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Share 20 best way to lose weight , [Burn Fat Easily] !

Losing weight is something that requires perseverance. No matter what method you choose to lose weight, it is important to stick to it from beginning to end!

Weight loss is the eternal theme of beautifying the human body. Who doesn’t want to have a healthy, slender, slim, and graceful body. However, weight loss is not an easy topic.

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Step #1 Several key points that must be understood before losing weight

Looking around today’s society, many people who lose weight have many unscientific concepts and behaviors. Therefore, the effects are not good, even if they have some effects, most of them cannot be consolidated. In severe cases, adverse reactions such as malnutrition and decreased physical fitness may occur; What’s more, it evolves into anorexia nervosa, and even death from non-fate, these are common in newspapers. I think that if you can correct your concept and prepare some necessary knowledge before losing weight, many disadvantages can be completely avoided. The required knowledge is roughly as follows:

1. Losing weight is a serious medical act

Weight loss is a medical behavior. No matter what method is used, during weight loss, there will be obvious metabolic changes in the body, sometimes even sharp. These physiological, pathological and pharmacological changes need to be evaluated and dealt with accordingly. Those who react severely require medical monitoring. These require specialized knowledge and are beyond the reach of ordinary people. This means that weight loss should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor (preferably a specialist).

2. Weight loss has a strict adaptation target, namely obese people

The so-called obesity refers to excessive body fat. The central part of the disease is that the human body consumes too much energy and consumes relatively little. The remaining energy is stored in the form of fat, and when it reaches a certain amount, it becomes obese. Therefore, before determining whether it is necessary to implement weight loss, you should evaluate whether you are obese. Many boys and girls have joined the ranks of weight loss because of fashion and incorrect understanding of slimness. This is not desirable. These people are mainly to prevent obesity and fitness, through appropriate diet and exercise to make themselves have an ideal weight and suitable muscle-fat ratio. This is a different concept from weight loss.

3. Weight loss must have a realistic and attainable goal

Weight loss should be considered in the long term, not quick success, and after the effect is achieved, it must be maintained and consolidated for life. The goal is too large, difficult to achieve or easy to produce obvious adverse reactions. It is quite impressive to lose 0.5 to 1 kg of weight per month. Strictly speaking, to lose weight, it is necessary to reduce excessive fat in the body in a controlled manner, and appropriately increase muscles in the body, so as to truly achieve the goal of fitness and weight loss. Improper weight loss is at the expense of body muscles, resulting in malnutrition and decreased physical fitness. To find a reasonable balance between weight loss and fitness, or even both, it requires superb technique and art.

4. The most fundamental and basic way to lose weight is diet therapy and exercise therapy

The method of weight loss is three-dimensional and multi-dimensional, which can be described as diverse, but the reason is very simple. The former is to actively control the intake of energy, and the latter is to increase energy consumption and have a fitness effect. These are all correcting obesity from the source. In addition, it is one of the most “natural” treatments, applied properly, without any side effects, and almost no cost. All other methods are auxiliary, and they can only be considered when they are not satisfied after the exact implementation of diet and exercise therapy.

5. Medication to lose weight

Favored by most dieters, the reason is

  • ① Excessively superstitious.
  • ② Cannot insist on diet and exercise therapy with certain difficulty.

From the aspects of human energy metabolism, weight loss drugs can be divided into the following categories: appetite suppressants, digestion and absorption blockers, fat synthesis inhibitors, fat cell proliferation inhibitors, and insulin secretion inhibitors. Central nervous system appetite suppressants have the longest history of use. They mainly act on the feeding center through neurotransmitters to reduce appetite and achieve the goal of dieting. Fenfluramine was first used for nearly 25 years and has reliable effects. However, it has been reported recently that it may cause pulmonary hypertension and heart valve degeneration. Some Western countries such as the United States have banned it, and most Western European countries and China still application. However, there are also many objections. The above reports are all retrospective and lack prospective observation. Most of these cases are combined drugs and the applied doses are relatively large. The author believes that the treatment of a drug with a long history of application and reliable action should be cautious. In addition to scientific prospective observations, the current dose should not be large and the course of treatment should not exceed 3 months, and it should be strengthened. Observation of side effects. Sibutramine is a central appetite suppressant newly developed in the past two or three years. It has a certain function of promoting energy expenditure and has a definite weight loss effect, but it also has some side effects, such as a certain effect of raising blood pressure and digestive tract reactions. The digestive tract lipase inhibitor orlistat (Xenical) has a significant fat absorption inhibitory effect, which can reduce the absorption of ingested fat by about 30% and make it excrete from the stool.

Smart readers, from the effects of the above two types of drugs, it can be known that the former is an appetite suppressant, which reduces the food intake by reducing appetite. If the weight loss person has a certain will and voluntarily reduces the food intake, the effect can be achieved; the latter is effective It is suitable for those who eat a lot of fat. It is not effective for obesity caused by a lot of carbohydrates. If it can actively reduce the fat intake, it can also achieve curative effects. It can be seen that people’s feeding behavior, the total energy and composition of food are reasonable.

  • 6. Health products to lose weight

First of all, we should have an essential understanding that health products are not medicines. The drug has pharmacological effects, and only after rigorous clinical trials can it prove its therapeutic effect. Health care products are not medicines, so there is no need for clinical trials and there is no therapeutic effect. Strictly speaking, it should be classified into the category of food, and only need to indicate the ingredients and content to comply with the Food Sanitation Law, and it is strictly stipulated that health products must not contain drugs. The therapeutic effects of health products are really misleading.

In short, the scientific implementation of weight loss needs to pay attention to the following points: weight loss is a serious medical behavior with certain indications; the weight loss process should be carried out under the guidance and supervision of a doctor; diet and exercise therapy are its most basic and basic treatment methods (And the most economical), other therapies are adjuvant therapies on this basis; drug therapy is always auxiliary and should not be used for a long time. The purpose of behavior therapy is to develop and consolidate their scientific lifestyle. Become a scientific habit, so that after the drug is stopped, the weight loss may be finally successful; health care products should not be mixed with weight loss drugs. Correct and scientific lifestyle and behavior are the most reliable guarantee for weight loss and fitness.

Step #2 Nine Secrets to Increase Muscle and Reduce Fat

This is the most effective way to lose fat without losing mass. It can effectively reduce body fat while ensuring muscle growth. You’d better follow the following secret strictly like six meals a day.

