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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Beware of 5 mistakes in acupuncture and moxibustion for weight loss

Beware of 5 mistakes in acupuncture and moxibustion for weight loss

The false propaganda of some beauty salons and weight loss centers has caused many sisters to rush to go to acupuncture to lose weight , but it is too mythical about the role of acupuncture , and there are still many wrong understandings of acupuncture to lose weight , which is not conducive to weight loss treatment .

Misunderstanding 1 : The effect is visible daily

Xiaomin and A Ling went to the hospital to lose weight with acupuncture . After half a month , A Ling lost 6 pounds , but Xiao Min only lost 2 pounds . Xiao Min wondered , why does acupuncture weight loss has no effect on himself ?

Doctor answer : Weight loss is not weight loss , but fat loss . Acupuncture and moxibustion are the same . The more you exceed the standard weight , the more fat you have in general , and the more obvious the effect of acupuncture for weight loss .

Some people are not overweight , so the effect of weight loss is not so obvious . The weight loss effect is also related to whether the whole body lose weight . Some local weight loss , such as abdominal weight loss , has obvious effects but not obvious weight loss . In addition , the effect of weight loss is also related to the characteristics of fat . Soft fat decreases quickly and obviously , while hard fat has little effect .

Any weight loss method must be adjusted gradually . Everyone’s response to acupuncture is different , which requires continuous treatment .

Misunderstanding 2 The more needle sticks , the better

Doctor’s Answer : Many beauty salons and weight loss centers pierce 30 or 40 needles as soon as they are pierced . Customers also feel that more piercings are better . In fact , acupuncture requires professional knowledge . It has rules and regulations and focuses on acupoint selection . Those that really play a role in weight loss is those dozens of acupuncture points . It is useless to tie other points . If you accidentally make a mistake , you may bring Bad consequences .

Misunderstanding 3 : Acupuncture is easy to get infected

Doctor’s answer : The needles used for acupuncture are very small . For the skin , general acupuncture is a very small trauma . The normal person’s body repair is generally very fast . If it is not due to other damaged infections , unless an inlaid needle is attached ( (A type of ear acupuncture ) should be careful to avoid water , other bodies have little effect on daily life , and bathing and swimming are not a problem .

Misunderstanding 4 Can’t washes your hair when sticking ear pins

Doctor’s answer : It’s not that you can’t wash your hair when sticking the ear acupuncture , but you should pay attention not to get your ears wet . The reason why normal ear needles can’t be wetting is that the adhesive tape will lose its stickiness . If the needle is inlaid , you need to avoid water , . So you can try to wear earmuffs and wash your hair .

Misunderstanding 5 Acupuncture and moxibustion lose weight once and for all

Doctor’s answer : Acupuncture to lose weight is the adjustment of the body , it is necessary to establish a new state through repeated treatment and continuous strengthening . The doctor recommends that you generally need to adhere to intensive and intensive treatment for more than three months (especially obese patients need half a year to one year ) , which is a process of slow adjustment . When the treatment is stopped , the weight can basically be maintained for one year to The normal level of three years .

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