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A comprehensive look at the principles of slimming tea and slimming cream

What kind of products of weight loss effect is really safe and effective ? Is it really safe to achieve the weight loss effect you need ?

Slimming cream

Features : In fact , it is a lubricant that is convenient for massage .

Adverse effects :

1 . The effect is doubtful .

2 . The topical slimming cream cannot penetrate deep into the fat , . So it is impossible to claim that it can break with the subcutaneous fat .

Slimming tea

Features :

1 . Ephedrine-like substances are used as appetite suppressants .

2 . The other is laxative , like senna , which causes a large amount of fluid loss . Laxatives are considered weight loss products because some people believe that it can increase the peristalsis of the intestine and block calorie absorption .

3 . The U#S# Food and Drug Administration pointed out that diarrhea caused by laxatives does not reduce the absorption of calories , because laxatives do not act on the small intestine that absorbs calories , but on the tail colon of the intestine .

Adverse effects :

1 . Side effects of ephedrine included headache , myocardial depression , insomnia and nervousness .

2 . The side effects of laxatives included vomiting and gastrointestinal cramps . Excessive dependence can cause constipation , leading to intestinal dysfunction . In severe cases , it will die due to syncope , dehydration , and electrolyte imbalance . Once stopped , the gastrointestinal muscles will not work .

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