1. Reduce night carbohydrate intake

Weight training requires glycogen energy from carbohydrates. However, eating carbohydrates at night, especially after eight o’clock in the evening, increases the body’s chances of storing fat. Because the body consumes only a small amount of sugar and glycogen during rest, the metabolism of the body is also reduced during sleep. Another reason is that after ingesting carbohydrates at night, the body will release more insulin, and high insulin levels will increase fat reserves.

2. Properly arrange aerobic training

Aerobic training helps to lose weight, but too much exercise can hinder your health and affect muscle growth and metabolism. It is recommended that you only do aerobic training three times a week. Aerobic training is best arranged before breakfast, because you do not eat, the body will have to use fat reserves to replace carbohydrates for energy. In addition, keep your anaerobic weight training within 30 minutes and use high-intensity training to help consume more carbohydrates.

3. Eat more fiber

Appropriate intake of cellulose helps reduce fat. Because cellulose can hinder the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, slow down the speed of sugar molecules into the blood, and help reduce the release of insulin. And reducing the amount of insulin released helps prevent weight gain, because high insulin is a signal for cells to store fat.

4. Eat fish

Eating fish can not only increase muscles, but also reduce body fat, because fish contains high beneficial fats. Cold water fish (such as salmon) can provide omega 3 fatty acids, which can make muscles more sensitive to insulin (the sensitive response of muscles to insulin helps increase muscle mass and reduce fat). In addition, this fish can promote glycogen stores and amino acids into muscles, and also helps maintain glutamine reserves. Eat salmon three times a week and you will get plenty of omega 3 fatty acids.

5. Practice twice a day

As long as weight training is not excessive, the body can produce hormones and enzymes that can promote muscle growth and fat loss. You can take advantage of this by practicing twice a day. High frequency stimulation twice a day can promote glycogen consumption, thereby preventing the conversion of calories into fat for storage.

6. Use ephedra

Ephedra is an herb with the same effect as ephedrine. Both ephedra and ephedrine can promote fat loss by accelerating metabolism. More importantly, they can reduce fat while maintaining muscle bulk, because they only promote fat metabolism without affecting protein. Ephedra is generally taken before training. The dosage is about 334 mg. Because of the ephedrine contained, those with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, as well as high blood pressure or asthma cannot take it. In fact, ephedra is much safer than synthetic ephedrine. It can be converted into a chemical substance called ephedrine sulfate in the human body, which can be absorbed faster and act on the body more effectively.

7. Cycle arrangement of high calorie and low calorie intake

Reducing calorie intake helps reduce body fat, but it also reduces muscle. This method can prevent this drawback. After three consecutive days of low-calorie diet, the fourth day of high-calorie diet. During the three days when you may lose some muscle, you can take some supplementary nutrients (such as branched chain amino acids and ephedra) to prevent muscle damage. Here is a simple formula: take in your usual calorie intake on low-calorie days 50%, on high-calorie days, add 30% to your usual calorie intake. For example, it was reduced from 3oo grams to 150 grams, and increased to 390 grams after three days.

8. Reasonably allocate carbohydrate intake

Indeed, you can reduce body fat without reducing your carbohydrate intake. Here is a good way: add up all the carbohydrates you consume in a day, assuming it is 300 grams, then eat 30% (90 grams) each at breakfast and after-training meals, and the remaining 120 grams are divided equally Go to the other four meals. This is because the body has the least chance of storing calories as fat in the morning and after training. At this time blood sugar and glycogen levels are very low, and most of the calories are used for “recovery” work.

9. Low-fat diet

The three main causes of increased body fat are: excessive intake of calories, excessive dietary fat and excessive intake of carbohydrates. If none of the previous eight secrets achieve the desired results, then you can only rely on this last resort, which is to directly reduce the amount of fat in your diet. For bodybuilders, the only way to do this is to choose fat-free proteins such as egg whites, fish and high-protein powders. After 6 to 7 days, add a little more fat to your diet. The simple way is to replace fat-free protein foods with red lean meat and chicken. This can increase the amount of fat in the diet, and can provide essential fatty acids-one of the essential substances for muscle growth.

Step #3 Sit like a hanging bell to lose weight

Losing weight is sometimes not as difficult as people think. For some people, as long as they correct their sitting posture and keep their abdomen in their chest, they can lose two pounds of fat accumulated in their abdomen.

This easy-to-eliminate obesity refers to people who have fine limbs and a standard weight, and only those whose waist circumference is larger than the hip circumference are concentrated in the belly.

It has been found that this type of fat people are more common in “sitting” families who sit and work all year round-typists, computer operators, secretarial clerks, writers who climb grids, etc. They were at desks for a long time, concentrated at their desks, and habitually collapsed their waists. Over time, a body with a thick waist, a protruding belly, and an apple-like shape was “grandly pushed out.”

According to the observations of experts, whether you are standing or sitting, as long as your posture is not correct, your strength is uneven, and your muscles are “bitter and happy” unevenly, which will lead to local fat accumulation. For example, the body’s center of gravity is only placed on one leg. As time becomes a habit, this leg will become thicker.

These don’t seem to be too much fat, because the “fat” is too bad, so you can’t be indifferent. According to research, compared with fat in other parts of the abdomen, fat cells in the abdomen are naturally active, and they are “close to the water and terraces”. With their advantage of being close to the heart and liver, they often enter the blood circulation easily and deposit on the arterial walls, causing Atherosclerosis. Therefore, as long as it is found that the waist circumference is equal to or greater than the hip circumference, even though it seems that it is not so fat on the surface, or the weight is not “exceeded”, the high method should be used to expel the fat accumulated here as soon as possible, and the energy and consumption in energy metabolism. Reduce future problems.

Fortunately, this “occupational obesity” is not stubborn. Experts believe that as long as you adjust your sitting posture, remind yourself to stand up, straighten your abdomen, straighten your waist, and sit like a hanging bell. Even if you can’t keep it all the time, just do it when you think of it. You may lose 2 catties or more from your stomach. Of fat. If you do 1 hour a day and insist on moderately intense brisk walking, jogging, and aerobics 4-5 times a week, physical exercises that promote cardiopulmonary activity and muscle contraction can prevent fat deposition, strengthen fat consumption, and return you soon A healthy, standard body shape.

Step #4 Green tea refreshes and loses weight

Green tea is a tea that has not been fermented. The leaf body is emerald green in color and has a quiet fragrance. The brewed tea is even more emerald. The familiar Longjing and Biluochun are all green tea. Green tea has high nutritional value. Frozen green tea water can produce body fluids to quench thirst, and hot green tea water can relieve heat and cool down. Therefore, it is very suitable for people to lose weight.

