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Acupressure weight loss method will let you get rid of weight loss pills

Acupressure massage is one of the methods of weight loss in traditional Chinese medicine . Acupoint massage is simple and easy to operate , which can not only to relieve stress , but also easily lose weight . Impair blood circulation can cause deposits to build up in the body , causing dry skin and puffiness . Massage acupoints are one of the simple methods to solve the problem of unsmooth blood circulation , which can drive the blood that is easy to stay in the lower body upwards , and achieve the smooth effect . Various acupoints are also directly related to the internal organs , massage acupoints can improve internal organ function .

Back home , take a comfortable half-body bath , massage with essential oil baths , metabolize excess energy , if you can persevere every day , develop an easy-to-lean physique just around the corner . Today , the editor will introduce you to the specific operation steps of acupressure massaging .

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Save Bamboo Cave

Acupuncture points located on both sides of the facial brows and in the inner edge of the eyebrows . Pressing this acupoint can relieve headaches and eliminate puffiness on the face .

Compression method : Follow the requirements of eye exercises , hold your thumb against the temple , use your index fingers to hold the bamboo points of both side and rotate gently , every eight beat as a group , repeat eight rounds .

Bearing hole

Located on the face , in the middle depression of the chin lip groove . The Chengjiang point is the meeting point of the foot and Yangming veins . Pressing this point of a long time can control the secretion of hormones , eliminate the water accumulation in the body parts of the chest , and maintain the proper tension between / in the skin . Eva Longoria , a ” desperate housewife ” who just married a woman recently , recalled in an interview that she always likes to use a pencil to hold a lecture on the depression under her lips . This is the secret of thin face of this little beauty !

Pressing method : gently press this point of your thumb , once per second , and press 20 times in a row .

Shenshu Point

In the autumn and winter , the sweating capacity of the body surface is weakened , and a large amount of water starts to accumulate in the body . And many women have the habit of eating spicy or hot pots of cold days . A heavy taste diet further strengthens the burden on the kidneys , and it is easy about the body to puff at if it cannot excrete water normally . Shenshu point is located under the spinous process of the second lumbar spine of the waist , with the width of the left and right fingers . Dieting and weight loss are not advisable to increase the metabolism to be thin , massage this point helps to maintain the health of the kidneys , help regulate the metabolism , so that excess water in the body is quickly drained away , so that the annoying body of winter is completely away from puffiness !

Compression method : Lightly press the acupuncture points with the knuckles , once per second , rest for 10 seconds every 3 to 5 presses , then repeat this step three times .

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