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Banana weight loss method loses 20 pounds a week

Banana can lose weight Many women should have heard of it , but there are also many people that say that bananas are high in calories and can not lose weight , but I can tell everyone today that using the banana weight loss method to lose 20 pounds a week , I don’t know if you believe it or not And , the Internet has also been rumored that the star banana weight loss method can easily lose 10 pounds of 30 days , and you can see the specific practice method yourself .

Banana diets

Banana weight loss method refers to the way to lose weight by eating bananas for breakfast . Bananas are well digested and absorbed , and can maintain energy for a long time . If you only eat bananas dipped in honey , the calories are much lower than the dinner , which can keep people in good shape .

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Benefits of Banana Weight Loss

1 . Add sufficient water to improve the water circulation of the body .

2 . Intake sufficient vitamins , minerals and dietary fiber .

3 . Intake of plant nutrients , anti-oxidation effect can maintain good health .

4 . Rich enzymes can activate human metabolic functions .

5 . Let the stomach get time to rest .

6 , rich in sugar allows people to control abnormal diet .

How to lose 20 pounds a week

First : Banana for breakfast

Take bananas for breakfast , there is no limit of the number of bananas , you can use other fruits instead of one at a time when you do not want to eat bananas . But before you want to eat anything else , eat bananas at intervals of 15-20 minutes before eating other foods .

Note : Although bananas are rich in nutrients , the relative calories are not low . The calorie of a banana is about 80 ~ 100 calories . The calorie of nearly half a bowl of rice should pay attention to the accumulation of total calories .

Second : Eat bananas for breakfast and drink normal temperature boiled water

To eat bananas for breakfast , you need to drink plain water at normal temperature . You can drink as much as you like .

In addition to boiled water , it can increase satiety . If you eat it with bananas , you can lose weight because bananas contain water-soluble fibers and pectin . Together with water , it can promote bowel movements and clean the intestines . Overnight

Third : breakfast and dinner are better

Try to finish dinner before six o’clock , do not eat after eight o’clock , and quit the habit of eating dessert after dinner .

Banana weight loss method can play a role . In addition to the banana itself , the change in life style should be a considerable contributor . If you don’t eat or eat midnight snacks , you can avoid eating due to sleep , calories can not be consumed into fat accumulation .

Fourth : go to bed before 12pm

Staying up all night will slow down your metabolism . The reduction of metabolism is also the main reason for obesity . It is best to guarantee 7-8 hours of sleep every day , so that not only will you are energized the next day , the body’s metabolism will also speed up Oh .

Warm reminder of banana weight loss

Banana weight loss method has a certain effect , because we all know that bananas are rich in potassium , and regular use is good for your health , and bananas also have the effect of curing constipation . But banana weight loss method is not very desirable , because it can not meet the calories our body needs every day . If you want to lose weight , you can take a more scientific and healthy weight loss method , such as controlling diet with exercise to lose weight , etc . Most people are obese because of excessive diet and no exercise .

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