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45 Tips best ways to lose weight,[Burn fat easily!]

How to avoid obesity in daily life and how to reduce excess body fat, here are some proven experiences.

Many people are very ambitious when they first lose weight. They want to lose 20-30 catties in three or five days. Once they fail to achieve the desired goal, they become discouraged, so they break the jar, and the weight follows the ambition. Dazhi wave-shaped movement.

A friend of mine seems to be losing weight forever. This week she proudly announced that she had lost 10 pounds (1 pound = 0.45 kg). A few weeks later, she frustratedly said that her weight was back to normal.

She can’t be blamed for this, but for the confusing weight-loss recommendations. People on crazy diets will lose a lot of weight in a short time, but they will always rebound and sometimes even exceed their original weight.

The concept of weight loss that has been popular for decades is the high-protein weight-loss method, which greatly reduces the intake of sugar and consumes protein and fat as much as possible. Experts say that the sharp weight loss caused by this method of weight loss is mainly caused by severe dehydration, which can cause dizziness and excessive fatigue.

Step #1 New ways to control obesity

Non-disease obesity (simple obesity) is nothing more than two factors, one is too much intake, and the other is too little consumption. You might as well give it a try and persevere.

No.1 Drink warm water in the morning

Get up in the morning and wash, drink a glass of warm water. The amount of water you drink depends on your specific situation. It is better to have no stomach bloating, no nausea, and no appetite. It is generally 100-500ml. If you can persist before three meals Drinking a glass of plain water will have a better effect.

The effect of drinking water is:

  • (1) Reduce appetite;
  • (2) Reduce food intake;
  • (3) Dilute gastric juice to reduce digestion and absorption.

There was an obese person (height of 155 cm, weight of 154 kg) who insisted on drinking 200 ml of water before meals, and his weight dropped by 4 kg a month later.

No.2 The art of eating

People often think that sugar is the main culprit of obesity. All “sugar-containing foods” are discouraged, and there are no restrictions on “sugar-free foods”. In particular, some people regard “dried fruits and nuts as diet foods. This may be you How to avoid the reasons for still being “fat”.

In fact, no matter what you eat, as long as the calorie intake exceeds the body’s needs, it will cause increased subcutaneous fat in the body and lead to obesity. Therefore, controlling the total daily intake of calories at the level required by the human body is the key to avoiding obesity, and controlling the total daily intake below the human body’s needs is the key to weight loss.

It can be seen that food with high calorie release is not good for weight loss, and food with low calorie release is good for weight loss. But no matter whether high-calorie foods or low-calorie foods, they should not be consumed in excess. So, what food is high-calorie and what food is low-calorie. It can be seen from the following figures.

  • (1) 1 gram of oils (including animal fat) has 9 calories;
  • (2) Meat, eggs, milk, nuts, dried fruits (such as melon seeds, flowers, walnuts, pine nuts, etc.) emit slightly lower calories than oils, and 1 gram is about 8.6 calories;
  • (3) 1 gram of carbohydrates (noodles, grains, sugar, etc.) has about 4 calories. It can be seen that eating one or two melon seeds is equivalent to eating two or two more flour steamed buns (about one and a half two liang of steamed buns), so nuts are not “diet food”;
  • (4) Vegetables (excluding potatoes and lotus root) hardly contain calories.

Some people complained that “I mainly eat vegetables, and I hardly dare to eat food but I am still fat”. Don’t know, the dishes you eat are all fried, stewed, and boiled dishes, with oil, sugar, wine and meat added (even if you don’t eat the meat in the vegetables, the fat in the meat will be in the soup), so Even if you only eat vegetables, you don’t take in less calories (don’t forget that oil and animal fat are the top foods with calories). Therefore, the food that can be eaten raw is best eaten raw, which not only can lose weight, but also facilitates the absorption of vitamins.

