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Be wary , these weight loss ideas are absolutely useless

Today, there are numerous weight loss products on the market. Are they really as effective as the legend? Let’s take a look below! To lose weight and shape, don’t believe these wrong weight loss concepts!

Can you thin your arm by scraping twice?

A Japanese-made “y-shaped bump roller** device”, the advertisement is “knock hitting to shape a perfect curve, and the “butterfly sleeve” said bye Juan bye!” Fixed on the arm, use its 50 concave and convex particles back and forth anytime, anywhere, you can achieve the “thin” function, “bread face, “butterfly sleeve”, “special for the small elephant leg family”.

Another “Negative ion simple face-lifting machine” is introduced: “Use the shock oscillation generated by the rotation of the rotor to do for the skin**, relieve the skin slack and puffiness. Due to the negative ion effect generated by the rotor, the skin is accelerated metabolism and promoted Tighten to achieve the effect of thinning the face. There are other effects such as wrinkle removal and increased skin elasticity.”

There is also an “ultrasound beauty machine”. It is said that the main function is to generate heat through the high-speed vibration of 1 million times per second of the machine head, which can stimulate skin cells and help activate skin metabolism. At the same time, high-frequency ultrasound can penetrate into the dermal layer of 5 to 6 cm under the skin. Therefore, the beauty ingredients are also brought to the deep layer of the skin to comprehensively improve various aging problems such as rough skin, large pores, wrinkles, and sagging.

Doctor’s statement: ** device ** does not reach muscle

All the methods that advocate the use of a device to achieve local weight loss have several misunderstandings:

First of all, they all belong to the self **, the efficacy of the self ** is far lower than others for you **-the muscles of the human body ** are coordinated, if you raise your hand for your face **, that face The muscles are bound to be affected by the action of raising the hand, and they are in a contracted state, and ** must be performed in a relaxed state of the muscles to have an effect.

In addition, these jittery ** devices have been found to be useless as early as a few years ago, because they are only shaking up and down, the skin is pressed, and the real ** should be muscular, the correct ** should be According to the pattern of the muscle, it is matched with the correct gesture, which has direction, frequency and rhythm. None of these can be done by the device, the device can only make the skin itchy and hot.

Passive exercise is far less effective than active exercise, everyone knows this, but because of laziness, the device will always sell well.

wearing a mask to sleep, the face is small?

A “Far Infrared Ultra-Thin Face Mask” priced at 200 yuan, the advertising slogan is really exciting-“Reward you a slap face”. The principle is “the use of hot spring effect, strong sweat accumulation to achieve the body shaping effect of sauna. If combined with steam and hot weather, the face-lift effect is more obvious.” The usage is also simple, as long as it is worn every night to sleep, “ultra-light texture, natural minerals The elastic fiber material combined with far infrared radiation will play a magical effect, shrinking the chin fat and eliminating the double chin.”

“Bumpy braided waist ** corset” advertising slogan is “Dream products that drive away radish legs and fat belly”, “Natural plant cooperation, plus special breathable materials and bumpy auxiliary weaving, natural in action**, Burn, easily shape the slim curve.”

There is also a “piggy bump braided arm ** harness”, the principle is the same as that of the corset-“In the hands and feet, the arm muscles and the harness are naturally burned.” “Elephant legs byebye pretty hips**”, “Naturally ** consume calories during walking, reduce leg fatigue, and shape **.”

Doctor’s statement: drinking saliva is useless

The principle of “Wrapped Series” is: When the face, arms or abdomen are wrapped up, the static electricity generated by friction will cause the skin to heat up and sweat, causing water to be discharged under the skin. So many people will look in the mirror after trying, they will feel “as if they are really thin”. In fact, the fat cells under the skin already contain 70% of water. After being heated or exposed to water, the water is discharged and the cell volume becomes smaller. Naturally, you will feel a little thinner. But after drinking water, the cells that just “deflated” popped up again, so you will soon return to the original state. The total number of fat cells will not decrease because you are wrapped and sweating, so it is impossible to lose weight by this method.

Girls are eager to lose face, but so far, the best way to change the face is still to rely on surgery, some people pump fat, some people grind bones, some muscle removal. In addition, the injection of botulinum toxin, the muscles will “deflate” after being paralyzed, so the face will also look smaller.

Having eaten “full belly” candy, would you not want to eat?

“Each time you take one capsule on an empty stomach, it will slowly swell in the stomach. Even if you eat less, you can maintain a full stomach. It lasts 3 to 4 months and can lose 10 to 14 kg.”

Doctor’s statement: Compressed cookies are a principle

The principle of full belly candy is the same as compressed biscuits-after eating, a large amount of carbon dioxide will be produced in the stomach, and after expansion, the vagus nerve in the stomach, even if there is nothing in the belly, people will not want to eat.

It is rumored that some celebrities lose weight by taking drugs, and this is exactly the reason-drugs contain a nerve-suppressing effect, which greatly reduces appetite after smoking.

In short, in addition to surgery, exercise and dieting are always the only way to lose weight.

Can the high nose bridge be clipped out?

advertising is very good-“With a nose clip, who would dare to say that you collapse your nose?” “Clamped on the nose or wings, there is almost no pressure, and you can breathe normally”, and “whether you are driving, Reading, working, and watching TV are the most suitable’clamp machine’!” “No matter what kind of nose you are, you can get it all together and create a beautiful nose that everyone can envy!”

Doctor’s statement: Unless used within 30 days of birth

Nose clip can increase the nose, it is a night talk. The cartilage in the human nose is formed within 30 days of birth, unless the device is placed on the baby’s nose at that time-of course, I am afraid no one will do this. The nasal cartilage of adults has long been formed. Such a clip is not only useless. Once it is applied too hard, it will also hurt the epidermis or cause a fracture of the nose.

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