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Avoid side effects of weight loss pills

At present , China is not only a country with a large population , but also the country with the highest weight loss pills . This has been introduced to previous reports . The main reason why weight loss pills are so popular and its rapid weight loss effect is inseparable , no matter when and where , without the need to control diet , do not need to do any exercise , it can give you weight loss in the shortest time .

But after all , since weight loss products are so amazing , why do those who seek fat still need to find various weight loss methods and weight loss recipes ? Why not directly use drugs to lose weight , saving time , effort and time . This mainly attributed it to our health care product market in China . The Chinese are very smart and have good minds . Once new good and effective health care products come out , many people start to make fakes . Therefore , the whole market are very chaotic , fake and shoddy products are rampant , and genuine products with mission-critical prices cannot really go to the market to serve fat girls .

It is precisely because of the low price of fake and inferior products that the sales volume is far greater than that of genuine products , so the side effects of weight loss pills are gradually increasing , leading many uninformed users to think that weight loss pills are a side effect product that cannot be taken , so deep A deep blow to the genuine . Then in order to avoid side effects of weight loss pills , let customers know which weight loss pills work best .

Side effect symptom 1 :

Real customer feedback : ” After taking this diet pill , I have become a’sleeping cat ‘ , I can’t sleep awake , and my lips are always dry , I feel very tired even if I haven’t done anything . Polyuria .”

It is possible : the weight loss pills you take may contain another common appetite suppressant , PPA . This name is already ” infamous ” in the cold medicine industry . In order to draw a line of it , some cold medicines even directly indicate in their product slogans : PPA is not included . PPA can cause to stroke in women .

Side effect symptom 2 :

Real customer feedback : ” I turned out to be a sleepy worm , but after taking this diet pills for two days , I found that I was very excited every night . I didn’t want to sleep . I couldn’t sleep in bed . I ate less than before . There is also a unique spirit ! ” .

It is possible : the weight loss pills you take may contain amphetamine (Amphetamine ) . The initial effect of taking this medicine is as described above , but as the body develops resistance , symptoms such as emotional instability , delusions , hallucinations , and sleep disturbances may occur .

And amphetamine is also addictive like drugs . Once addicted , the withdrawal process is very painful , and may even appear symptoms of anxiety , depression , fatigue , drowsiness , overeating and other symptoms . Experts on the official website of L-carnitine suggested that this drug should never be taken easily . However , the real L-carnitine currently on the market will also cause you to have less sleep and hyperactivity symptoms , because it is a carrier of fat burning .

Side effect symptom 3 :

Real customer feedback : ” After taking this diet pill , I feel that my stomach is always bloated and I have a little stomachache .”

It is possible : the weight loss pills you take may contain Acarbose (Glucobay ) . Tanglu tablet has the effect of lowering blood sugar . The liver enzymes in the blood of the person taking the drug will increase . Someone died of hepatitis during taking Tanglu tablet . Although the correlation between Tanglu tablet and hepatitis has not been confirmed , it is best doesn’t take it lightly .

Side effect symptom 4 :

Real customer feedback : ” After taking weight loss pills , I always feel uncomfortable , bloated and painful . I always want to go to the toilet and have to defecate 2 or 3 times a day , and there is still a layer of oil in the stool .”

It is possible : The weight loss pills you take may contain Xenical , which is an inhibitor of gastrointestinal lipolytic enzymes , which can reduce the absorption of fat in the small intestine by about 30% . It is used by people who like high-fat foods . The effect is better .

The side effects of this drug is relatively small , but the dosage should also be controlled . The recommended dosage is to take a 120 mg capsule within one hour after a meal or at the latest . If you don’t eat , you don’t have to take it . Take it up to three times a day . Roche Fresh is a weight-loss drug approved by the state and can be used for a long time , but it is best not to use it for more than two years .

And when taking this medicine , it will prevent the body of absorbing fat-soluble vitamins . It is recommended to adding a multivitamin every day . Vitamins can be taken two hours after taking the medicine or before going to bed . In addition , whether this drug is absolutely safe as a weight-loss drug is being evaluated . Therefore , it is not recommended for children under 18 years of age , pregnant women and lactating women .

Side effect symptom 5 :

Real customer feedback : ” I took this diet pill that my friend brought back from abroad , and I felt that my mouth was not dry every day , and my lips were cracked the next day . Moreover , I had a headache , could not sleep at night , and my heartbeat seemed to speed up A lot ! ” .

It is possible : The weight loss pills you take may contain Sibutramine Meridia . The principle of action of this drug is to suppress appetite by re-absorption of nerve conduction substances . Due to good oral absorption , it can have a significant weight loss effect of 6 months , which was once popular with Europe and America .

However , the New Zealand Key Drug Surveillance Department recently discovered that this diet pill may impair people’s memory . There are also data to prove that this component not only affects memory , but also other cerebrovascular problems , such as confusion , dizziness and visual abnormalities .

PS : If the dry mouth is not very strong , this is often a normal phenomenon , because some weight loss products are to promote fat burning . So it is normal to need water .

In short , you must be cautious when choosing weight loss pills . You can use them as much as possible . If you decide to use them , you must buy them on a regular website .

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