Green tea can inhibit the rise of blood sugar, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol in the body.

The tannins contained in green tea have an antioxidant effect that is 100 times higher than that of vitamin C, which can delay the aging of body functions and prevent heart disease and stroke. The tea polyphenols in green tea can bind to bacterial proteins and kill bacteria. It can inhibit and kill acute gastrointestinal diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever, and Staphylococcus aureus. Tea itself contains no calories, but tea polyphenols can dissolve fat, so drinking tea can help you lose weight. Obesity and hypertension, hyperlipidemia patients should drink more green tea, and the strong tea is better. Green tea contains more tannins, and the pantothenic acid in tea can also moisturize the skin, maintain luster and smoothness. People with acne on the face should also drink more green tea, because green tea has a strong ability to clear away heat and reduce fire, which is beneficial to beauty.

How to brew hot and cold tea:

  • 1. For the cold drink method, the green tea is brewed in warm water first. After cooling, the tea dregs are removed, and an appropriate amount of ice water is added to adjust the concentration. If ice cubes and honey are added, the pleasure of cold (frozen) drinking can be increased.
  • 2. For hot drinking method, green tea should be brewed with warm water. 3 grams of tea should be filled with about 200 cc of warm water. The intensity varies according to the taste of the person. Cover the lid and wait for 3-5 minutes to taste the pleasant fragrance of green tea.

Step #5 15 tips for successful weight loss

*15 tips for successful weight loss

  • 1. Don’t listen to folk remedies, advertisements, and lose weight yourself to avoid health hazards.
  • 2. It is not advisable to lose weight too fast.
  • 3. Mainly three meals a day, equally distributed, do not give priority to any one meal, and try not to eat snacks.
  • 4. Change the meal procedure: drink soup first, then eat vegetables after the soup, and finally eat meat and rice slowly with small bites.
  • 5. Meals should be rationed, chew slowly, and should concentrate on eating. Never eat while watching TV or reading a book.
  • 6. Eat more fresh vegetables.
  • 7. Try to eat less snacks and high-calorie foods such as sweet and greasy, deep-fried, fried, shortcrusted, etc.
  • 8. Try to eat less nuts with high fat content, such as peanuts, melon seeds, cashews, pine nuts, walnuts, etc.
  • 9. Drink as little as possible.
  • 10. If you feel hungry between meals, you can eat a portion of fresh fruit or raw vegetables (such as carrots, celery, etc.) to reduce hunger.
  • 11. When cooking, make more use of cooking methods that do not need to add oil, such as steaming, boiling, stewing, roasting, and cold salad.
  • 12. Don’t keep snacks at home.
  • 13. Try to use non-stick cooking pots to reduce the amount of oil used.
  • 14. Develop a regular daily pound weight. You can increase your confidence when you lose weight; you can remind you to be wary when you gain weight.
  • 15. Beware of the consequences of eating out.

*Out-dining, weddings and funerals are often fatal injuries to weight loss

  • 1. Try not to participate if you have to. If you have to go, please reduce the amount of food in the first or second meal before the big meal, and the same for several meals after eating out.
  • 2. When eating out, you should pay attention to choosing dishes with less oil and juice, such as: steamed, barbecued brine, white-cut meat and seafood, vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • 3. Choose foods that are deep-fried, shortcrusted, thick soup, and stewed.
  • 4. After a big meal, take a short break and move around more often.

Step #6 Eat smartly and refuse to grow meat

Don’t reduce the amount of food, but replace it with the way you eat…It can be said to be the smartest way to lose weight. First of all, don’t let your stomach be too hungry before eating. Don’t eat too fast. Don’t force the food you don’t like. These can cause poor calorie consumption and the food you eat easily becomes fat. Also, eating at a certain time every day is more important than you think, because you can develop regular consumption.

1. Eat and drink regularly

If a dieter eats food many times a day, he will feel craving for food at those times, so drawing up a schedule is very helpful for him. Regular meals are not necessarily based on the traditional three meals a day, but to find the most suitable schedule according to your actual needs.

For example: eat breakfast at 7 o’clock in the morning and include this in the schedule. If you feel it is necessary to have a snack in the evening, also fill it in the schedule. Control the number of meals, including the normal three-meal diet, and remember not to be too demanding for weight loss, and let yourself choose a tolerable plan.

Following a timetable can help dieters not to think randomly and concentrate on the implementation of the plan. For example, the plan is to have a midnight snack at 9 pm. Even if you are hungry at 8:15, you can consider whether you are really hungry or just want to eat. You can also decide whether to bear it for a while. After 45 minutes, you can eat at the normal meal time.

2. Don’t put it on the plate

Eat out food

At this point, the instructor must also remind weight loss. I believe that the mothers’ rule of “eat all the dishes on the plate” is a familiar sentence. It’s a good thing not to waste food, but before you eat it all, please think about it.

When you eat all the food on the plate, it means that the amount of food you eat is determined by the person who prepares your meal. Unless this person has a tacit understanding with you and knows how much energy you need to replenish, it will either be excessive or insufficient, and it will never be just right. We are used to serving food for others, always adding more, that is to say, you will consume too much calories. When you are used to eating the food on the plate cleanly, you will be subject to the food in front of you. Unless you have eaten all the food in front of you, you will not stop.

People who lose weight should try to control themselves and change the habit of eating their food. Unless they are really hungry, try to leave some residual food on the plate every time they eat, like two peas and a small bite of mashed potatoes. and many more. Only in this way can you control the quality and quantity of your meals, not those who are constrained by the food.

3. Chew slowly

Many people gorge themselves when they eat, and they can only touch the food that rushes past. This way of eating, using the meal and enjoying the delicious pleasure is greatly reduced. More importantly, eating too fast may make you lose your guard and eat too much accidentally.

Physiological function will automatically signal “satisfaction” when it is enough: “Enough! Enough! I can’t eat anymore.” This process takes about 20 minutes and is quite complicated. It involves hormones in the stomach and small intestine. Other factors. If you eat quickly, you may have eaten too much food before the instruction arrives. Therefore, it will derail the physiological internal control function.

Therefore, the instructor should tell the dieter to slow down the eating speed, so that the body will not be as horrible as a train derailed. A dieter has eaten tens of thousands of meals since he was a child, which means that he may have gobbled tens of thousands of times. It is not easy to get rid of such a deep-rooted habit. The instructor must persuade the dieter to be patient and persevere. Practice the following methods until you eradicate old habits and develop new ones.

