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Be cautious! You can choose the right method and then lose weight

Liposuction is now popular all over the world , all the girls who love beauty have tried it , but you don’t want to slender S-shaped body . You must understand these liposuctions and choose your own one . The operation method is the wise way , so hurry up and take a look at these liposuction methods !

Common surgical methods of liposuction :

Liposuction with syringe

Liposuction with syringe is a simple and easy surgical method . It uses the negative pressure in the cavity of the syringe to suck the fat tissue from the suction site out of the body . Because the needle diameter of the syringe is small , the suction speed is relatively slow and the suction volume is also small . However , the relatively small trauma of this operation is its advantage . This surgical method is particularly suitable for small areas of liposuction , like the jaw , face , etc .

Electric negative pressure liposuction

The surgical method is not complicated . The method of anesthesia is still the expansion anesthesia technique , which is to form one or several small incisions near the suction site , usually the surgical incisions are very small , about 3-5 mm , After such an incision , no obvious scar will be left . Since the diameter of the used suction tip is not very large , there is basically no obvious damage to blood vessels and nerves during the operation . Bleeding is also relatively small , even if thousands of milliliters of adipose tissue are sucked out , the amount of bleeding is only 20-30 milliliters . Due to the small trauma , it is okay for the patient to rest for 1-2 days after surgery , even without rest , unless there are many suction sites , generally no hospitalization is required , and no obvious scars will be left after the operation .

Ultrasound liposuction

Ultrasound liposuction was first adopted by Italian scholars in 1992. Its principle is to convert electrical energy into high-frequency energy by an ultrasonic generator to generate ultrasonic waves exceeding 16kHz. Because the fat tissue is relatively loose and the adhesion is poor, the ultrasonic waves act on the fat tissue to cause physical and chemical and biological effects, which cause the fat cells to degenerate and rupture, and then be discharged from the body. Therefore, ultrasonic liposuction has certain advantages: such as selectively destroying fat cells without damaging the tissues around the cells. This also allows the patient to recover faster after surgery. Only the liquid components in the adipose tissue are removed, and the cell membrane and interstitial are not damaged, so that the recovered skin is easier to smooth. In addition, the relatively small trauma of the operation is also one of the advantages, but the operation also has certain disadvantages: if the efficiency is too low, the operation time is long, and the patient is sometimes unbearable; because the adipose tissue drawn out has been destroyed, so No more filling material. In addition, the expensive equipment is also its shortcomings. Based on the above reasons, this method is generally only suitable for small amount of liposuction shaping, and it is appropriate to use electric negative pressure liposuction for large-capacity liposuction.

Electronic liposuction

Electronic liposuction is also a new technology in the 1990s . It uses two 1.6-2.5mm needle electrodes connected to the handle to insert into the fat layer . One of the needles automatically injects anesthetic into the degreasing site . A high-frequency electric field is generated between the two electrodes . The high-frequency electric field destroys too much fat tissue in the body , and the other needle simultaneously sucks out the high-density fat liquid destroyed by the electric field . The high-frequency electric field generated by the device has a destructive effect on adipose tissue , but no major damage to blood vessels and nerves . Therefore , there is less bleeding to the operation . Because the operation is performed through two smalls and thin electrodes , the postoperative wound is very small and does not require suture . But the cost of surgery is relatively high .

Summary : Since none of the above methods is absolutely good , so many phenomena will coexist .

Common side effects :

The uneven surface of the skin is related to the technique of liposuction . Too much extraction and too little will cause adverse effects . Generally , subcutaneous fat should be reserved for 0.5 cms thick , so that the surface of liposuction can be smooth and the time for swelling Also faster .

Formation of fat embolism Although the rate of occurrence is not large , the doctor must maintain a high degree of alertness . If the patient has shortness of breath , palpitations , fever , or even unconsciousness , the cause should be immediately identified and treatment should be initiated . Preventive measures for fat embolism include proper fluid supplementation and early out of bed activities after surgery .

Precautions :

Patients who perform liposuction surgery must consult a professional plastic surgeon . Through good communication before surgery , the desired result can be achieved .

Did not draw too much at one time .

The time of liposuction should avoid women’s menstrual period , aspirin drugs should be banned within two weeks before the operation , so as not to cause hematoma or massive blood stasis , and cause hemosiderin deposition to cause skin pigmentation .

The maintenance of the buttocks line and some special parts of the fat can not be extracted casually , so as not to cause collapse after the operation .

Didn’t overeat and don’t diet at will , proper diet and exercise are the long-term plan to maintain health and keep fit .

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