In short, eating is exquisite. Through the above, you may understand how to eat to help lose weight. Don’t be hungry and full: In order to avoid obesity, sometimes eat two or one meal a day, or even skip meals a day. When the hunger is unbearable, let go of the big meal, and then, eat more if there is delicious food— — I’ll lose weight tomorrow, and don’t eat anything that doesn’t taste good — it’s all about weight loss. This will neither lose weight nor conducive to health. When hungry, the body mobilizes glycogen, protein, and fat to break down and release calories. Hypoglycemia can cause brain damage, protein reduction can cause resistance, malnutrition, fat decomposition, and increased lactic acid content can cause muscle soreness and weakness. As a result of being stimulated by hunger, it makes the body protectively increase its energy reserves for use when hungry. When eating, the body cannot make full use of burning to release calories, but stores too much, increasing food intake and increasing subcutaneous fat accumulation. This shows that regular eating is very important.

No.3 Increase consumption

Exercise is a positive measure to avoid obesity. The key is to persevere and persevere. The most taboo is to fish for two days and surf the net for two days. Exercising for a period of time and stopping all exercises for a period of time will speed up obesity. Take exercise as a daily habit, form a habit, and stick to it. Not only will you be slim, you will also be healthy. A healthy physique is full of vitality, refreshed, and gives people a feeling of beauty. If you rely on diet pills and go hungry, even if you are slim, you will be weak and sick.

No. 4 suggestion

  • (1) Do 20-40 sit-ups a day, or perspiration.
  • (2) Standing and squatting 30-50 squats until slightly sweaty,
  • (3) Skipping rope: 80-100, or jump to sweat. You can choose one of the above three daily. Exercise half an hour to one hour before a meal, and take a walk for at least 20 minutes half an hour after dinner. It is best to do “regressive progress” until you sweat slightly.

Actually, there are various exercise methods. If you are in good condition, you can also exercise on exercise machines or go to the gym. No matter what kind of exercise you take, you must do it every day and sweat slightly every time you do it.

Young mothers want to have a slim figure, and professional women are even more eager. Losing weight is a difficult task, and it is often exhausting without gaining anything. Preventing obesity is very important to start when you are not obese, arrange your life reasonably, pay attention to dietary structure, and strengthen physical exercise. If you are diligent in your brain, hands, legs and mouth (eat), your slim body will belong to you.

Obesity or disease-related obesity requires specialist doctors. It is not advisable to take weight-loss drugs by yourself or to use extreme methods to lose weight. “Fatness” does not harm you, but “weight loss” does not harm you.

Step #2 45 suggestions for losing one pound a week

In fact, losing half a kilogram a week is considered by experts as the safest and most effective way to lose weight. American physique expert Greg Garfield listed many tips for losing weight in a book called “How to Change Your Body Shape”. He believes that every detail is important when losing weight. And these details are the key to let you lose half a kilogram a week. The author recommends some of the details of the 45 weight loss items that are easily overlooked. The first 20 items are about adjusting the diet and the last 25 items are about fitness.