There are two ways to slow down eating, just like remembering to step on the brakes when driving, so that you can fully taste the delicious food.

① Put the knife, fork, tableware between the two bites of food

With every bite of food, put the fork down, chew the food in your mouth well and thoroughly, then swallow it slowly, and then fork another bite of food. The same is true for drinking soup with a spoon, and the same for eating food with your hands, taking a break between two mouthfuls.

② Take a break during the meal

Take a break during the meal. The initial rest time may be only 30 seconds, but you can slowly extend the time, one or two minutes, and the final goal is a three-minute pause, which can be used to recall that you just ate Which foods, and then calmly decide how much more to eat. This habit can help you eat less. Experiments with animals found that the animal eats after being interrupted. Even if it is allowed to eat, its food intake is not as large as it can be.

③ Concentrate on eating

Some people who lose weight will do other things while eating, such as doing something they like, answering the phone, watching TV, reading magazines and so on. There are two shortcomings of this behavior: First, the eating is related to other activities, and it is inevitable that you will not have appetite. 2. If you don’t concentrate on tasting food, your body absorbs heat, but it doesn’t feel “full”.

Many test results show that some dieters ate half a bag of popcorn, 45 small biscuits, 22 crunchy bars or three-quarters of a pound of mixed dried fruits. They only absorbed calories and did not taste the taste of food.

Therefore, the instructor recommends that dieters concentrate on eating, such as watching TV at other times, watching TV before eating or eating first before watching TV. Use time to read while waiting for dinner instead of reading while eating. “Eating” should be simplistic, don’t connect it with other activities.

If this suggestion sounds very inconsistent with dieters, it means that he has the deep-rooted concept in his heart that involves “eating” with other activities. The more he hates this method, the more he needs it.

④ At least 6 hours between meals

After each meal, you should avoid sitting and resting, and it is best to actively engage in various daily activities. After 6 hours of continuous work, you will naturally feel hungry on an empty stomach. If you eat at this time, you will feel that the food is exceptionally delicious. The activities involved are not limited to the content. For example: housewives can do housework; students can read books or do light exercises; office workers can handle official duties, or take a walk and other relaxing activities. In addition, bathing, gymnastics, and rest should be combined to achieve the goal of weight loss smoothly.

Step #7 How to suppress emotional eating

Have you ever sat at a table on a gloomy day, ate chocolate, and then ate cake? Or, in a lively party, you are holding a plate full of food and talking happily with people, but the plate becomes empty inadvertently? If your answer is yes, then we must remind you that you are an emotional eater. If you are still looking forward to staying fit, please read on:

Restrain desire

Yes, you really want to eat, but let’s restrain yourself. You can try the 5-minute strategy. When you want to eat, refrain from eating for 5 minutes. Next time, refrain for 10 minutes. When you can refrain from eating for 20 minutes, you simply forget about eating.

Drink a glass of water first

Women have beauty only when they have moisture. So, before eating, drink a glass of water. This allows you to relieve your emotions (both good and bad) and feel full.

Fill your stomach with low-calorie foods

In the refrigerator, store low-calorie foods, vegetables and fruits are the best choices. When you really want to eat, there are only these things to choose from.

Go for a walk

Whether you are too happy or too sad, it is a good idea to go for a walk. During the walk, you can dispel low emotions and express happy emotions. However, the most important thing is that you can’t eat while walking, right?


Put on your favorite sports shoes and start running, or other physical exercises, move your body, restrain the desire to eat, and consume calories, why not do it?

write down

Collect some books and periodicals. They can help you fight negative emotions. If a day is really bad, write down your unhappiness, writing is also a kind of vent. Then, you decide what to do to make you happy, but it must not be eating!

Pamper yourself

Is your life so monotonous that you only have to eat? There are many ways to love yourself. Bathing, massaging, getting a hair, or going for a beauty treatment are all good choices for petting oneself, why do you have to eat it? Moreover, these methods can make you more beautiful!

speak out!

True friends can share happiness and sadness. So, tell them and let them analyze why you are sad or happy with you. Only those who are open can be healthy and happy.

Step #8 Hot tips for fast weight loss

  • 1. You must have firm confidence, don’t listen to the gossip of others, and make it clear that losing weight is for your own health, and of course it can also bring a beautiful body. Whenever you waver, you should think: “My heart is overburdened.” “I often breathe out”, “The doctor warns me that I must lose weight” and so on. Truly unswervingly adopt a scientific attitude and implement your own weight loss plan step by step in a realistic manner.
  • 2. Don’t weigh yourself daily. This will give people an illusion that they seem to be very slow. It is best to weigh once a week or every month, and use a scale and wear the same amount of clothes.
  • 3. Let others know that you are losing weight and announce your weight loss goals in public. This can create an external pressure to encourage oneself not to give up, and at the same time, it is much more convenient to refuse chocolate or desserts.
  • 4. It’s best to find a few partners to implement your own weight loss plan. You can supervise and encourage each other, and you can learn from the success of your peers and strengthen your determination to lose weight.
  • 5. Record the daily diet and exercise, compare with the plan, find the gaps in time, sum up the experience and lessons, improve the efficiency of weight loss and consolidate the results of weight loss.

Step #9 Weight loss also has a biological clock

6 am to 9 am

It’s breakfast time. Breakfast is an important source of energy for the new day, so don’t let it go. A protein-rich breakfast pairing can help you really get rid of hunger. The best choices include eggs, sausages, and yogurt. If you prefer sweetness, fresh fruit and oatmeal are good choices.

10:30 in the morning

If you feel hungry at the moment, you can choose some low-sugar snacks-such as yogurt to fill your hunger. Of course, take care of your mouth if you are not hungry.

Noon to 2 pm

It’s time for lunch. This meal should be rich and balanced. Chicken and fish are rich sources of protein, and fruits and vegetables are necessary vitamin supplements. Proper intake of nuts and olive oil is good for health.


To replenish energy, eat a vegetable salad or an apple.

5pm to 8pm

It’s dinner time. Foods containing protein, vitamins and a small amount of fat should be prepared in the menu. For example, meat with asparagus and other vegetables with beauty effects are a good combination.

9 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next day

Eating during this time is most likely to gain weight. Scientifically speaking, the appetite at this time is often caused by the inability to control one’s mouth rather than the empty belly. Therefore, if there is any force that drives you to the cupboard and refrigerator, you must learn to control it just for your body.

