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9 major dietary principles to be comfortable as a weight loss woman

When mc is about to come , women’s body and mind will appear light or heavy ” premenstrual syndrome ” , Including restlessness , emotional instability , easy conflict with people , swelling of the chest or abdomen , weight gain , general edema , change in appetite , oral Ulcers , acne , headaches , etc . These conditions usually appear ten to fourteen days before menstruation , and end within 24 hours after the start of menstruation . The severity of the situation and the time when it occurs is different from person to person .

In addition , women may also have abnormalities such as lower abdominal pain , back pain , abnormal volume or difficulty in grasping the cycle during menstruation . In fact , in order to improve these symptoms , in addition to living a normal life and developing exercise habits , ingesting an appropriate diet according to different constitutions and conditions can also make the menstrual period ” month and month smooth ” !

Whether you are bothered by menstrual problems or not , dietitian Xie Yifang proposed nine dietary principles . After four to six weeks , all discomforts will gradually improve .

1 Did not deliberately eat sweets .

Such as drinks , cakes , brown sugar , candy . Prevent unstable blood sugar and avoid aggravating the various discomforts of mc .

2 Eat more high-fiber foods .

Sparse vegetables , fruits , whole grains , whole wheat bread , brown rice , oats and other foods contain more fiber , which can promote the release of estrus hormones , increase the content of magnesium in the blood , and adjust the menstruation and calm nerves .

3 Eat some foods rich in vitamin B group such as walnuts , cashew nuts , dried beans , etc . between meals .

4 Took enough protein .

For lunch and dinner , eat more meat , eggs , tofu , soybeans and other high-protein foods to supplement the nutrients and minerals that flow during menstruation . Quantitative timing .

5 can prevent blood sugar from rising and falling at once , reducing heart rate acceleration , dizziness , fatigue , emotional instability and other discomforts .

6 Avoid caffeinated beverages .

Coffee , tea and other beverages will increase anxiety and anxiety ; you can drink barley tea and mint tea instead .

7 Avoid eating foods that are too hot or too cold for temperature changes .

8 Women with severe blood loss should take more high-fibre foods such as spinach , candie dates , red beet (red soup ) and raisins to nourish blood

9 Women who are about to face menopause should consume more calcium-rich foods such as milk and dried fish .

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