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Be wary of weight loss 4 mistakes 7 crazy tricks to lose weight

There are so many different ways to lose weight circulating on the Internet , do you feel a little confused ? Do you want to know how the weight loss people in the forum succeeded in losing weight ? What method does they use ? What is their weight loss experience ? If you want to lose weight , please take a look .

First , seriously warn you girl not to lose too much weight ! In fact , as long as you maintain an appropriate weight under your own height , it will be fine . When the body breaks with , Let’s say that there are no places that you should have . Then you can’t make up for crying~ lose weight The girl posted by the method must be very experienced , then I will talk about the four mistakes and the correct way to lose weight !

Slimming Fast Ways:

Four mistakes in weight loss

1. Diet pills/tea

Diet pills/tea is too hurt to the body, especially the stomach and intestines, it is dark, so terrifying ~ and it may rebound when eaten, and the person will lose energy, nausea, dizziness, and easily develop a sense of dependence, some people later developed constipation The phenomenon is desolate.

Suggestion: Drink green tea to lose weight-research shows that there are some teas that can effectively prevent obesity. Tea contains a lot of dietary fiber, and dietary fiber can not be digested, stay in the belly for a long time, you will feel full. More importantly, it can also burn fat. The key to this effect is vitamin B1. The rich vitamin B1 in tea is necessary to burn fat and convert it into heat.

2. Drink water to lose weight

If you drink only water, your body’s nutrition can’t keep up, the color is poor, and your spirits are depressed. Some people say that eight glasses of water a day is also a mistake. It’s not that you shouldn’t drink more water, but you can’t drink it all because it will cause kidney damage. Burden, I also do not recogirlend drinking water two hours before going to bed, because the eyes will swell. In the morning, a glass of water, salt water, lemonade, and honey water are all good choices. For weight-loss friends, drinking salt water or lemonade is the best. Detoxify and cleanse the body. Remove girl from the body. If you have persistent constipation, girl will not cause constipation for a long time; if you have a bad stomach, please use a cup. Use honey water to warm the intestines, and it can be lax (even if you use this, your stomach will not be good). This approach is also an auxiliary method for weight loss.

3. Excessive dieting

I used to be like this~ I can’t stand it when I grow long, even if I’m hungry or have no appetite, maybe my stomach is broken like this, so girl guys don’t want to learn from me and learn lessons.

Recogirlendation: Appropriate dieting is possible. An interesting phenomenon in the weight loss salon is that girl with the same weight is more effective than weight loss. This is not the case. The sports diet PK competition has begun!

4. Fruit sligirling meal

Girl may have to say, you can’t do that either, you can do it at the end of the fruit bar, supplement your nutrition and you can lose weight. First of all, the fruit salad plate is a big failure, because the calorie of the salad is actually amazing. The effect of weight loss is not enough. In fact, some fruits have high calories. For example, bananas can make people feel full, but their calories are not small.

Seven “Military Regulations” for weight loss

1. A glass of water every morning

2. Guarantee one fruit every day

3. Rub the lower abdomen 60 to 100 times a day, clockwise 30 to 50, counterclockwise the same, promote gastrointestinal motility and flatten the abdomen (not just after eating! It is recogirlended to go to bed or wake up)

4. Don’t overeating when you are in a bad mood. This is the weakness of many girls. It’s okay. Go out and go shopping when you’re in a bad mood.

5. Perseverance girl can replace the staple food with whole wheat bread, be careful not to put any salad, jam or the like, try to be light

6. You can eat fish for Chinese food, eat less for dinner, you can take a banana mat, but don’t ruin like watching TV while eating snacks

7. If conditions permit, take a lot of baths, it is really effective and a lazy way.

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