Step #10 A clear soup for weight loss

The characteristic of the clear soup is that it does not add oil, salt, or sugar, and it is completely natural and umami. The soup base can be made of mushroom feet to replace the soup. Rice noodles can be used instead of egg noodles.

The clear soup helps clean up the stomach and moisturize the skin, and drinking a bowl of soup before meals can fill up the stomach and reduce food intake.

1. Tofu Fish Fillet Lettuce Soup


Half a piece of tofu, 100 grams of fish fillet, appropriate amount of lettuce, 2 cups of water or 2 cups of mushroom soup, 1 slice of ginger.


Bring water and ginger slices to a boil, add sliced ​​tofu and fish slices, simmer them over a slow heat, pick up and put in the greens. Serve.

2. Chinese wolfberry liver soup


200 grams of wolfberry, 200 grams of pork liver, 1 slice of ginger, 2 cups of water.


Roll for 15 minutes with water, ginger slices, and Chinese wolf bones, add pork liver and soak in a slow heat, then add Chinese wolfberry leaves and roll and serve.

3. Winter Melon Meat Soup


200 grams of winter melon diced, 100 grams of lean meat, 1 slice of ginger, 2 cups of water or mushroom foot water.


Boil water, ginger slices, and winter melon diced, then add lean meat and soak in a slow heat.

Winter melon fiber can smooth the stomach and intestines and discharge stool.

4. Tomato beef soup


200 grams of tomato, 75 grams of beef, 1 slice of ginger, 2 cups of water.


Add ginger slices in water and bring to a boil. Add tomatoes and beef to slow heat and cook. Serve.

Beef can be thinly sliced ​​or chopped into minced beef.

5. Sliced ​​fish soup


200 grams of zucchini, 100 grams of fish fillets or 100 grams of fish meat, 1 pinch of enoki mushrooms, 1 slice of ginger, and 2 cups of water or shiitake mushroom foot water.


Bring to a boil with water and ginger slices, add the pieces of zucchini, enoki mushrooms, and fish to a low heat. Serve.

6. Mustard meat slice soup


200 grams of mustard gallbladder, 75 grams of chicken slices or lean meat slices, 2 slices of ginger, 2 cups of water or mushroom foot water.


Bring water and ginger slices to a boil, add mustard greens to heat, then add meat slices and soak in slow heat.

7. Tomato Egg Drop Soup


200 grams of tomato, 1 egg, 1 cup and a half of water or mushroom foot water, 1 slice of ginger.


Bring water and ginger slices to a boil, add tomato slices and roll, then add the egg mixture and serve.

8. Golden Needle and Fungus Chicken Soup


1 pinch of golden needles, 1 pinch of fungus, 100 grams of chicken, 1 slice of ginger, a cup and a half of clean water or mushroom foot water.


Bring water and ginger slices to a boil, add the soaked golden needles and fungus, roll for a while, add the chicken and soak in a slow heat. Serve.

9. Spinach clear soup


200 grams of spinach, 1 slice of ginger, 1 cup and a half of water or shiitake water.


Bring water and ginger slices to a boil, add spinach and bring to a boil. Serve.

10. Cabbage soup with bamboo shoots and pork slices


150 grams of cabbage, 50 grams of carrots, 75 grams of pork slices, 1 slice of ginger, 2 cups of water or mushroom foot water.


Bring water and ginger slices to a boil, add cabbage and carrot shreds to cook, then add human meat slices and soak in slow heat. Serve.

Both cabbage and dried vegetables can make stool smooth.

11. Seaweed Tomato Soup


200 grams of tomato, appropriate amount of Japanese instant seaweed or instant seaweed, 1 and a half cup of clean water or mushroom foot water, 1 slice of ginger.


Bring water and ginger slices to a boil, add tomatoes and cook, then add instant laver or seaweed and serve.

12. Black Bean, Fungus and Red Date Soup


50 grams of black beans, 1 money for fungus, 3 red dates, 1 slice of ginger, 2 cups of water or mushroom foot water.


Soak the black beans with water, ginger slices, fungus, and pitted red dates, boil together to 1 cup of water and serve.

13. Carrot, bamboo cane, horseshoe soup


100 grams of carrot, 100 grams of bamboo cane, 150 grams of horseshoe, 3 cups of water.


Bring all the ingredients to a boil and cook until a cup of water is ready.

You can go to the supermarket to buy packaged dried products “Bamboo Cane, Horseshoe Carrots and Kudzu Soup Bags”.

14. British White Mushroom Soup


200 grams of British white, 2 mushrooms, 1 cup and a half of water or mushroom foot water? 1 slice of ginger.


After boiling water and ginger slices, add British white slices and shredded shiitake mushrooms and roll for a while.

Step #11 Want to be cold or calories?

In the hot weather, if you can hide behind the sun, serve a glass of ice-cold juice or shaved ice, and watch the “white smoke” emerge from the glass, and there are shimmering water droplets dripping from the side of the glass — this kind of refreshing The temptation to enter the heart is surely hard to resist. However, when faced with hundreds of ice creams, smoothies, shaved ices, beverages… how do people choose “cold for a summer”?

Don’t put ice cream in your mouth yet! Before enjoying the “ice cold”, it is best to calculate the “calories” first. A can of milk tea has at least 180 calories, a cup of iced coffee has 115 calories, and just an ice cream has 280 calories — when I quench my thirst with beverages or cold drinks, I didn’t realize it at all. Is drinking “calories”. The next trouble will be big, because the body has to consume 100 calories, and it needs to climb 27 minutes of stairs or walk for an hour. When the sun is sky, who would do that?

In order to prevent excess calories from coming to your door, the following suggestions should come in handy: ◎Try to drink sugar-free beverages or mineral water. You may feel tasteless at first, but the habit is gradually developed, once it becomes lighter Taste, drinking a variety of sugary drinks will feel uncomfortable. For example, generally canned tea drinks from Japan are sugar-free, but when Japanese people drink local sugary tea drinks, they will find it strange. ◎Most people think that drinking too much sweet and greasy mung bean soup will also make you fat. If you want to drink a bowl of mung bean soup (calories about 70 calories) after a meal, remember to reduce the amount of rice by a quarter; if you eat mung bean soup as rice, be sure to put less sugar, then add a little low-fat milk, and then cut in Some fruits, so that you can get the same nutrition as a regular meal, and not easy to gain weight. ◎Most girls are not wary of fruits, and even think they are good for weight loss, so they eat them. In fact, the sugar in the fruit will also increase the triglycerides in the blood. Make fruit into a vegetable and fruit salad, increase the amount of vegetables, and make the amount of fruit smaller, I believe it will help.

