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Weight Loss / Losing weight drugs / Weight loss pills / Abuse of diet pills is equivalent to suicide

Abuse of diet pills is equivalent to suicide

Everyone wants to have a slim figure and a healthy body ! With the advent of summer , many women that love beauty have started a new round of weight loss programs . Those who take weight loss pills and drink weight loss tea , of course , also use ” More violent ” means to get rid of cellulite . Are these general methods scientific and can they really play a role in weight loss ? What kind of weight loss is more healthy and safe ? Many girls that pursue ” skinny ” should pay attention .

It was a little hot in the day . When I saw the slim woman on the street wearing a miniskirt , the woman who was a little blessed was immediately mobilized . ” Every year you lose weight , you gain weight every year ” , many people are anxious about the current situation of losing weight every year . So a swarm of bees started to be busy ! There are medicine , acupuncture , beauty salons . serious problems are coming one after another . What is the effect of paying so much ? An online survey shows that 66% of Chinese young people are Implement different forms of weight loss programs for weight loss . In the huge ” slim army ” , 7% of people are taking weight loss pills . In fact , many people blindly pursue weight loss and abuse weight loss pills is a very dangerous behavior .

The definition of weight loss in medicine refers to the three aspects of increasing muscle mass , reducing fat , and increasing the functions of human organs . Blindly taking weight-loss drugs for so-called weight loss only consumes part of the body’s fat , but at the same time consumes the human body as ” health ” The ” guaranteed ” muscle mass will continue to overdraw in the future , and the organs function will decline . In severe cases , anorexia will also occur , leading to severe malnutrition and even life-threatening .

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