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Apple weight loss methods

The weight loss method of eating apples seems to have been recognized as a weight loss method. It is already highly respected and loved by netizens on the Internet. I often hear friends saying that I am losing weight in my life. I will not eat lunch at noon today. Just eat an apple. Let’s take a look at why Apple is recommended for weight loss, how to lose weight and how Apple loses weight.

Apple diet

Apple is rich in nutrients and water, can meet the normal nutritional supplements of the human body, can regulate human body functions, and at the same time is a low-calorie fruit, so it is recommended as the king of fruit weight loss. Apple does not eat other foods during weight loss, only Drink water and eat apples, usually one apple in the morning, one apple at lunch, and one apple at night. If you are hungry, drink plenty of water and eat for three consecutive days to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Apple weight loss principle

1. Low calorie intake

During the weight loss period when using apples to eat only this low-calorie fruit, the calorie intake is low, and the body needs calorie consumption, resulting in the decomposition and consumption of original fat.

2. Detox slimming

Apple has a very good effect of detoxification and promote intestinal motility. During the use of apples to lose weight, it can discharge the residues in the body to achieve the effect of slimming.

3. L-malic acid fat burning

Apple contains a special fruit acid, including D-malic acid, L-malic acid and its mixture DL-malic acid. Among them, L-malic acid can accelerate the metabolism and decomposition of nutrients in the body, which can effectively prevent calories from changing fat, and accelerate fat burning at the same time, which can play a very good weight loss effect.

4. Stomach shrinkage

Many people are obese because of excessive calories caused by frequent overeating and fat conversion caused by fat. During the weight loss period when using apples, because they don’t eat other foods, only eat apples and drink water, the stomach will slowly shrink. These three days of controlled diet will reduce the amount of food, so the diet will get a certain control effect.

Apple weight loss precautions

1. It is not allowed to use the apple weight loss method for a long time. Generally, a cycle is three days. Although apples contain many indispensable elements for the human body, long-term use of this weight loss method can easily cause malnutrition, such as lack of protein supplements.

2. Apple is relatively hard. Since other foods are not eaten during weight loss, the stomach is relatively tender, so you must chew slowly when you eat. This can not only protect the stomach, but also increase satiety.

3. During the period of weight loss, if you do not eat oily food, it may cause unsmooth bowel movement. During this period, you can use honey water or olive oil to moisturize the intestine and help the intestine to expel the residues. At the same time, honey water can also provide certain nutrition.

4. At the end of the three-day fertilization period, you need to pay attention to controlling your diet. You should not overeating immediately, or even eating irritating food, because the stomach and intestines are more sensitive during this period, and it takes a certain period of transition. It is important that it will easily bounce back.

5. Do not do a lot of exercise when using the Apple weight loss method, because the low calorie intake during this period may easily lead to symptoms such as dizziness and insufficient sugar.

Although the Apple weight loss method is highly recommended by netizens, the editor recommends that you use it with caution. This type of weight loss method has certain extremes. It is easy to cause harm to the body in the case of improper use. You can add other nutrients appropriately. Eating apples to increase satiety, a way to control your diet will be healthier and more persistent, so that apples can be regarded as the most natural weight loss product.

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