1. Frozen tricks

The so-called “cold drinks are made by everyone, each has its own ingenuity and difference.” The following types of ice products are very simple, and the calories are not high, but there are few such “creatives” on the market. As long as you can make these kinds of “show off” and open PARTY throughout the summer, you won’t have to worry about something “bluffing”!

2. Chocolate milk tea

◆Materials: 150cc of brewed black tea, 2 tsp milk powder, 2 tbsp chocolate sauce, appropriate amount of ice.

◆ Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of colored crushed chocolate, appropriate amount of fresh cream, a little sugar.

◆Method: Pour all the ingredients into a closed cup, add sugar, cover the lid and shake well; pour into a beautiful glass, squeeze a small amount of fresh cream on the surface, and sprinkle with colorful crushed chocolate.

3. Ume Smoothie

◆Materials: 45cc of ebony juice, 120cc of fresh cream, 1/3 tsp of vanilla powder, 1 tsp of milk powder, 240g of crushed ice.

◆Seasoning: Honey 30cc

◆Method: Pour all the materials and honey into the grinder, and stir well at high speed. Then find a cool glass.

4. Lemon tea jelly

◆Materials: 600g water, 2 black tea bags, 60g caster sugar, 15g jelly powder, 1 lemon juice.

◆Method: Boil water to make black tea, then mix the granulated sugar and jelly powder well, then pour the black tea and mix well. Stir in the lemon juice and pour it into a shallow dish container, put it in the refrigerator to condense. Cut the condensed tea jelly into square pieces, put them in a glass, and add honey or butter balls according to personal preference.

5. Pumpkin Yogurt Jelly

◆Materials: 250cc plain yogurt, 100 grams each of pumpkin and carrot, one green apple.

◆Method: Wash the pumpkin and cut it into small pieces, put it in a steamer and steam until it is cooked. Remove the flesh for use. Wash the green apple, peel and core it, and cut it into small pieces with the carrot. Put pumpkin, yogurt, apples, and radishes in the juicer, beat them at high speed, and put them in the refrigerator.

Step #12 The 9 most economical ways to lose weight

Run in place

Choose an open space of about one square meter indoors or in the aisle, and run barefoot on the spot for 15 minutes a day.

Go up the stairs

Going up and down the stairs three to four times a week for 30 minutes each time can burn about 400 calories and strengthen the calf, thigh and buttocks muscles.


About 45 minutes after a meal, walking at a speed of 4.8 kilometers per hour will quickly burn calories. If you walk again 2-3 hours after a meal, the effect will be better.


The ancient fitness method from India, 3 to 4 times a week, can not only strengthen muscles, increase toughness and flexibility, but also maintain a slim body.


Qinggemanwu, 3 to 4 times a week, is also one of the ways to lose weight.

rope skipping

As long as there is enough space, rope skipping can be performed anytime and anywhere, and weight loss can be integrated into the game.

Morning exercise

After waking up in the morning, do about 20 minutes of free exercises, which can invigorate you to meet the challenges of the day and maintain your youthful posture.

Drink water

Among the many weight loss methods, drinking water correctly is the easiest and no burden. The water you drink here refers to boiled water and mineral water, not high-calorie beverages, otherwise it will be counterproductive. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, after waking up, at breakfast, in the morning, before lunch, after lunch, before dinner, and after dinner. Drink slowly.

Salt therapy

Wet the whole body with warm water, then coat the whole body with coarse salt, and then massage it to heat the skin until it turns red. Generally need to massage for 5-8 minutes, then immerse in 38℃ warm water for 20 minutes.

Step #13 Build a healthy body that is easy to lose weight

The stress on the brain accumulates bit by bit, but as long as you change your life habits, you can relieve the stress. Following these six key points, you can have a healthy body that is easy to lose weight.

I use the elevator to travel, and I sit at my desk all day at work, and I don’t get any exercise at all. No wonder my brain function deteriorates. Once the human body does not exercise, the brain will not receive stimulation, so it will degenerate, eventually leading to autonomic nervous system disorders, poor metabolic function, and overeating. On the contrary, if you exercise every day, you can not only accelerate fat burning, but also activate the brain, so that the autonomic nervous function is always normal. Therefore, exercise has many benefits. If you use too busy and underdeveloped motor nerves as an excuse, it is recommended that you walk more to achieve the same effect. Taking big strides is better. The point of walking is to have a big stride. When you take a big step, the amount of activity on your toes becomes greater, which stimulates your brain. The step amplitude is about twice the length of the soles of your feet, and your hands must swing sharply to have a sense of rhythm.

1. Walk while listening to music

Wearing headphones while listening to music while walking, the brain will secrete serotonin substances, the effect is better.

2. Change the route

From home to the station, from the station to the company, don’t walk the same distance every day. You can change it. Appreciating the different scenery and feeling the different atmosphere will help relieve stress.

When you feel tired at work, there will be stress. I am afraid that you will relieve the stress by overeating. At this time, you must change your mind. No matter how monotonous and boring your work is, you must face it with a happy mood. Don’t procrastinate in doing things. You must have a sense of rhythm quickly and without accumulating pressure. Work with a swift and sure attitude. It is indeed annoying to continue to do monotonous work, so your actions must be swift and clear, and you must not procrastinate to stimulate your brain.

On holidays, I will gather with three or five friends and spend a happy weekend. If the life after get off work stays the same, it will be really tiring. Life that is too monotonous will make the brain accumulate a lot of pressure, play happily, and if there is a sense of satisfaction inside, the brain will secrete serotonin. The more serotonin is secreted, the feeling of fullness will be produced, which can avoid eating too much. many. Do something for yourself! After get off work, I meet friends for dinner and shopping to relieve stress and stimulate the secretion of serotonin.

3. Sea salt bath agent doubles the effect!

If you want to enhance the effect of bathing, you may wish to use sea salt bath agent, which can improve your fear of cold. If you massage in the bath, the mineral ingredients can eliminate swelling. If it is a sea salt bath agent with medicinal ingredients, the smell is refreshing and it will be easier to smell!

4. Promote the secretion of serotonin

Taking a bath relaxes the whole body, promotes the secretion of serotonin, makes you feel full, and can avoid eating too much for dinner, so taking a bath before meals can suppress appetite.

5. DIY sea salt bath agent

Grab a handful of coarse salt in the kitchen, add 10 grams of black tea and tea leaves and mix together. It’s easy!