  • 1. More vegetables and less meat: If you have already started cooking with lean meat, it is best to reduce the amount of meat by half and add some vegetables when making patties. This will not only increase cellulose, but also significantly reduce fat.
  • 2. Exercise after eating: It is best to reverse this order. The thermal effect of food will accelerate the metabolic rate, which is why the high metabolic rate caused by exercise is higher.
  • 3. There should be more changes: There should be more types and colors of food, so as to maintain a balanced diet.
  • 4. Taste more plant protein: Many obese people don’t dare to eat meat, but don’t even abandon the protein that maintains the body. Three-quarters of a cup of white lentils can provide 7 grams of protein, and the same amount of green peas contains the same protein as an egg.
  • 5. Check the plan and take notes: List several of the most effective dieting strategies (such as eating only low-fat foods, restricting eating, etc.), check once a month, because it is easy to make a plan and it is difficult to put it into practice, but if you can Checking on time makes it easier to reach the goal.
  • 6. Pay attention to the ingredients of the dish: eating French fries with too much oil, baking potatoes with butter is not good, it is best to use chili sauce or boiling soup.
  • 7. Control gluttony: Controlling gluttony helps control weight. When hunger comes, you can do some activities, such as showering, walking, watching TV and riding a bicycle, etc. Any activities that are not related to eating will do.
  • 8. You can’t cook when you are hungry: If you cook when you are hungry, you will eat small bites during the cooking process, unknowingly eating too much food. The best way is to eat some snacks like melons and fruits before going to the kitchen.
  • 9. Eat together: eating too many low-fat snacks makes people annoying, especially if you eat them alone, so you have to develop the habit of eating low-fat snacks for the whole family. You can put all the health-friendly snacks in a jar and share them with each other when watching TV, and you will feel relish.
  • 10. Prepare some emergency snacks: Elderly people should avoid going to the kitchen to chew high-fat food when they are hungry in the middle of the night. You can put some healthy food at home, such as pretzels, unsalted popcorn, etc.
  • 11. Go to the fruit and vegetable department: When you go to the supermarket, you should rely on the fruit and vegetable department. There are mostly fresh foods: bread, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products.
  • 12. Bring your own snack pack: When driving on the road or traveling by car, you should bring some low-fat food. If you must buy fast food, you should choose foods that are more beneficial to your health and avoid fried chicken, fried pork chops, etc.
  • 13. Do not eat butter: Try to avoid eating butter. Use fresh lemon juice or herb dressing or vegetable salad instead of butter.
  • 14. Breakfast changes: write 7 kinds of low-fat breakfast on the card, choose one every morning.
  • 15. Avoid eating at midnight: prepare foods that are not harmful to your health and eat them at night when you are tired from work or have too much mental stress.
  • 16. Keep a diet record: If you only eat low-fat foods and still gain weight, you must keep a diet diary. Because short-term records help identify eating and drinking habits that disrupt the diet plan.
  • 17. Eat first before buying: Shopping malls have attractive snack bars. If you have eaten healthy foods before buying, you will not be easily tempted by snacks.
  • 18. Eat slowly: If you eat too fast, you will eat more by the time you feel full. Remember: When you have something in your mouth, you can’t hold chopsticks and forks in your hands, so you can taste better.
  • 19. Take turns cooking: If you have a tight schedule, you can take turns cooking with your family.

20. Pay attention to the color of the dining room: According to the study of Johns Hopkins Medical School in the United States, warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange will make the color of food more attractive and stimulate appetite; while cool colors such as blue or gray are The effect is opposite.

The following 25 items are related to fitness exercises:

  • 21. Exercise: This is a must-do every day.
  • 22. Regular rest: Exercise at about the same time every day, otherwise it is easy to forget.
  • 23. Weightlifting: Building muscles is an important way to consume fat, but the movements must be done accurately.
  • 24. Sports should be varied: If you have always been running, you might as well play table tennis, gymnastics or cycling.
  • 25. Use an exercise bike: Riding an exercise bike is a good exercise. You need to pedal hard to accelerate your heart and muscles, and then return to normal speed.
  • 26. Lying down: If you feel back pain when riding a bicycle, try a reclining bike. The reclining position can protect your back.
  • 27. Find an opponent: Exercise with a friend and find a friend who is stronger than you as much as possible. A well-meaning opponent is the best motivation.
  • 28. Observe first step by step: If you want to participate in aerobic exercise, you should do it step by step.
  • 29. Climbing stairs: Climbing stairs or exercising on a stair machine at a certain speed can consume hundreds of kilocalories in one hour.
  • 30. Don’t use your hands: Don’t use your hands to hold the railings when climbing stairs, and don’t walk with your head down, because that will reduce calorie consumption.
  • 31. Don’t take the elevator: Take the stairs as a small exercise.
  • 32. Cultivate useful hobbies: buying vegetables, cleaning glass, planting flowers, etc.
  • 33. Social activities: plan social activities that only play but not eat, such as hiking, ballroom dancing, skating and tennis.
  • 34. Rowing: It can consume hundreds of kilocalories per hour, and it is also a good aerobic exercise.
  • 35. Quiet exercise: exercise can be done anytime, anytime. For example, you can tighten the muscles of your abdomen and buttocks when you are standing in a line waiting for checkout in a supermarket. Such small movements help strengthen muscles.
  • 36. Sweat watching TV: watching TV is doing some fitness activities, while watching favorite programs, while exercising.
  • 37. Exercise with music: You can exercise with the beat of the music. No matter what exercise it is, it will be beneficial if the movement of the body matches the rhythm of the music.
  • 38. Wearing sportswear to sleep: This can change the habit of sleeping late.
  • 39. Rejuvenate energy: To get the best results, you must get enough rest after strenuous exercise.
  • 40. Take a walk or do some relaxing activities during lunch time.
  • 41. Bring a pair of sports shoes to the work place.
  • 42. Leave some room: set the goal too high and make people lose confidence.
  • 43. Steady pace: Do not think about looking at both sides when exercising. The same is true when talking to others, and your eyes should be forward.
  • 44. Break it up: If you can’t spare a long time for exercise in a day, you might as well do it separately. Doing 10 minutes of exercise 3 times a day is the same as doing 30 minutes of exercise at a time.
  • 45. Make a bet: Make a bet with a friend, and the competition can greatly increase the success rate. At the same time, think more about people who can persist in training and succeed, so that you can keep training and not waste.

