Lose weight / Weight loss diet / A new way to eat cereals to lose weight, to help you wipe out fat!

A new way to eat cereals to lose weight, to help you wipe out fat!

Looking at the large amount of fat on the body , it is annoying for girls , dieting is easy to rebound , and the side effects of weight-loss drugs is serious , so what method should I choose ? Today , the editor will recommend a new way to eat cereals to lose weight and help you to wipe out the fat !

1 : Black rice slimming tea

Material : 400 grams of black rice .

Practice :

1 . Wash the black rice several times with water , so that the black rice tea brewed in the future will be clear and free of impurities .

2 . The washed black rice must be kept dry .

3 . Put in the washed black rice and stir-fry for 5 minutes on high heat to let the water fully evaporate .

4 . Turn to low heat , and slowly fry until the black rice cracks and reveals the white rice heart . This process takes about 15-20 minutes .

5 . Finally , put the fried black rice into a sealed box of storage .

The fried black rice can smell attractive fragrance . Every time you brew , remember to use 40 grams of black rice , add 500 grams of hot water , brew and simmer for 10 minutes , you can drink the delicious black rice tea .

Efficacy : Drinking black rice tea often can resist the production of carcinogens , promote blood circulation and improve metabolism . Especially female friends , drinking some black rice tea can also receive the effects of detoxification , strengthening the spleen and losing weight .

2 : Cucumber brown rice

Ingredients : 200 grams of brown rice , 80 grams of cucumber , a little salt , and a little chicken broth .

Practice :

1 . Wash the brown rice and soak for 2 hours in advance . Put the brown rice into the rice cooker , add proper amount of water and cook brown rice .

2 . Stir loose the steamed brown rice with chopsticks . Wash the cucumber and cut into small cubes .

3 . Add a little oil to the pan , pour in the brown rice and stir fry , add a little salt and chicken broth , and stir-fry the diced cucumber together .

Efficacy : Brown rice can effectively regulate metabolism in the body and lower blood sugar levels . The vitamin E contained in brown rice can also promote blood circulation , and eating more can promote defecation and effectively improve constipation .

3 : Corn soy milk

Ingredients : a copy of pure soybeans , a cup of corn dregs (fresh corn tastes better , 2 cups ) , water

Practice :

Soak the soybeans overnight , wash them with corn , put them into the soymilk machine , add water to the middle water level (if you want to drink a thicker one , go to the lower water level ) , and press the five-grain soymilk button .

Efficacy : Contains a lot of dietary fiber , which is a good helper for weight loss .

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