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Australian researcher finds weight loss pills without diet

Researchers in the prevention and treatment of hypertension in Australia carelessly planted new ideas of weight loss . After removing an enzyme that can increase blood pressure in the experimental mice , the researchers found that their body fat and weight were reduced under normal conditions of diet and exercise , and they proposed a new idea of the development of weight loss drugs .

Unexpected joy

Michael Matai , a researcher at Howard Flory College in Melbourne , Australia , led the research team to remove the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE ) in the experimental rats in order to find a way to control blood pressure .

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They accidentally discovered during the experiment that these rats had the same amount of food as the control rats , the amount of exercise was almost the same , but they were much slimmer .

Statistical data show that the experimental mice without angiotensin-converting enzyme in vivo are 20% lighter and 50% to 60% less fat than the control mice .

The researchers analyzed and concluded that these mice consume energy faster and therefore lose weight .

Matai said : “Obviously , they have less fat in the body . they are thinner , because even when resting , their metabolism is faster than before . The metabolism is fast , and the body’s calories burn faster . excess heats / heated would be converted Because it is fat , it is now consumed , and naturally there is less fat .”

This research was jointly carried out by 6 research institutes including Howard Flory College and Latrobe University in Australia . The research report was published in the monthly journal of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published on the 29th .

R&D of new drugs

Ma Tai said that this discovery will help researchers develop drugs that can lose weight without dieting.

However, he emphasized that there are still many areas to be improved in related research. To apply this result to human weight loss medication, multiple tests are needed.

The existing angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors are commonly used antihypertensive drugs. Regarding whether these drugs can be used for weight loss, Ma Tai said: “They are used to lower blood pressure, not to lose weight… We know the safety and tolerability of these drugs in lowering blood pressure, but we don’t know whether they help Humans lose weight, let alone whether they are effective for all obese people.”

He warned that if these antihypertensive drugs are taken as weight loss drugs right now, there might be danger.

“Related clinical trials are underway to determine whether existing angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors can prevent diabetes, and diabetes is related to overweight and obesity,” said Ma Tai, people need to wait patiently for researchers to collect more data to determine The effect of these drugs on weight control.

Puzzle to be solved

Animal experiments show that inhibiting angiotensin-converting enzyme can help reduce the risk of diabetes in experimental subjects.

Ma Tai said that due to the faster sugar metabolism, the rats without angiotensin-converting enzyme in the body not only lost weight, but also had a lower risk of diabetes.

But researchers have not been able to confirm that the absence of angiotensin-converting enzyme in the body is the only cause of weight loss in the experimental mice.

Matai said: “We have removed the gene that produces angiotensin-converting enzyme in the experimental mice. That is to say, all the body tissues, including brain tissue, do not contain this enzyme…so we do not yet know the weight Does the mitigation lose the direct effect of this enzyme, or is it due to changes in the brain.”

Ma Tai said that even if the new weight loss medicine finally comes out, it can not replace the important role of exercise in weight loss. The best way to lose weight is still a healthy diet and regular fitness.

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