Step #3 There is a recipe for safe and fast weight loss

Is there a way to lose weight quickly without damaging health; and with long-term results? Yes, studies have shown that if you follow the following simple methods, you will achieve obvious results.

   No. 1 Eat more high-fiber foods

Every 1 pound of weight loss must consume 3,500 kcal of calories, but the instinct requires people not to be hungry all the time. Excessive dieting will reduce the metabolism and affect health. Just reduce your caloric intake by 250 kcal to 500 kcal a day, and you should not feel particularly hungry.

Research shows that vegetables, fresh fruits. The calories of foods such as grains and coarse starches are only half of that of sugar, meat, butter, and fried foods. The reason is that high-fiber foods are prone to satiety and have lower calories than other foods.

High-fiber foods are not only good for long-term weight loss, but also good for health. Experts suggest that the intake of carbohydrates (vegetables, grains, fruits) should account for 55%-60% of the total intake, protein should account for 12%-15%, and fat should not exceed 30%. If you want to lose weight and maintain your body shape, you should further reduce your fat intake to about 20%, eat more high-fiber foods such as vegetables, grains, and starch, and the proportion of refined meat should not exceed 1/3.

It takes a while for the message of “Is you full?” to reflect from the stomach to the brain, so if you eat too fast, you will be overfull. To prevent this, you’d better develop a habit of stopping eating.

  No.2 I move around often

Physical activity can consume 250 kilocalories more per day. This is a very realistic goal. If you insist on doing this, you can lose about 1 pound of fat every week.

The study found that in the long run, simply reducing calorie intake is not as effective as a comprehensive plan that includes physical exercise.

Dancing and running for 30 minutes a day are the most recommended activities. According to a follow-up study of an obese middle-aged woman, besides dancing, this woman also does a lot of housework, climbs stairs instead of elevators, walks more and takes less car, which is more realistic than those exercises that need to make time. Easier to do, and the effect is more significant.

A little exercise every day will consume a considerable amount of calories. In two months, the researchers asked 16 volunteers to consume 1,000 kilocalories per day, and found that people who had increased their physical activity could greatly reduce their weight even if they changed their positions at the desk, standing or occasionally running. Because exercise consumes 692 kilocalories per day, those who are sedentary have gained 16 pounds after eating and drinking for two months.

There are many ways to consume 20 kilocalories or 50 kilocalories. Walking, trotting, standing and drinking coffee, these small movements can work just a little bit per hour.

  No.3 Nielsen Comprehensive Weight Loss Plan

Luo Li, 43 years old. Tried several ways to lose weight-diet, only fruit and weight loss pills, but failed to get her to wear size 16 jeans. Finally, she decided to try Nielsen’s comprehensive weight loss plan. Although she has never practiced, she found that this regular exercise of about 20 minutes a day is simple and easy to do, and the effect is very good. She said: “I put on jeans very easily. What a happy moment.”

In a study at Tufts University, Dr. Nelson observed two groups of women on a diet, one group on a diet and exercise, and the other on a diet. As a result, both groups lost an average of  13 pounds. The women in the exercise group gained an average of 15 pounds of muscle per person while losing fat. The diet-only group lost a considerable amount of fat and muscle without gaining muscle.

This result is very important, because the amount of muscle in the body indicates the metabolic rate. If you lose fat while maintaining a good muscle, you will maintain a high metabolic rate, which helps to maintain your body shape for a long time. Muscle is of great significance to weight control, because every pound of muscle consumes 14 kilocalories per day.

You don’t have to go on a diet to lose weight or become like a competitive athlete. On the contrary, instead of clever and dexterous methods, you will also feel the huge changes.

