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Be careful about losing weight! 6 indirect causes of obesity

What makes you fat ? Is it because of ears , metabolic rate , sleep , or the destiny already in the mother’s womb ? If you want to lose weight successfully , you must find your cause of weight gain as soon as possible . Take a look at the reasons for the number of columns below , and you will definitely find the answer .

1 . Is obesity related to ears ?

Answer : To Carrots Yes To Carrots

There is a section of taste nerve in our middle ear , which will damage it after infection . As a result , the taste buds are no longer sensitive to sweets and greasy foods . This will give you a little more calory when choosing food , and the accumulation of time will make you no longer slim . Therefore , if you have ever had otitis media , you should pay special attention to the taste and ingredients of the food , try to use fruits instead of candy , and olive oil instead of butter , to develop a healthier recipe for yourself .

2 . Be the number of fat cells fixed ?

Answer : NO

Some people are born in/of more fatter cells than others , or even double it , and there are not many such people . These people will have more fatter cells in their body from the age of 2 years old , and they will not stabilize until puberty . But don’t worry , although these people can’t change the number of fat cells by losing weight , they can control the fat content of the cells through exercise to maintain their body shape . For those with fewer fat cells , if they are obese , fat will form excessive accumulation in the cells , which can easily cause complications .

3 . Do weight gain slow down your metabolism ?

Answer : Yes

As long as you gain more than 5 kgs in weight , your fat cells ‘ metabolic function will change , making it more difficult to burn fat . This will put you in a vicious circle : the more fat you add , the more difficult it will be to lose them . How can we speed up the metabolism again ? Regular physical exercise is your only way .

4 . Do a pregnant mother’s improper diet increase her chances of gaining weight afterwards ?

Answer : Yes

Like nicotine and alcohol , an unhealthy diet can also affect the baby in the womb . Excessive intake of sugar and fat will cause a large amount of glucose and fatty acid particles to float around the uterus , affecting the baby’s metabolic system and appetite control nervous system . Such babies are more likely to suffer from obesity in the future . Therefore , expectant mothers should pay attention to it , and must pay attention to your diet of pregnancy , otherwise your baby may become a fatter in the future .

5 . Do sleep to make you fat ?

Answer : No

Sufficient sleep will bring fullness and make you lose weight more consciously . Conversely , lack of sleep will disrupt the endocrine balance , reduce the alkaloids in your body that help to lose weight , and increase the alkaloids that accelerate hunger for the body . The result is that although your body does not need it , you will still eat because of hunger . eat In other words , sleep is the cheapest and easiest way to lose weight .

6 . Can antioxidants also lose weight ?

Answer : Yes

The abhorrent of free radicals not only bring wrinkles , it also makes you look fatter . This is because free radicals can destroy the cells that produce satiety . It appears when you eat , and it is particularly active when you eat French fries in a gobble . So your satiety is getting weaker and weaker , and your appetite is getting better and better , which eventually leads to your body being destroyed . How to fight free radicals ? Colorful fruits and vegetables contain a lot of antioxidants . Let them help you get rid of the annoying free radicals .

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