Step #14 How to eat thin pizza

I believe that when it comes to pizza, the images that emerge in everyone’s minds are definitely not French vegetable pizzas under the concept of health!

According to a study by ABC Research in Florida, USA, many people are afraid of getting fat, so when eating pizza, they use a napkin to sip and suck the fat on the pizza. This method is really useful. Studies have shown that this method can remove as much as 9% to 14% of the calories of pizza, which is equivalent to a teaspoon of oil. This is one of the great boons for pizza lovers.

If you eat two slices of pizza a week and absorb two teaspoons of oil with a napkin, it is equivalent to 90 calories, and it will accumulate 5,000 calories in one year! It can also be said that you have lost a pound and a half of your body weight. After ten years, you have helped yourself lose 7.8 kg of weight!

And the coke that goes well with pizza? You can use “teaspoons” as the unit to measure the amount of sugar ingested. This method is to divide the weight gram on the product can by four to get the number of teaspoons.

Taking easy-opening cola as an example, 39 grams of sugar content is about 4 teaspoons. If you drink one can a day, it will be equivalent to eating about one kilogram of sugar after a month. But the Coke people should not worry, because Coca-Cola recently launched a new sugar-free Coke Light. Coke fans who love to drink Coke but are afraid of getting fat, might as well consider changing to a drink.

Step #15 The nutritional age of temptation to shape your body

1. Vegan fast food

Since these products first appeared on the market, Americans have become fatter, which is not surprising. Most of these fast foods have almost no fiber and are easy to overeat; what’s more, some fast foods contain more calories than the raw materials used to make them! You may have eaten up a whole box of terrible vegetarian biscuits with 600 calories to replace the fast food with only 280 calories you really want.

so what should I do now?

Buy simple foods or switch to fast foods that are rich in nutrients. Such as fruits, vegetables or low-fat milk.

2. Falafel

Not just because the falafel is vegetarian means it is good for health. The chickpeas and herb balls in this salad are fried and then dipped in a creamy dressing or a tahini sauce. The sesame salad in three spoons of vegetables contains 210 calories. In total, a falafel contains 550 calories and 32 grams of fat. Middle Eastern foods are generally low in saturated fat, while high in iron, calcium and fiber (this is attributed to sesame seeds, beans and olive oil).

so what should I do now?

Don’t be discouraged by these alien foods. Hummus granola with 8 grams of fiber contains only 270 calories and 6 grams of fat.

3. Frozen yogurt

“Don’t deceive yourself-it’s just a bit of ice cream plus lactic acid bacteria.” Besides, it is not good for you. Some brands of yogurt contain more calories than a little ice cream – 185 calories per half cup – this is due to the large amount of sugar.

so what should I do now?

Enjoy non-fat yogurt.

4. Roast chicken

It is not enough to replace fried foods with grilled foods: even “healthy” fast-food roast chickens often choose to use a lot of cheese and creamy sauces. For example: the grilled chicken sandwich in the burger has 530 calories and 26 grams of fat, which are all attributed to the mayonnaise salad.

so what should I do now?

Refuse to consume any suspicious-sounding sauce. A good way: eat only chicken breast, which contains 332 calories and 6 grams of fat. There is another best hamburger on the menu: McDonald’s hamburger has 9 grams of fat and 260 calories.

Step #16 Low calories, no weight gain

If you don’t want to gain weight, you must learn to choose low-calorie foods so that you won’t get fat due to high calorie intake. There are 4 tips for choosing low-calorie foods:

  • 1. Choose foods that are bulky and high in fiber: because this food can increase satiety and effectively control your appetite, such as fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • 2. Choose fresh natural foods: Fresh natural foods generally have lower calories than processed foods. For example, germ rice has lower calories than white rice, fresh fruits have lower calories than juice, and fresh pork has lower calories than sausages and jerky.
  • 3. Choose stewed, steamed, boiled, and cold foods: these foods have much lower calories than fried, fried, and oiled foods. For example: steamed fish, cold greens, kimchi, etc. are all good choices when you eat out. Good low-calorie food.
  • 4. Try to choose fish, chicken, etc. for meat: the calories in meat vary depending on the type, roughly: pork>mutton>beef>duck>fish

Step #17 Weight Loss Terminator 3

The weight-loss history of the ladies can be summarized into three periods: the period when cardamom talks about weight loss while eating chubby and cute images; the period when the young is 20 years old and loses weight, the thin young plants are slim and slender, and the pitiful period; Basically maintain the beautiful figure of ordinary girls in the three periods (not including the weight of 180 pounds in the late pregnancy stage), relying on the secrets of weight loss that have been explored for a long time in the pain and darkness.

The basic principle of weight loss: base yourself. If you want to pin your hopes on yourself, you don’t need to take weight-loss pills or weight-loss equipment. I am not sure that weight-loss drugs and weight-loss equipment are absolutely useless, but the use of them will make oneself dependent, and it is absolutely impossible to lose weight in the long term.

Basic means to lose weight: change lifestyle, especially eating habits. This is a long-term effective and easy way to lose weight. Don’t make yourself feel bad about eating, and don’t make yourself feel abused about exercise.

Here are a few tips for weight loss in the madness and thin phase:

Breakfast must be eaten: eat as much milk and fruit as you like until you are not hungry. But this thing does not last until noon, so in the morning you will drink tea when you are hungry, and you will have a taste in your mouth and something in your belly, so you won’t be restless.

If you are hungry, you can eat more at lunch, so you must eat a glass of yogurt with ice to the lowest temperature before lunch. Kefir is definitely a good thing. It is nutritious to relieve hunger and hunger. The low temperature destroys your good appetite. You can eat whatever you want. Chicken, duck, fish, meat dishes, as long as you don’t eat staple foods and sugars, even if you are full of other things. ——However, in my experience, you can’t eat anything after that glass of yogurt is iced to the lowest temperature.

Don’t eat dinner, buy a bunch of favorite fruits and nuts to reward yourself. Don’t lose your mouth, otherwise you will have a big meal if you can’t hold on for a few days, and your previous efforts will be lost.

If you still have energy, add more exercise, because exercise can improve muscle condition and fat distribution. But the premise is that you are interested. If you are interested, you can stick to it for a long time. If you exercise purely for weight loss, you should be fishing for three days and drying the net for ten days, and persuade you to stop, don’t lose your appetite.

Step #18 Fitness is by your side

The rhythm of modern society is tense, and urban people are busy, and they rarely find time for regular physical exercise. However, in order to better exercise and fitness, many of them have figured out many good ways to save money. Money has exercised again without delaying daily work and family life. It is a way of fitness anytime, anywhere.