  No.4 Dry bath work can help you lose weight

This exercise is a method of rubbing the skin of obese areas with dry hands to achieve a healthy weight loss.

It is said that if you insist on practicing this method, it can dredge the meridians, enhance the metabolic function, and remove excess fat.

The operation method is: twice a day, rub the skin of the obese area with both hands repeatedly.

   No. 5 Tea diet after meal

There are basically two types of body shapes for the general population in the world. The place with adequate clothing, adequate food and good nutrition is mostly fat people. Taiwanese children used to be mostly thin, but now, under the combination of a desktop diet and a Western diet, most of them are fat. People in Africa or some tropical places are weaker due to insufficient food.

In fact, the physique is too fat or thin. It is very effective to increase fat and lose weight in the diet. There are many ways to lose weight in modern times. The methods such as sweat and salt belt mainly shrink the skin instead of internalizing fat. The real weight loss effect is not great. The fastest way to lose weight in foreign countries is to cut the small intestine short to reduce absorption, but when any nutrient absorption is reduced, even if you can lose weight, it will cause diseases due to insufficient absorption by the body.

Slimming tea has been popular for many years, and some are effective, and some use senna leaves as the main ingredient, which can cause diarrhea after drinking. Once you stop drinking, the body absorbs faster and becomes more obese. Dieting or partial eclipse weight loss also has great sequelae. In fact, it is still safer and more effective to use Chaozhou ancient recipes.

Rice, tea, soup, and food delivery should be better matched. It is healthy and not fat. It is more effective to add exercise when you have time. The soup can be stewed beef brisket with lemon, plum soup, lime soup, golden needle fungus soup, sour curry soup, sour bamboo shoot soup or pickle soup, all of which are effective weight loss soups, and can reduce fat and refresh the stomach. The rice can be served with pickled ginger rice or black glutinous rice. The combination of food and vegetable delivery reduces heavy fat meat, but the most important thing is to soak a cup of Tieguanyin after each meal. This method is practical and effective to lose weight, but it takes a little longer. The author sees that the older generations in Chaozhou have Long-term overeating without obesity proves that tea after meals is effective.

   No.6 Housework Activity Weight Loss Method

If you are a housewife, then the following housework activities to lose weight will definitely help you:

  • 1. To keep you energetic all day, you can do some light exercises in bed every morning when you wake up. When you first wake up, turn your body sideways, place your hands under your head, and slowly curl your knees. This posture can make the muscles elastic and relieve the tension in the back. To strengthen the abdomen and front neck, you may wish to stretch your legs, lie on your back, put your hands on both sides, raise your head and shoulders for 5 seconds, 10 times.
  • 2. To make your leg muscles healthy, you can slowly pull your knees toward your chest until you feel the tension on the back of your thighs and calves. Hold this position for a few seconds, then relax and repeat, practicing only one leg at a time.
  • 3. When ironing clothes, cooking dishes, arranging flowers, etc., you might as well spread your legs and stand up straight, which is also a kind of exercise. In addition, when doing indoor cleaning, if you only hold a broom, mop or vacuum cleaner in your hand, don’t just move your arms. You should melt your whole body in the movement, let the ankles, hips, knees, etc. move together. When you wave your body to take something from a height, you can stand on your toes and stretch your whole body as much as possible to strengthen the muscles of your thighs, calves and buttocks.
  • 4. When you bend over to pick up things, you should bend your waist or thighs, as if you are doing an exercise that touches your toes. This can strengthen the muscles of your thighs and buttocks (for people with back problems, avoid this action). When walking, you should straighten your back and raise your head, like a puppet with a straight thread.
  • 5. Use the free time for cooking or washing dishes, use the stove as a ballet practice place, stand on the side 90 cm from the stove, grab the edge of the table with your left hand, raise your right leg, knee and toe straight, swing back and forth 10 Repeat this with your left leg, then straighten your arm facing the sink, hold the edge of the sink and bend your knees for 5 seconds.
  • 6. I often buy some bigger clothes to wear at home. This is not to make you “grow up” to wear fat clothes, but to get rid of the feeling of “guilty because of obesity” after you put on this kind of clothes. It doesn’t cost a lot of money, but you can get weight loss quickly. This is exactly a kind of psychological “first aid”.

