoxify and beauty . For example , bitter gourd tea is a very good drink for detoxification and fat removal . The following editor of the weight loss tea rankings introduces in detail the practice , efficacy and effect of bitter gourd weight loss tea and the precautions for bitter gourd tea .

The practice of bitter gourd tea

In general , when we choose materials-bitter gourds , we should pay attention to picking bitter gourds with green color , thick appearance , and thick two ends . It is best to choose fresh bitter gourds . It smells light and the grooves on the surface of the melon skin are more obvious . The taste of bitter gourd tea is pure enough . We first clean the bitter gourd , and dry or wipe the skin moisture . Then cut them into thin slices of 1.5 to 1.5 cms . If you have a dryer at home , you can dry it . If you don’t have a dryer at home , you can choose to dry it in the sun for three days . When the moisture is reduced to 80%% To 90% . Then bitter gourd slices are placed in a low-temperature pot and dried , when they turn black and green , and emit a bitter fragrance .

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When we drink bitter gourd tea , we can boil 500 mls of water first , then put 8 to 10 grams of bitter gourd flakes , add a little rock sugar according to personal taste , and boil . Before leaving the pot , put the tea in warm , add honey according to personal taste and mix well to drink .

The role and efficacy of bitter gourd tea

Momordica character is rich in momordica character , momordica character saponins , glycosides , vitamin c , etc . Among them , momordica character people that lose weight often are called natural enemies of fat , so eating bitter melon will reduce the intake of fat and polysaccharides , and the effect of clearing heat and heat is still very good Well , it can also nourish blood and qi , kidney and spleen . In addition , the effect of bitter gourds to lower blood sugar and fire is quite good . For people with high blood lipids and frequent greasy eating , bitter gourds is a very suitable food . But for people with low blood pressure , low blood sugar , pregnant children , spleen and stomach deficiency and calcium deficiency , bitter gourd should not be eaten more . The bitter gourd slimming tea tastes fragrant , pure and easy to brew . It is a very good drink for friends of all sizes .

Precautions for drinking bitter gourd tea

Drinking bitter gourd tea as an effective way to maintain body shape , the majority of friends need to pay attention to two points

1 . If you want to achieve a significant weight loss effect , you must drink bitter gourd tea for a long time . Similarly , if you want to lose weight by eating bitter gourds , you must ensure that you eat two bitter gourds every day .

2 . The bitter gourd slimming tea is better to drink after a meal , . So it is recommended that all your friends drink bitter gourd tea after eating , because bitter gourds is a bitter cold thing , which is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach . Finally , I hope you will have a slim and slender figure accompanied by bitter gourd tea .

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