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Acupuncture weight loss principle and effect

I often read martial arts novels, “acupuncture” is a magical kung fu. Now, some people use “acupuncture” to lose weight. Allegedly: “point acupuncture” for weight loss is the use of traditional Chinese medicine principles, acupoints to disintegrate fat out of the body, no pain and no side effects. We have tried many ways to lose weight, should we try to get rid of it this time? First listen to the opinions of doctors and tryrs.


Trial: Miss Chen, 25 years old, height: 1 meter 63 weight: 58 kg.

Weight loss plan: The beauty salon promises to lose 5 pounds within a month without dieting or rebound.

Price: 400 yuan.

Scene replay: The beautician first rubbed my belly for about 10 minutes, then let me lie on the bed, thumped me hard on my back with my fists, the pain was dizzy, and my body became hot, then I used the knuckle One pressed firmly on my “acupuncture point”. She asked me how I felt from time to time. She didn’t let go until I said it hurt. The whole process took about 40 minutes.

After the beautician said that this is your first time to come. Next time, in order to achieve weight loss, you should not eat for a few hours before acupuncture. At the same time, you must eat strictly according to the recipes listed in the beauty salon: two eggs for breakfast, a cup of sugar-free soy flour; Chinese trotters, seafood, lean meat; two cucumbers and one tomato for dinner.

Weight loss results: adhered to a course of treatment, and lost 2.5 kg when weighing. But after a few days, the body weight has grown again, and it is 2 kg heavier than before losing weight. I later found that after weight rebound, I went to the beauty salon to reason, but the beautician said that the rebound was because I did not strictly follow their recipes, and they were not responsible for it.


From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the principle of “point acupuncture weight loss” and “acupuncture weight loss” are the same, that is, by closing acupuncture points to reduce hunger, in fact, “point acupuncture point” is to help you control your diet to achieve weight loss, not “Fat fat out of the body” because the decomposition of fat is a chemical process, and it is not broken down by physical processes such as kneading or massaging a part of the body.


If it does not use acupuncture, it only massages acupuncture points by hand, and most of the beauty salons are mostly non-professional doctors. In fact, more massage methods are used to strengthen the sweating level of your body parts through massage. The only discharge is water, not fat. . Coupled with the recipes made by the beauty salon, the customers are hungry and thin when they go back. But as soon as you add water or increase your diet, your weight will rebound immediately.

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