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A small trick to lose weight after childbirth, to be the most beautiful mother!

Do you want to be proud when your child grows up and tell the children around me , is my mother the most beautiful ? Then you have to seize the menstrual time to lose weight . Editer introduced to you today is the healthiest way to lose weight after childbirth , you can safely lose weight , be the most beautiful mother .

Some new mothers think that after the baby is born , breastfeeding and bathing the baby , there is a lot of things , even if you sacrifice your own image . As everyone knows , postpartum weight loss is not just a matter of image , but its significance lies in the postpartum and future health of women .

After a woman gives birth , the metropolis ” gets fat ” and is generally called fertility obesity . This is not only detrimental to the image , but also harmful to health . From a medical point of view , the ability to lose weight in a timely and effective manner after childbirth has a great impact on women’s body shape and weight in the future . Fertility obesity increases bone compression , which can easily cause back and foot pain and other symptoms , and excessive accumulation of fat can also cause hidden health risks such as metabolic disorders . For example , the ” bucket waist ” people have a relatively high probability of having typed 2 diabetes Big .

Someone once defined postpartum weight loss as ” healthy lifestyle , high-quality attitude to life ” . Indeed , slimming after giving birth is more about health , care and enjoyment .

Postpartum weight loss is an important component of postpartum repair . It fully considers and focuses on the physical characteristics of new mothers , and comprehensively , comprehensively and systematically formulates and implements the ” exclusive ” weight loss program . Under the premise of adjusting functions , promoting self-healing , and enhancing physical fitness , help new mothers to slim down and form a scientific and correct lifestyle . , Let’s take a look at the most healthy postpartum weight loss method recommended by Xiaobian .

Home slimming care

In addition to going to medical institutions and professional postpartum repair institutions for weight loss , new mothers also have many things to pay attention to at home .

After a woman gives birth , her emotions may fluctuate a little , even depression . Therefore , you may wish to consider postpartum weight-loss as care and enjoyment , rather than stress or tasks that must be completed .

Avoid wearing too tight binds belts or clothing . Because the fat in the uterus , abdominal cavity and waist , abdomen , buttocks will be squeezed , blood circulation is not smooth , which is extremely harmful to the body and health .

It is best to exercise slowly and slightly . Pregnancy and fertility lead to changes in hormones in the body , and connective voxels soften and are easily injured .

Postpartum nutrition diets recipe

Breakfast : fresh milk or soy milk , fried ham and eggs , fresh cherries .

Chinese food : oyster soup , hot green vegetables (such as spinach ) , kung pao chicken , etc .

Afternoon tea : fresh grape juice , cheese cake .

Dinner : sesame oils kidney , fried greens (dark vegetables ) , preserved egg tofu .

In fact , there are many delicious and nutritious dishes , such as delicious pumpkin diet recipes for slimming and beauty , expectant mothers can use their own ingenuity , compare the food nutrition table , and arbitrarily match their favorite meals .

Postpartum weight loss Pear snapper Ingredients (4 servings ) :

2 slices of snapper (about 300g ) , 1 pear , 1 egg white , 1 tablespoon oil , a little ground coriander

Seasoning : 1/2 teaspoon salt , a little white powder

How to :

1 . Cut the sea breams into medium pieces , marinate them with salt and egg white for about 30 minutes , and wrap the fillet’s with too white powder .

2 . Peel the pears and use a ball digger to dig the small balls and place them in brine .

3 . Cook the marinated snapper in a non-stick frying pan .

4 . Heat the oil in the pot , add sea breams fillet’s , pear balls and remaining egg whites and stir fry .

5 . Put cilantro before cooking , just simmer .

Nutritional analysis (per serving ) . Protein (g ) . Fat (g ) . Sugar (g ) . Calories (calories ) 14 13.7 7 207 Design foci on recipes : low-oil cooking . The dietitian’s words : snapper contains high-quality protein and has low fat .

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