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Apple’s correct way to lose weight

Apple weight loss is very popular , but many beauties do not know a lot about the Apple weight loss method , and often use the wrong Apple weight loss method , which leads to unsuccessful weight loss and also breaks the body . I don’t know if you are interested today with Xiaobian 1 . Get to know the correct way to lose weight with Apple , as long as you master the mystery , weight loss can be more smooth .

Apple diets

Apple weight loss method is a way to lose weight by eating only apples in three days , generally eat 2-3 apples per day . After losing weight with apples , because of not eating all kinds of food for 3 consecutive days , people’s stomach is temporarily tender . Many people fail because they don’t understand how to use these three days to lose weight .

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Apple’s correct way to lose weight

Eat only apples for three consecutive days and no other fruits and food . You can eat apples according to the time of three meals , or eat when you are hungry , until you are full . No matter what kind of apples are available , it is best to use red apples . Green apples are sour , and they may irritate the stomach .

Apples should be eaten fresh and washed and peeled to avoid pesticide residues . During these three days , when you are thirsty , you can drink boiled water or non-irritating tea , such as mint tea , barley tea , safflower tea , houttuynia tea , etc .

During weight loss , your stomach will be very sensitive , so avoid drinking caffeinated beverages , such as black tea , coffee , green tea , oolong tea , etc , to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort .

If you have constipation problems of apple weight loss , you can drink one or two tablespoons of olive oil on the third night to moisten the intestines and promote the excretion of toxins accumulated in the body .

Apple diets three days after losing weight :

1 . After three days of apple weight loss , because you are away from irritating food , your stomach will be very tender , your taste will be very sensitive , and your stomach will become smaller .

2 . Beginning of the fourth day , your diet should slowly recover , you can not eat a lot of food at once , especially do not eat snacks . For the first three days of restoring the diet , it is best to start with porridge and tofu .

Do you know how to lose weight with Apple now ? In short , when you resume your diet after losing weight , the food should be light and not excessive , so that the effect of weight loss will last .

Apple weight loss principle

Apple is rich in essential nutrients , which can meet the normal needs of the human body . At the same time , modern medicine proves that apple can relieve constipation and has a good therapeutic effect on constipation . During weight loss , the special substances contained in apple will cause the toxins in the body to be expelled smoothly , . So it can quickly lose weight and improve people’s physique .

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