Step #4 Cheap weight loss plan for miserly girls

Losing weight may reduce your consumption of food to a certain extent, but it does not save money at all. Calculate your one-month weight loss project expenditure, you will find that your wallet always reduces your figure first——

Each of the above weight loss products are expensive. They are usually packaged in units of 5-7 days. The price you buy for a box is between 30 yuan and 100 yuan, and this box is only enough for you to lose one week-but a “healthy” weight loss method reminds you: “Lose weight slowly.” And you have to “persist in taking this product for 1-3 months…” In this way, you have to add 180-600 yuan to the monthly food expenditure.

Weight loss training class / aerobics class / swimming class

It is not easy to lose weight only by dieting. Weight loss experts always warn you like this. Of course, you have to add aerobic exercises to diet and weight-loss products, so good, please pay for it-weight loss body training classes, aerobics training classes, etc., generally charge from 80 yuan/month to 200 yuan/month. The cost of swimming is 20 to 30 yuan per session for two hours. The price of renting a tennis court to play tennis is also comparable.

This way you have to pay an extra 80-300 yuan for exercise every month

Stop thinking about weight loss massage packages or mysterious ointments that will make fat disappear when applied to the body. You have now been taken away from your wallet with a salary of 300-900 yuan, and if the extra pounds of weight on your body don’t leave in a month, you will still have to pay for these weight loss programs next month. pin.

Weight loss is indeed a costly activity for women, but we don’t have to be fooled by things that indicate that they have a weight loss effect and are expensive. As long as you are still a shrewd miserly girl, you can deal with them one by one.

  No.1 Choose cheap weight loss

   Cheap weight loss products:

Alternative weight loss tea:

30 grams of Cassia Seed is decocted in water and taken as a substitute for tea. It is a daily high-quality slimming tea. According to Chinese medicine, it can eliminate phlegm and dampness, and most slimming teas use it as the main ingredient. The 1000 grams of Cassia Seed in the drugstore is much cheaper than the finished slimming tea.

Alternative weight loss capsules:

The cheap natural formula to promote metabolism is a bottle of rice vinegar soaked 3 taels of dried soy beans. Even if you choose the best rice vinegar, you can’t spend 10 yuan a month, and the effect is not worse than slimming capsules.

Cheap weight loss exercise:

If you don’t go to aerobics training class, or to the swimming pool or tennis court, you can do aerobic exercises like sweating. Sprinting, jogging, and biking can all be done on outdoor streets. If you are willing to walk to and from get off work, you can save on fares. You can set off just by putting on your sports shoes, and there is no need to purchase any special sportswear.

   No. 2 Balance weight loss expenditure

If we have paid for weight loss products, then we have to start from other aspects, balance our monthly expenses as much as possible, and make “weight loss” as affordable as possible.

  • A. Avoid the urge to buy new seasonal strawberries and fresh eggplants. Although the delicacy that we are entitled to enjoy during the weight loss period is limited to this, the prices of fruits and vegetables in the first three weeks of the market are more than three times their normal prices. Wait 3 weeks before you buy them, then they will be cheap. If you want to spend the same money to buy more fruits and vegetables, then you have to go to the vegetable market around 6 o’clock in the afternoon. At this time, the hawkers will give you half or 40% off because they rush home.
  • B. After 7 o’clock in the evening, go to the bakery of the big supermarket to buy bread. At this time, they will sell leftover bread at a low price, and you can take the opportunity to buy a few more white breads as your main energy source during weight loss.
  • C. Homemade diet dishes. There are many things you can make yourself, like yogurt, sauces, low-calorie snacks (biscuits), low-calorie lunches, etc. A box of weight loss biscuits costs nearly 100 yuan, and they can only be eaten for 5 days. The sandwiches you make with toast, mustard and beef shank not only taste good but also guarantee freshness-most importantly, they are cheap. You can eat it often, and the dishes you make by pouring homemade sauces on boiled dishes are not only low in calories but also delicious.
  • D. Hunger is the thing that people who lose weight most need to overcome, and the price of chewable tablets to overcome hunger is not cheap. When you are at home, you can use a carrot and a red tomato instead of chewing tablets. Chew these expensive small pieces when you have no alternatives at your fingertips—for example, in the office.
  • E. Homemade refreshments. You can’t thank you behind closed doors just because you’re on a diet to lose weight. It’s always okay to entertain your girlfriends for tea, but don’t spend money on sweet and greasy cakes and cookies. You can’t eat these things, and you will waste the rest. Up. Make some delicate seafood and fruit sandwiches by yourself, squeeze a large bottle of fresh tomato juice and bake two apples for them to taste with you-you can continue to eat the rest of the tea, because those are low-calorie food.