1. Walk with both feet

Most office workers take buses, subways, or bikes. Statistics show that every person in the city spends about 1-2 hours on commuting to and from get off work every day. Therefore, it can be said that after a day of work, there is almost no time for walking. So how do you squeeze time for “walking and fitness” during a working day? The proposal of a brand-new health slogan answers this question-walking with both feet.

The concept of walking with two feet is very popular in the United States, because the method of walking is simple, convenient and cost-free. By walking with your feet, you can not only lose weight, but also have a particularly good fitness effect.

The key to the exercise of walking with both feet is the word “Qin”. The word “Qin” requires that we must consciously create opportunities to walk every day to receive the effect of exercise. For example, you can consciously walk a certain distance every day; instead of taking the elevator, you can go up and down the stairs artificially. This method is especially effective for people who have never liked sports or obese people. According to data provided by American camp scientists, walking 2-3 kilometers during working hours and 1 kilometers after get off work is the right amount of exercise for the body.

2. Dancing with the song

Many people like to sit quietly on the sofa or lie on the bed when enjoying music in their own homes, which makes people feel relaxed and comfortable. However, if you enjoy music in another way, you will have a new feeling.

This is when you are listening to music, you can dance to the beat of the music. Of course, this kind of dance does not refer to a social dance between two people, but a dance movement created by oneself according to one’s physical condition and condition. If you like soft and elegant light music, slow three-step or slow four-step dance is more appropriate. If you are fond of cheerful dance music, dancing Disco will refresh your youth and vitality.

If every day during this time after dinner, play music and dance for 30-60 minutes. I believe that this kind of exercise following the rhythm of music will not only bring you a good mood, but it will definitely be good for your body if you persist.

3. Housework and entertaining

Many urbanites who are busy with work and housework every day, and rarely take time out for self-exercise exercise, are complaining: “Give us some free time!” In fact, if you adjust your thinking mode, the theme of “doing housework” is not only understood as The word “dry” is extended to the word “refining”, then housework activities will give the body a chance to exercise.

“Housework is happy and entertaining” is to do housework in an orderly manner in a happy mood. Housework includes a wide range of tasks, not only kitchen work, but also items such as house cleaning, gardening, and book collection. Therefore, if one hour a day is used for housework, it can play a fitness role.

4. Fitness often talk

In life, people talk about many topics, including politics, current affairs, marriage, family, education, children and other issues, but the “method of self-health” is rarely discussed. Many people think that “talking does not have much effect on the effect of exercise.” In fact, exchanging “fitness techniques” is a good way to encourage each other to exercise.

When friends gathered together, a friend told everyone about an interesting fitness program in the company, and colleagues held a competition to see which one climbed the “Mount Everest” first. Their office building is 35 stories high. They climbed from the ground floor to the top floor with a total of 1,708 levels, which is equivalent to the height of the Everest bee, 8848 meters. Their competition is to see who accomplishes this goal first. “In the beginning, most of us were surprised to find that we were weak,” the friend said. “As the number of crawls increases and the time when we are out of breath less and less, we have a sense of accomplishment in our hearts. Now many People still prefer to take the stairs to work instead of taking the elevator.”

There are countless fitness experiences like the above. As long as people pay more attention, observe more and communicate with each other in their daily lives, exercise and fitness will often accompany you.

Step #19 How a thin model is formed

Does the model’s slender figure often make you greedy? Do you know the truth of “bearing hard while being a master”? Then let you see how they suffer, so that your “bad thoughts” can be “exploited”. Of course, if you can afford to suffer, then there is no problem!

For breakfast, eat a fuller meal and eat more beans and fish. Usually add a cup of frozen lemon or lime juice to breakfast, which not only stimulates the function of internal organs, but also strengthens the skin.

For lunch, avoid substances that are too high in calories, eat more vegetarian food, and drink a small cup of condensed milk.

For dinner, never eat sweets, and avoid the accumulation of sweets in the body to form fat during sleep.

Sports are very important to models. Get up in the morning, lie on your back in bed, and do the following exercises:

  • (1) Twist the left and right legs alternately to opposite sides to narrow the waist;
  • (2) Bring your legs together and extend to the back of your head to promote bowel function.

When brushing your teeth, stand upright with your toes flexed and extended to promote blood circulation. Stand upright with the mirror, bend the elbows and lift to expand the chest, which is conducive to straightening the breasts and developing the breasts. Walking for 90 minutes a day can not only promote the volatilization of body heat, but also keep a happy mood. Swimming once a week is good for whole body exercise. Sit on a chair, bring your legs together and raise them horizontally, with your arms straightened and balanced to change the line of the calf. Use handstand to promote blood circulation throughout the body and increase metabolism. Models usually do these exercises before going to bed.

In addition, go to bed before 12 o’clock in the evening to make the cells divide fully and increase the beauty of the skin. After exercise, the model pays special attention to using hot water vapor bath to make a lot of sweat, which can relieve tension and fatigue and reduce weight.

Step #20 Refer to this slimming plan

In a blink of an eye, autumn is here, the weather turns cold, and the appetite begins to improve. If you don’t pay attention at this time, it is easy to let the autumn fat stick to your body quietly. When the next summer, you will worry about your figure again.

Refer to this slimming plan

It is the most important thing to make a suitable weight loss plan for yourself, not to hurt your body by losing weight randomly. In order to thoroughly implement the weight loss plan, you should actually work out the most suitable weight loss plan.

The first step: 1~2 weeks

Re-examine your daily life. For example, eating food after ten o’clock in the evening on a few days of the week, or eating quickly, or often skipping breakfast, are all factors that contribute to obesity. Therefore, you have to reduce these factors that will make you obese, and then do some stretching exercises such as stretching and warming up your body.

The second step: 2~3 weeks

During this period, it is a dietary adjustment, eat less greasy food, desserts, and all kinds of alcohol and carbonated beverages. Eat more fiber foods, and adjust beyond your weight goal. In terms of exercise, stretching exercises combined with local exercises in various parts can strengthen muscles, prevent sports injuries, and exercise a body that is easy to burn fat.

The third step: 3 to 4 weeks or more

Finally, it is necessary to establish a balanced diet among the three meals. It is necessary to pay attention to the balance of nutrition, the balance of content and quantity, such as the acquisition of protein, starch, and fat, which should be determined by each person’s physical condition. And exercise should be combined with fat burning exercises, such as aerobic dancing, swimming and other whole body exercises.

Slimming Fast Ways: