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A beautiful woman’s liposuction to lose weight

The idea of liposuction started last winter. When the weather is not too cold, it can be maintained. After three or nine days, the amount of meals can not be controlled. The meat on the waist quietly breeds. When I found out, I was already fat. My bones are very small, and the meat is not fat. In order to lose weight, I have accepted countless new concepts, but even if I have thinned to 80 pounds, I have not experienced a skinny state, showing how small the bones are. And the resistance to food is basically not, especially sweet, so began to plan liposuction, with the help of external force directly to a happy solution. The first operation was March 16, the second was March 23, and the last was June 8. The result is still satisfactory, I hope my personal experience and photos can provide you with a little more information in this regard.

Memories Feel before March 15th

Since I decided to liposuction three months ago, and finally confirmed all the links, the psychology of this period is very delicate, fear and excitement, and the depraved point is that when facing the food that should be controlled, no longer restrain yourself It’s always said: Anyway, I’m going to liposuction, eat it. Hey, plan to liposuction parts: waist and abdomen, arms, shoulder blades, buttocks, self fat breast. I still wanted to make calves. Thanks to my consultant Sister Xu, I definitely do not recommend me to suck calves, saying that my calves are more symmetrical and have less fat. There is no need to spend this money, because in all parts, the price of calves is tallest. Maybe the women are all emotional and have a trust and affection for the doctor, so they leave everything to them. The operation time is set at 1 pm on March 16th, which is tomorrow, a weekend that is very common for others.

I decided to record the changes and feelings after liposuction and keep them in my life as a memory. I was so nervous that I couldn’t sleep tonight, so pray for myself, I hope everything will go smoothly tomorrow…

Memories Liposuction on March 16

failed to write a diary on the day of March 16, because after the end was dizzy, walking was shaking, and stayed in the courtyard for a day. Now that you are conscious, let’s recall the whole process. The operation started at 1 pm and I started to get nervous from 12 o’clock. According to the doctor’s instructions, six hours before the operation on an empty stomach, I only drank a small bowl of porridge in the morning. This must be done before anesthesia, otherwise it is easy to nausea and vomiting. At 12:40, the anesthesiologist gave two tablets of stability, and also deliberately comforted me with jokes. The anaesthetist’s surname is Yang, a little old man with special spirit and humor. The nurse assisted me to put on my surgical gown and shoes, and soon my head started to feel dizzy, because I usually seldom take this sedative drug. Entering the operating room, my doctor communicated with me again, and began to draw a line with a dark pen on the body, from the bottom of the chest to the entire stomach, marking the part to be sucked. This doctor Li had to say, at first I felt very… a sturdy Northeast male, between 45 and 50, with a low voice. I don’t have any thoughts about the people in the Northeast, but his image is really difficult to associate with the doctor. However, later facts proved that the technology is indeed not bad! Back to the topic, doctors and nurses are wearing dark green surgical gowns, masks and caps, and sterile gloves on their hands. Now I feel very nervous and indescribable. The nurse saw my emotions and came over to comfort me and encourage me. I thought it would be all the time anyway. I was afraid it was useless.

Draw a line, the whole body is disinfected with yellow iodine fluoride, I lie on the operating table, I put the infusion tube in my left hand, the blood pressure monitoring tape is wrapped around my arm, the clip on my finger does not know what to measure, the nose still There is an oxygen tube. Someone has been talking to me, and the attending doctor and nurse are busy. I looked at them, and my mind gradually became confused, not knowing when I lost consciousness. When I had a feeling, I was already in the ward. When I opened my eyes, the first sentence was, “Shall I suck it?” This was what the nurse told me the next day, and I didn’t remember what I said at that time. Touching myself in confusion, it seems to be covered with a thick layer of things, like wearing an armor, and there is no perception of it. After a while I was completely awake, and my stomach was hungry, but the nurse forbids me to eat, saying that I have to bear it for a while, otherwise it will be easy to vomit. In the middle of the infusion all the time, the brain didn’t listen to it, just listened to the doctor and said that it was very successful and the effect was very good. The joy in my heart finally fell to the ground. I went to the toilet twice during the infusion. They were accompanied by nurses. By the way, the nurses here are really well-deserved white angels. No matter how much trouble they have, there is no complaint. They have been guarding by the bed. I have done it several times. I’m so sorry. The waist and abdomen are covered with a thick gauze, and there is a layer of reinforced belt outside, which is tight. When I went to the toilet and saw the gauze exposed on the outside of the reinforcement tape, there was blood infiltration, but it was not the kind of red. She asked quickly. She said that this was a normal phenomenon. There must be a lot of infiltration to help reduce swelling. What oozed out was saline and a small amount of bleeding hit during the operation. It turned out that during the operation, a lot of saline was first entered, and the belly was raised like a ball before it was sucked. Before the operation, I accidentally said: Can you take a photo of us for a commemoration, and put it back in the blog, I did not expect the careful nurse to take a photo of me, take a look at my belly, understand, all Salt water!

Memories  March 17, the pain of removing gauze and wearing tights

March 17, it was time to change the dressing the next day after the operation. It was said that it was a dressing change. In fact, it took away the bleeding gauze, stitched the wound, and then put on the tights for shaping. After the anti-inflammatory solution was delivered in the afternoon, Dr. Li came to change the medicine for me and picked up the thick reinforcement belt. There was no pressure on my stomach, and I couldn’t stand it anymore. The four large pieces of gauze were soaked with blood, and I looked straight. The doctor was quite satisfied, saying that the drainage was good. This is the first time I look at the effect after I have finished smoking, full of expectations. Who knows that after the gauze is removed, it is absolutely absolute surprise and disappointment. The belly is as swollen as a small ball, especially the lower abdomen, and a piece of it is obviously protruding. The whole look is two gourds, one on the lower abdomen, hey… Dr. Li explained patiently, because there is still a lot of fluid, and the fluid will accumulate in the lower abdomen, which is the case for all patients. Wait for a while. It’s a pity that I was so nervous when I changed the medicine that I didn’t take photos. The sewing needle feels a bit painful. In fact, the doctor pulled the thread at the end. It may vary from person to person. But it was painful to wear tights. I guess my face must be white at that time. The tights are special for liposuction after surgery. They are very small. The nurse puts me on my legs. Wherever it sucks, it hurts as soon as I touch it, and I have been clenching my teeth and wearing it for ten minutes, it is difficult for the nurse, huh, huh.

That night, the knife had a terrible pain, insisting that she didn’t take painkillers and fell asleep. The dream is slim. The photos are kept in the mobile phone. The precious blood-stained gauze is large. The large piece is thick, and the small piece is next to the knife edge.

Memories  Disconnected on March 21

It’s time to remove the thread. After arriving, Dr. Li skillfully removed the thread. It is said that my wound is very good and will not leave any traces in the future. Observed, the fluid in the lower abdomen was almost gone, but the body was uneven and obvious. Secretly worried that this would not be the pothole in the legend, and later people told me that this phenomenon was normal in the early days. Gently touched by hand, it has a hard feel, unlike a normal belly is very soft and numb. A large area of subcutaneous wounds is now recovering.

The next operation is the day after tomorrow. The problem of sucking the arm and the two arms is my trouble for many years. Even after losing weight for so many years, even if the ribs are one by one, the meat on the upper arm is still so stubborn. Visual. By the way, to summarize, this is the first operation, three eyes on the stomach and two on the chest. Look at the eyes on the belly.

Looked at the fat and found that there are so many movements that require waist and abdomen strength, from lying down to getting up is a difficult thing, but the magic is that I actually did not delay a day’s work, work normally! Liposuction on Friday, discharge on Saturday and rest on Sunday. When I arrived at the unit on Monday, I walked around in an extremely slow posture, pulling the wound a little straight and hurt the pain, radiating the entire stomach. Sister Xu told me at the beginning, this liposuction looks like a very small pinhole, in fact, the wound under the skin is very large. But the chest is really big, the prosthesis is not afraid, you can still get some fat by dripping it~~I used to move around at home, but now the light is left, and the action is quite slow. The family members didn’t dare to laugh at something interesting, and the wound hurt when they laughed. I’m also afraid of sneezing… Come on!

Memories  Second operation on March 23

still has to wait until discharged to record the process. This time, the line was drawn on both arms~ the only uncomfortable thing was lying on the operating table. It was really more uncomfortable to lose the anesthetics on the feet than to stick hands. When the brain was a little dizzy, there was a thought suddenly: this time, insist on not sleeping, feel it! As a result, he still failed to overcome the drugs, and fell asleep soon.

I don’t know if I have too thin arms, I touched muscles, and I woke up halfway through the suction. When I hurt, I yelled, one mouth is: Can you give me anesthetic? The second time said: Give some anesthesia.. The third time directly said: Anesthesia! Immediately afterwards, it must have been administered, and I was comfortable again. When I woke up again, the first feeling was cold, and I was shaking on the bed. The nurse thoughtfully added a quilt to me, filled it with a thermos, wrapped it in a towel and placed it in the quilt. I was confused and only knew how to cry cold. Later, the nurse told me that the temperature of the salt water was much lower than the body temperature of the person, so it would be cold, and the effusion would be discharged. This time, the shoulders were wrapped tightly, like in the movie “Kung Fu”, Zhou Xingchi looked like a bandage all over his body, but he didn’t know when he would be transformed. This association made me want to laugh, but I was too cold to laugh. In a half-sleep state, I also asked how much people smoked, how flat they are…I really admire my seriousness.

In all parts, the difficulty of the arms and calves is the biggest, and it is the most prone to failure. I have full confidence in the doctor, so I have no worries. Here to remind friends who want to liposuction, be sure to choose a doctor before deciding. Liposuction is for beauty, but if there is a failure, I really regret it for life, and must not be hasty. My life is pretty good, the first time I was so tossed and met with responsibility. Look at the slender large tube in the doctor’s hand, which is the tool that extends into the subcutaneous tissue of the epidermis and reaches the fat layer, and the thick tube that is connected to it flows with my blood, saline, and oil.

Memories  March 24 changed medicine needle, I cried, wow wow

Infusion on the day of the operation to a little bit at night, because the feet are dripping slowly. The next afternoon it was time to change medicine and wear tights. This time the dressing change was ridiculous. A young male doctor was responsible for me, saying that this time I did not drain too much fluid and had to squeeze it. I lay on the bed, and I couldn’t see what “weapon” was used. In short, I ran along the arm all the way to the edge of the knife. My heart, my tears shed uncontrollably. Putting effort on my hands, grabbing the one-off list that was spread out sour… For the sake of beauty, it’s really hard for a woman… so I wore two tights, with arms on my stomach.

According to others, if you want a good effect, you have to wear it for at least two months. It really hurts. Now my stomach is no longer painful, and the unevenness is gone, and my actions have been restored, but I feel numb with a touch of my hand. Just wait for the pain of the arm to pass quickly, you can enjoy it beautifully!

This operation is performed with four blades, two shoulders and two arms. Speaking of which, this arm can’t move or be light-hearted. Like a disabled person, everyone needs to hook their neck when lying down. Recently, they just spent a lot of money just washing their hair outside, alas. Congestion on both arms, share it with friends.

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