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Acupoint massage makes weight loss more effective

1 . Waist acupressure

Abdomen massage is not a simple rubbing of the stomach . Selecting the basic acupuncture points to perform massage will have a multiplier effect , allowing you to reveal your waistline with more confidence .

Acupoint 1 : About 4 inches above the navel of the midline of the abdomen at Zhongwan .

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Acupoint 2 : About 1 inch above the navel of the midline of the abdomen . (Massage water points help to eliminate excess water in the body , avoid edema , and can help gastrointestinal motility , exercise abdominal muscles , and avoid protruding lower abdomen )

Acupoint 3 : About 1.5 inches below the navel of the midline of the abdomen of Qihai .

Acupoint 4 : Guanyuan Point is about 3 inches below the navel of the midline of the abdomen .

(Massage Qihai and Guanyuan points can effectively suppress appetite , which is conducive to the even distribution of abdominal fat ; while massage Tianshu points can help digestion , exhaust , promote gastrointestinal motility , waste excretion , and of course it is more conducive to the elimination of belly fat . )

Acupoint 5 : About 3 inches below the navel of Shui Dao , about 2 inches from the left and right sides of Guanyuan Point .

Acupoint 6 : The left and right sides with the navel of Tianshu point are about 2 inches from each side , with the left Tianshu as the focus .

Acupoint massage method and time : Lie on the bed every morning and evening , first pushes 3 to 4 times for the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen by manipulative method 2 , then massage the above 6 acupoints by manipulating method 1 and manipulating method 2 successively , each acupoint massage 2 About minutes .

2 . Belly meridian sped

Meridian 1 Place your hands on the liver area (near the 11th and 12th ribs on the right side ) , and turn 50 times clockwise and counterclockwise ; place your hands on the spleen area (11th and 12th ribs on the left side ) (Nearby ) , also rotate 50 clockwise and counterclockwise .

Meridian 2 With the navel as the center , draw a question mark counterclockwise on the abdomen , massage in the direction of the question mark , press the right side first , then the left side , and massage 30 to 50 times each .

Meridian 3 Use both hands and ten fingers to grasp vertically from the lower abdomen to the abdomen , and lift the abdominal muscles 8 times ;

3 . ” Atypical ” massages without hands

Without both hands , the body’s movement and friction can be used to achieve the effect of massage . At the same time of the massage , the body can be properly exercised . It may be called sports massage .

Note : The abdomen should be bulged when doing the rubbing action .

Step 1 : Prone on the ground , legs apart , relax your body , open your elbows , gently stack your hands under your chin , pay attention to relax , do not use to force .

Step 2 : Keep the whole body loose , keep the abdomen tightly on the floor , rub around the navel as the center , then rub up and down 10 times each .

Step 3 : The heels are raised and the toes are forced to make the thighs hang free . Rub the navel vertically . Do 10 times up , down , left , and right .

Efficacy : It can improve abdominal blood circulation and enhance gastrointestinal digestion and absorption . Reduce excess fat in the abdomen . Insist on the special acupuncture points of the abdomen and coordinate with the meridian trend to massage , coupled with the frequent sports massage , naturally in the summer can be confidently put on the exposed navel outfit !

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