Thank God, we are not too fat to deal with. Our days of losing weight will not last long. As an expensive expense, it often stretches our girls who are not paid. It turns out that I still don’t understand why girls who are losing weight always have a good face. It turns out that they spend all the money for lipstick and foundation for weight loss.

Step #5 It’s not about eating less but about moving more

How to keep fit? Recently, relevant experts have put forward a new idea-eat more and be more active.

The reason is:

  No.1 The reason for getting fat: not how to eat, but how to move

All people who are blessed and who need to maintain a standard weight think that eating more is the bane of gaining weight, so they dig their minds and make a fuss about how to diet. The survey of experts does not support this view.

Experts from Stanford University in the United States found that among women aged 32-45, those with a slender figure who are keen on physical activities and “moving” more do not blindly diet. They consume an average of 2417 kcal per day. . On the contrary, some women who sit in the office and do little activity, although they consume only 1490 kcal per day, most of them are surprisingly fat. This can explain a problem: the reason for gaining weight is not how to eat, but how to move.

Regarding the relationship between eating more and obesity, scientists even traced the diet of Americans in 1910: Although people at that time ate more than people today, most of them were much thinner than modern people. This is because at that time they had to engage in heavy physical activities, walk more than modern people, and rarely used machines and did not watch TV. For weight control, this may be more important than controlling high calorie intake in food.

  No.2 It is impossible for people to always live under hunger

Although dieting to lose weight can have an immediate effect, it is a way to draw a salary from the bottom of the pan, so that the dieter’s body is always struggling to live in a hungry state, and dieting cannot slow down the basal metabolism. As a result, there may be two conditions when “unbearable”: anorexia or bulimia.

Argentine girls are fashionable in pursuit of a model body, often desperately losing weight, regardless of the consequences, or have aversion or dislike of food, or even have anorexia, so that they can not maintain the basic metabolic needs; or when they cannot bear the long-term hungry life, they become more Bulimia, as compensation for a period of dieting. For this reason, Pablo Shapur, an expert from the Argentine Gluttony-Anorexia Association, said: “In terms of self-image, our’slim culture’ is a disaster!”

  No.3 Eating more and being more active is the best of both worlds. The key to fitness is to eat more than to eat in moderation.

The principle is not to be hungry.

There are two ways to “eat more”:

One is to meet the consumption of basal metabolism;

The second is to meet the needs of work, study and sports.

Why is life in motion? Exercise not only strengthens the skin, strengthens the organs, and enhances the vitality of basic metabolism, but also consumes the excess fat accumulated in the body that is harmful to the human body. The strengthening of basal metabolism and the acceleration of energy consumption have created a state of “hunger” to the body to some extent, which is another recognized factor for longevity.

60 years ago, American physiologists have confirmed in experiments that low-calorie and moderate dieting can generally extend the lifespan of rats with normal activities by one third compared to rats with full meals.

However, for half a century, there has not been a set of scientific data from human experiments to prove that this is a true “Longevity Sutra”. Because it is difficult for people to accept this kind of starvation experiment year after year. Later, in 1987, scientists began scientific experiments to extend life in human monkeys by eating less. Because the test time is 30-40 years, so far the results have not been determined. However, from the life testimony of the 10-year test, it is suggested that they are indeed much better than the other kind that eats with their belly open.

After all, humans are different from other animals. You cannot force them to live under semi-starvation for a long time. In response to this situation, kinesiologists pointed out that 30 minutes a day of aerobic exercise, such as running and playing ball, plus daily work activities, is enough to promote calories through “hyperactivity”. The depletion of human body causes an actual physical “hunger”. What is important is that exercise enhances the vitality of the organs and maintains a fit body shape.

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