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Be weight loss tea weight loss medicine useful ?

The peak season in weight loss can always see a variety of weight loss teas and weight loss pills in various online shopping malls , but are weight loss tea weight loss pills useful ? From the sales volume , there are also many people that buy , and the reviews are also very good . Today , Xiaobian and everyone talks about the use of weight loss tea and weight loss pills , and the side effects , suitable for use or not .

Weight loss tea weight loss principle

The aromatic compounds contained in the tea can dissolve fat , turn turbid and remove greasy , and prevent the accumulation of fat in the body . Vitamin B1 , C and caffeine can promote gastric juice secretion and help digestion and cellulite .

Slimming Fast Ways:

Tea polyphenols in tea have the functions of improving metabolism , anti-oxidation and scavenging free radicals . It can be activated by many triglycerides lipolytic enzymes and protein kinases to reduce the accumulation of fat cells , thus achieving the effect of weight loss .

Weight loss principle

There are two types of diet pills on the market , pancreatic lipase inhibitors and appetite inhibitors acting on the central nervous system . Appetite suppressants are restricted because they can cause adverse reactions to the nervous system . Orlistat , a pancreatic lipase inhibitor , suppresses the activity of pancreatic lipase , thereby inhibiting the decomposition and absorption of fat in food to lose weight .

Is weight loss tea useful ?

Slimming tea , according to medical principles , is tea with detoxifying and beauty-enhancing effects . Tea used to reduce obesity . The prescriptions are different , and more or less appropriate Chinese herbs are added , and different weight loss teas can be selected in different situations .

1 . People with more belly fat can drink Pu’er tea

Pu’er tea is made from Yunnan Daye tea , which can effectively to stimulate the body’s metabolism and accelerate fat breakdowns . Pu’er tea weight loss method is also a recommended method of weight loss .

How to drink :

At the same time , you should keep drinking 1.5 liters a day , the best effect before a meal .

2 . People who love sweets are suitable to drink Jim Naima tea

Jim Naima tea is a kind of Indian tea , which can effectively to inhibit the absorption of sugar , so the nickname is also called ” sugar killing ” . It can make the drinker feel no sweetness , and the amount of sugar intake is greatly reduced , so the amount of fat converted is relatively reduced .

How to drink :

Drink it before ingesting sugar , or chew the tea directly , the effect is better .

3 . People who have too much virtual meat can drink eucommia tea

Eucommia ulmo ides tea can reduce neutral fat , because the ingredients contained in eucommia ulmo ides can accelerate metabolism , promote calorie consumption , and reduce body weight . In addition , it has the effect of preventing aging .

How to drink :

Drink half an hour after each meal , and insist on drinking about 1.5 liters per day . It only takes a long time to have effect .

Is weight loss medicine useful ?

For a specific group of people , weight loss pills have a certain weight loss effect . There are many types of weight loss pills on the market , and there are about four types .

1 , suppress appetite , after eating weight loss pills will not produce hunger . So you can effectively reduce food intake , can play a very obvious weight loss effect ;

2 . It is to reduce the absorption of food by the human body . This diet pill will produce diarrhea after eating , and the intestinal absorption of nutrients will be greatly reduced ;

3 . It is to remove the water in the body . The weight loss effect of this weight loss medicine is particularly obvious . It can lose a lot of weight in a short time , but this weight loss medicine only loses water , which may cause dehydration of the human body , or Once it resumes normal eating and drinking , it is very easy to rebound ;

4 . This weight loss medicine improves the basic metabolic rate of the human body and promotes the consumption of calories in the human body .

No matter which type of weight loss medicine works , the weight loss effect needs to reduce the body’s intake of calories . During the process of reducing calorie intake , many nutrients will also be lost , so many people lose weight by eating weight loss products . But the body also becomes very poor , so be careful .

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