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Be careful of weight loss pills rebound quickly after losing weight

The curve of a woman is one of the most beautiful scenery . Many women have tried their best to pursue the curve . They only eat a small cucumber every day . Finally , they are dizzy and have a lot of diet pills in their mouths . The result is often that losing weight does not harm health . The editor will explain the real effect of weight loss pills for you , so that women can recognize the weight loss pills and lose weight .

First , let me introduce the weight loss principles of common prescription weight loss products . The principles of prescription diet pills are mostly to stimulate the central nervous system , reduce food intake , and suppress diet to achieve weight loss . If the medication is improper , it will cause liver damage and endocrine disorders . For example , hormone drugs are used to promote body metabolism and protein breakdown and increase consumption to achieve weight loss ; laxatives and diuretics are used to increase excretion and forcefully drain normal body fluids , rather than excess fat , often causing dehydration . After taking weight-loss pills , people often think that the weight loss is fat . In fact , the subtracted ingredients also include water and protein , and some side effects is obviously not effective , accompanied by skin slackness , roughness , wrinkles , and increased water loss . The body will replenish quickly . Subtracting protein reduces muscle function . When you stop taking these weight loss drugs , fat will quickly accumulate (bounce ) , but the lost muscles have not been restored .

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The weight loss principle of L-carnitine at the top of my wow diet pills lists is to promote fatty acids to enter the mitochondria for oxidative decomposition . It looks like a forklift shoveling fat into a fuel stove and burning it . If fat does not enter the mitochondria , no matter how you exercise or diet , you can’t consume it . And L-handle happens to act as a ” porter ” from fat to mitochondria . I wow weight loss network specially reminded that the role of L-rotation is from 1 hour of 6 hours after taking it . Therefore , for those who need to lose weight , after taking 1 hour with aerobic training , the fat loss effect is most obvious .

Someone recently reported to the editor of Wow Wow Weight Loss Network that the weight loss effect of the weight loss products of the Taobao Weight Loss List 2011 topic is not very obvious . Now many weight loss products on the market are losing five pounds a week and lose weight quickly . Advertising , and the products of the weight loss drug rankings lose weight very slowly . In fact , losing weight is not as fast as possible . Just looking at the speed of weight loss often increases the possibility of rebounds. Experts say that the healthiest way to lose weight is to lose two pounds a week . According to a survey , more than 50% of people that lose weight will change weight loss drugs frequently for rapid weight loss . Not to mention the different medicinal properties of various weight loss pills , it is difficult to say whether they are suitable for various weight loss pills , and whether there are chain side effects between weight loss pills .

Losing weight is a long-term process .

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