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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Acupoint embedding method for weight loss to solve simple obesity

Acupoint embedding method for weight loss to solve simple obesity

TCM weight loss is very popular recently , especially acupuncture to lose weight . Acupoint embedding thread method is a kind of acupuncture to lose weight . This acupoint embedding method of weight loss in traditional Chinese medicine has a good weight loss effect of simple obesity . Let’s take a look at this acupuncture weight loss method that has a weight loss effect on simple obesity .

1 . Acupuncture points embedding method to easily solve simple obesity !

Lead : Obesity is a type of ” rich disease ” that is gradually increasing with the improvement of modern material civilization and lifestyle changes . Many people are worried about the increasing accumulation of fat and its long-term harm .

2 . Acupoint catgut embedding has good effect on simple fertilizer

In the face of various weight loss methods , Gao Jianyun , deputy chief physician of the acupuncture department of Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University , said that obese people should objectively understand various weight loss methods and scientific weight loss , and embedding acupuncture points to treat simple obesity A green , non-toxic side effect .

3 . Acupoint embedding can treat simple obesity

According to Deputy Chief Physician Gao Jianyun , acupoint embedding is a commonly used treatment method in the acupuncture department . It can treat simple obesity like other treatment methods of the acupuncture department , such as massage , moxibustion , electro acupuncture , auricular acupressure , etc .

4 . Sheep gut is a special protein

Acupoint embedding is to embed a piece of medical sheep gut wire about 1 cm in the acupuncture point of / in a special needle . The gut wire is a special protein that can be absorbed by the body , . So it is buried in the acupoint The thread does not need to be taken out . The absorption process of the gut line of the acupuncture points is a continuous massage process of the acupuncture points . Through this massage , the body’s internal organs , meridians , qi , blood , yin and yang can be adjusted to achieve the purpose of treating obesity .

5 . The specific way of this method

The specific way of this method :

1 . Eat less .

This does not refer to hunger therapy , but a decrease in abnormal appetite . Acupuncture prolongs the gastric emptying time and inhibits the secretion of gastric acid through basic gastric activity , thereby reducing appetite and preventing gluttony .

2 . Less accumulation .

Acupuncture can regulate lipid metabolism , accelerate the decomposition of body fat , and consume excess energy to prevent accumulation in the body .

3 . Correct endocrine disorders .

Acupuncture regulates the endocrine disorders by adjusting the two systems of ” hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal cortex ” and ” sympathetic-adrenal cortex ” .

6 . Acupuncture is a kind of homeopathy

Deputy Chief Physician Gao Jianyun pointed out that acupuncture is a kind of homeopathic therapy , which stimulates the body’s own adjustment ability by massaging acupuncture points of the body to restore the body’s balance between yin and yang and achieve the purpose of treating disease . A treatment of toxic and side effects , and the effect is long-lasting and stable . It can differentiate syndromes according to different performances and flexibly select acupoints , so the treatment is more comprehensive .

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