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Bathing weight loss therapy improves metabolism and speeds up weight loss

As the weather gradually turns colder , the metabolism of the human body also decreases . If the diet is improper , it is easy to accumulate fat . Today , I will introduce bathing weight loss therapy to everyone , which can improve metabolism and speed up weight loss .

1 . Sea bathing

The main components in seawater are chloride and sodium ions . After bathing , they have a strong sense of warmth and can stimulate the skin , dilate blood vessels in the skin , increase blood circulation of the body surface , accelerate the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands , increase gastrointestinal motility , and prevent obesity . The disease has curative effect .

2 . Hot water baths

The water temperature is higher than 42℃ , which has a good weight loss effect . However , hot baths can often cause the body to overheat , increase body temperature , increase blood pressure , increase perspiration , increase breathing and increase cardiovascular burden , so strict attention should be paid to contraindications . Generally speaking , after you start to sweat , you can go out of the bath and rest for 2 minutes , wait for the sweat to dry , and then wash in the bath for about 4 minutes , then come out and rest for 2 minutes . Wash it back and forth 3 times . Soaking in a pool bath consumes more energy in the body than a shower , and has a good weight loss effect .

3 . Sauna

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in the steam bath , people are in the transpiration of hot and humid air , and the skin , internal organs and internal organs are nourished , which can play the effect of reconciling camp and health , promoting blood circulation and dredging collaterals , calming the mind . Sauna is the use of high-heat air to keep the bathroom at a higher temperature , so that the bathers sweat a lot , and achieve the purpose of eliminating fatigue , weight loss and fitness , and assisting in the treatment of certain chronic diseases .

Massage after bath :

After the shower , the body is completely relaxed . Next , we will focus on certain areas of fat accumulation according to our body’s needs , so as to achieve the best weight loss effect .

1 . Arm :

Press the outer and inner sides of the arm with the palm and fingers , then massage the palm along the arc of the arm of the elbow , and then gently tap the outer and inner side of the arm with a fist .

2 . Legs :

Massage with the palm of the hand from the ankle to the base of the thigh , then press down for your fingers , and finally make a fist with both hands and beat the leg muscles .

3 . Abdomen :

Stroke the abdomen with your hands staggered to the left and right , then press the sides of the waist with your fingers , and finally lift the abdominal muscles gently with your fingers .

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