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Avoid the top 10 causes of weight loss and lose weight quickly

It is also obesity . Some people lose weight successfully , while others end in failure . Why Professor Jiao Donghai pointed out that there are many reasons for weight loss failure or prejudice against weight loss . There are generally the following 10 situations . As long as you avoid these reasons , you can easily lose weight .

1 . Lose weight with ads

I didn’t try my best to find the cause of weight loss failure . Imitate later , people say that whatever weight loss method is good , you can use any method to lose weight . You can’t make up your mind , frequently change the weight loss method of authorization , and often complain about it . This kind of person lacks understanding of the weight loss process , lacks confidence and patience , and thus ends of failure .

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2 . Join in the lively weight loss

There are 4 people in a female student dormitory of a university , 3 people came to my office to lose weight . The other also joined in the fun to lose weight . She did not have any psychological preparation . With only her temporary interest and enthusiasm , she couldn’t avoid losing weight .

3 . Use weight to lose weight

If you look in the mirror and feel dissatisfied with your image , especially before you leave the country , I hope to achieve a good image of yourself and hurried to ask for rapid weight loss . Hurry is not enough , often lose weight . In order to achieve the purpose of rapid weight loss , others dare to take risks , regardless of health , and adopt the method of fasting or eating very few foods until they suffer from anorexia .

4 . Choose unrealistic weight loss goals

hopes to lose 7 to 8 kilograms a week to lose weight . If you do not reach your ideal , you will stop losing weight . Such people often have the result of losing weight and getting fat .

5 , Xinwu , Xingui , Xinyang come to lose weight

Some people credulously believe in the secret of the ancestral secrets of generations of doctors to lose weight . Some people choose high-quality weight loss products to lose weight .

6 . Immediately restored the original unreasonable living habits after losing weight and taking effect

So fat and fat again . Some people have obvious effects of one month of starting to lose weight . After that , when they are not obvious enough or even stop moving forward , they think that weight loss is ineffective , lose confidence , and restore their original living habits .

7 . Someone lost weight secretly , and it is easy to fail in the consent and assistance of family members .

8 . People who use hormones or neuroleptics for a long time tend to lose weight

Because these drugs will slow down the function of promoting or suppressing appetite in the hypothalamus , weakening the most important physiological inhibition of the human body , the weight loss treatment for people who are taking these drugs often has no obvious effect .

9 . Lack of determination and perseverance

Emphasizes busy work , intense study , and three-day fishing and two-day sun-netting intermittent weight loss , often failing .

10 . I think I can eat and drink without dieting after taking weight loss pills

These people blindly believe in drugs and fail to take comprehensive weight-loss measure to fail .

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