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Bishengyuan SO Thin Slimming Tea Trial Report Released

In all seasons of the year, summer is the season when people consume the most energy, so it is also a good time to achieve weight loss goals. The hot summer has come, which one would you choose to lose weight?

1. Introduction

Recently, the advertisement of Bishengyuan SO Slimming Tea has been in full swing. You can often see its advertisement on TV and bus videos: “SO gets thinner after a while” “Drinking thin every day, really not getting fat”… …Here, our 39 health evaluation center evaluated the product by purchasing it at a pharmacy.

Slimming Fast Ways:

The product is said to be effective within 6 hours on its official website. The lower abdomen gradually becomes flat within 20 days, so this evaluation takes 20 days. At the same time, we invited three netizens, one male and two females, all aged between 20-30 years old, and asked them to try and fill out the trial report. The trial report includes the following questions:

1. Weight before taking the product

2. Weight after taking the product

3. Are there any adverse reactions (such as diarrhea, etc.) during taking the product? Does it help defecation?

4. Is the diet as usual during taking? (Single choice)

A. Because I took the medicine, I felt relieved, so I ate more than before

B. For a better effect, a little diet

C, normal diet

5. Is there any supplementary exercise to lose weight while taking this product? (Single choice)

A, as usual

B, the amount of exercise is not usually bigger

C, less exercise

6. What is the taste of the product?

7. What is the smell of the product?

8. What do you think after using the medicine, would you like to recommend this product to other friends?

2. Product introduction and price

1. Product introduction

Trade Name: Bishengyuan Slimming Tea

Specification:  2.5g/bag

Net content: 50g (2.5g x 20 bags)

Price: 39.80 yuan/box

Affiliated company: Beijing Aoteshuer Health Products Development Co., Ltd.

2. Price

This time we purchased Bishengyuan SO Slimming Tea is a promotional package, the price is 39.80 yuan, buy one get one free, buy a large box, send a small box, 20 bags in the original packaging, 10 bags in the gift box, A total of 30 bags, about 1.33 yuan per bag, compared with similar weight-loss tea, the price is not far away, slightly more expensive than ordinary tea bags.

3. Health food permission mark

According to national regulations, slimming products are health foods. When purchasing health foods, you should first check whether there is a “little blue cap” logo on the box.

This product has a health food approval mark printed on the upper left corner of the front of the outer packaging. The following is the health food approval mark of this product. The approval number of this product is Guoshijianzi G20040371 (from July 1, 2005, the drug regulatory department To take over the management of the declaration and approval of health food, the State Food and Drug Administration re-registered the original approval certificate of health food production enterprises. The two previous approval numbers “Health Food Health Word” and “National Food Health Word” were unified “National Food Health Word”):

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