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Apple yoghurt weight loss 15 kg thin

Yogurt editor is very fond of drinking. I believe that many girls also like to drink yogurt, but do you believe that yogurt can lose weight? Many people don’t believe that yoghurt is sweet and still lose weight. Who are you fooling? Don’t believe it. Yogurt weight loss on the Internet is very popular. It not only tastes delicious, but also has the effect of weight loss and beauty. About yoghurt weight loss, many women It’s just hearsay, and I haven’t tried it myself. Today, the editor recommends the 15-pound method of apple yogurt weight loss.

Apple yogurt diet

Apple Yogurt Weight Loss Phase I

day1-day2: Apple yogurt day

Day 1: Eat an apple at 8 am, one more apple at 10 am, and one apple at 3 pm. In total, 5 apples are prepared and eaten when hungry.

Apple yoghurt weight loss method may not be able to adapt on the first day. Those who can stick to it can stick, but girls who can’t stick should not be forced. After all, the weight loss method that makes the body feel comfortable is better, in order to maintain the effect without rebound for a long time.

The second day of apple yogurt weight loss method: drink yogurt.

The second day is the most difficult time for apple yoghurt weight loss, because apples and yoghurt can not provide enough nutrition, so it may make you feel dizzy, if you must use apple yoghurt weight loss to get a quick weight loss The effect is better at the weekend.

Apple Yogurt Weight Loss Phase 2

day3-day4: normal diet

Method: Eat porridge and eggs with greens for breakfast; lunch with vegetables and meat to balance nutrition, eat nine points full; one cucumber, one corn for dinner, plus greens and meat. And so on for the next days!

After two days of dieting, your body should stop dieting. Quickly add nutrition to get your body back on track. Apple yoghurt weight loss method in the second stage should not be overeating, otherwise it will have a great irritation to the stomach.

Apple Yogurt Weight Loss Phase 3

day6-day6: Apple yogurt day

Although it is a bit exaggerated to say that the weight loss of apple yogurt is 15 pounds, I believe you have also achieved a certain degree of rapid weight loss with apple yogurt weight loss. If you do not experience discomfort and other adverse reactions, you can try Apple for two days. Yogurt Day. After that, you can start a natural and balanced diet.

Is apple yogurt weight loss 15 pounds reliable?

Is it so easy and so easy to lose 15 pounds of apple yogurt? This depends on personal progress, because the apple yogurt diet will rebound. Only by suppressing the bulging binge eating behavior and properly strengthening the exercise to consolidate the weight loss effect can the fat become thin! If you find it difficult to lose 15 pounds of weight with apple yogurt, you can set a small goal first. It’s fine to play thin, and drink delicious yogurt to enjoy thin.

Matters needing attention in apple yogurt weight loss method:

1. If you find that you have lost a lot of hair and have a dull complexion, then do not lose weight with apple yogurt.

2. This method is not very healthy and should not be carried out for a long time. It is only suitable for mm that needs to lose weight quickly in the short term.

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