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Big star’s favorite weight loss exercise

Nowadays , in busy cities , white-collar workers are often too busy to sacrifice entertainment , leisure , and even sleep time to make money . It may be possible to exchange health for money when young , but can you exchange money for health when you are old ? Rather than desperate for fame and fortune , it is better to calm down and enjoy the ” slow life .” . It is important to know that rest is to go a long way and live slowly to be truly long . The following 6 kinds of ” slow exercise ” favorite by the following stars , can be said to be ” four or two pounds ” in terms of weight loss and health . MMs who want to be slim and healthy may wish to give it a try !

Top1-Jogging Recommended star : Madonna

” Four Two ” : Take jogging as part of life . In the morning or evening , wear breathable sportswear , put on comfortable running shoes , find a suitable path of running and just run slowly , and you can walk the dog by the way .

” Jianjin ” : consumes 655 calories per hour .

Madonna tells you : jogging can not only affect muscles in various parts of the body , but also exercise cardiopulmonary function . It is best to keep its speed at about 9 kilometers per hour , which can get the effect of exercise in being too tired . Jogging should be regarded as a way of life . Once it has been implemented , try not to stop and guarantee 3 times a week . When you start jogging , the amount of exercise should be gradual , you can take the form of jogging and walking alternately , the distance should not be too long . After a period of time , your body gradually adapts , and you can reduce walking until you can all jog .

Top2-Yoga Recommended star : Nicole Kidman

” Four-two ” : meditation (only sitting cross-legged , concentrating on meditation ) , elementary posture (simple limb stretching ) , yoga chanting .

” Thousand Jin ” : to achieve relaxation of body and mind , learn to breathe , learn to think . It consumes 245 calories per hour .

Nicole Kidman tells you : Yoga is a slow exercise that everyone can exercise . It was recognized as one of the safest and most effective aerobics many centuries ago . It is soothing and beautiful , easy to learn , no equipment , no deviations , decompression and promote blood circulation , massage and strengthen internal organs , very helpful for weight loss and detoxification , skin maintenance , in addition , it can also improve mental and spiritual energy , so that the mind Peace and tranquility .

Top3–Golf Recommended star : Catherine Zeta-Jones

” Four Twos ” : prepare for the first line of golf and play with white balls on a large lawn , which is the most decent aristocratic sport .

” Jianjin ” : If you walk and back from the club , you can consume 270 calories per hour , and the explosive power of the concentrating swing will also increase the calories consumed .

Catherine Zeta Jones tells you : Highball is the most popular aristocratic sport today , because it is suitable for combinations of movement and static , moderate amount of exercise , it will not make people sweated , and it will make people more more in the process of improving the ball skills Wisdom and flexible thinking . Therefore , people that fall in love with golf are often ” addicted ” , very fascinated by it . Although on the surface , golf seems to only be in motion when swinging , but in fact it is also integrated with a walk , which is calculated by playing a 18 hole , the walking distance is about 8-10 kilometers , and the calorie consumption is not less . In addition , the beautiful grass environment can also relax the body and mind to a great extent .

Top4-cycling recommended star : Schwarzenegger

” Four-two ” : unlimited time , unlimited speed .

” Jianjin ” : The most effective self-supporting exercise , which consumes 436 calories per hour .

Schwarzenegger tells you : riding a bicycle can not only lose weight , but also make your body shape . Because cycling requires a lot of oxygen , it can also strengthen heart function and prevent high blood pressure . Steppe on a bicycle to compress blood vessels speeds up blood circulation , the brain takes in more oxygen , and inhales a lot of fresh air , you will feel more clear-headed . When you ride in a car , you will feel very free and very happy . Due to the peculiarities of cycling , the arms and torso is mostly static work , and the legs are mostly dynamic work . During blood redistribution , the blood supply of the lower limbs is large , and the change in heart rate also depends on the pedaling movement . The speed and topography varies / varied . There is an urgent need to replenish nourishment and discharge waste inside the body , so the heartbeat tends to increase 2-3 times than usual . Such repeated practice can make the myocardium develop , the heart enlarges , the myocardium contracts strongly , and the elasticity of the blood vessel wall increases , thereby increasing lung ventilation , lung capacity , and lung breathing function .

Top5-Pilates recommended star : Xiao Yaxuan

” Four-two ” : You can complete various stretching positions just by holding a mat or on the floor .

” Jianjin ” : Effectively shape the muscle curves of women’s key parts such as waists, abdomen and buttocks to make the body more balanced and balanced . It consumes 237 calories per hour .

Xiao Yaxuan tells you : First of all , Pilates will give you a strong central power . This central force balances the body and produce a strong ” core ” . The key to this core is the deep abdominal muscles and the muscles on both side against the spine , thereby driving the trunk , pelvis and shoulders into a stable whole . Long-term exercise , the spine will become soft and resilient , while beautifying the body while strengthening the function of the body organs , and is very helpful for reducing fat in the waist and abdomen . In slow training , you don’t have to worry about long-term strength training making the muscles thicker . Pilates focus on ” stretching and stretching ” to make the muscles slender and smooth , more elastic , and can correct people’s bad habits of left or right .

Top6-Hot Spring Recommended Star : Liang Luoshi

” Four-two ” : just need to move your hands and feet in the water , you can easily enjoy a good figure .

” Jianjin ” : consumes 300 calories per hour .

Liang Luoshi tells you : Maybe some people do not regard hot springs as a kind of exercise . But in fact , hot springs can also consume calories , and can also relax the meridians , which has a special effect on many symptoms of the body . Hot springs are very knowledgeable . Generally speaking , it is best not to exceed 30 minutes each time , and the soaking times are preferably 2-3 times a day . Secondly , when soaked in spring water with higher temperature , the calories consumed by the human body are also higher , and the skin loses more water . So in addition to drinking some drinks while soaking in the hot springs , it is also important to moisturize the skin in time . Drink a cup of warm boiled water or green tea before soaking . After going into the water , you can do appropriate exercise in the hot spring water to relax the blood vessels of the whole body and improve the ability to adapt to cold and warm . It is better to soak until the whole body sweats , but don’t sweat too much . If the body is flushed with redness , you should pay attention to whether there is a phenomenon of rapid heartbeats and shortness of breath . Once found , remove it from the water , wrap it with a towel , and make a deep breath in a well-ventilated place .

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