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Weight Loss / Weight loss diet / 9 bad eating habits to lose weight, Let you eat fatter

9 bad eating habits to lose weight, Let you eat fatter

The main culprit of women’s obesity are eating too much . However , eating more or less is related to personal character . Different personalities will have different eating habits . Here , there are 9 kinds of bad ” eat personality ” , which may bring bad eating habits , causing your body to be seriously deformed , and also become the cause of your obesity !

1 . Gourmet eating

No matter when and where you eat , you usually finish it before others ; or you often eat while standing or eating while walking . Whenever you are hungry , you can eat casually . If you have anything to eat , don’t be picky at all . Whatever you eat is fast .

Consequences : Women who take 30 minutes or more to eat a meal usually consume 10% fewer calories than women who finish a meal in 10 minutes .

Countermeasures : After you start eating and eating , look at the time you spends eating a meal . How much faster is you compared with those who are slim ? Try not to eat foods that don’t require chewing slowly .

Doesn’t eat food continuously . Use chopsticks to hold a bite of food , and then put down the chopsticks when you chew the food . Chew each dish 15-20 times . Chewing slowly means half digestion . The effect of chewing slowly is not limited to this , but also because the human brain needs some time to be able to send a signal of fullness after eating . In addition , chewing slowly will prolong the time of eating , and make people feel that they have eaten many things . This illusion can have a very wonderful effect on people . Most people’s habit of swallowing quickly is deeply ingrained , . So it should take two to three months to change patiently , don’t worry !

2 . Frustrated and eat wildly

When people are frustrated , they always like to fill that kind of emptiness by holding a lot of snacks . Such a full stomach can temporarily comfort themselves and satisfy themselves . This is the performance of frustrated eating .

Consequence : The weight has increased unconsciously . I am afraid that when you are in a good mood , your body will have grown a lot .

Countermeasure : Don’t eat when you are troubled . The punching bag may be replaced on the phone . When you are frustrated , call your friends and family , tell them about your frustration , and completely vent your anger .

3 . Eat to control emotions

Eating is not just for belly wrapping , they are even a kind of spiritual sustenance , and food can be used to suppress agitated or impulsive emotions . When there is a certain environment or mood that makes people feel difficult to adapt , such as ” empty window period ” , then food can provide warmth and security . Especially some high-fat , high-calorie foods will feel very comfortable soon after eating .

Consequences : Often eating high-fat and high-calorie foods will not only cause weight gain , but also make you feel sleepy and weak . This is because the fat in these foods is converted into fat after entering a meal for a period of time , and the small fat Blocks can block capillaries in the brain and muscles . If you continue to adhere to this diet , you will also greatly increase the incidence of many diseases .

Countermeasures : Find more things that interest you , and at the same time help you improve your self-confidence . When you start to truly love yourself , you will no longer be obsessed with this type of food .

4 . Never eat breakfast

” It will be just a few minutes in the morning , and after breakfast , it will soon be lunch . It is better not to eat.” ” . Of course I am also happy to eat breakfast , but my throat seems to be stuck when I wake up , and I can’t swallow anything . Go on ! ” . This is the case of women that don’t eat breakfast .

Consequences : Nothing goes into breakfast , and the risk of weight gains rises by 35% to 50% . This is the result of a follow-up survey conducted by Cambridge University on 7,000 people . In addition , medical research has also confirmed that those who do not eat breakfast for a long time are prone to gallstones .

Countermeasure : Get up early half an hour in the morning , so that you will win more time to cultivate the habit of eating a healthy breakfast every day . The best breakfast pairings are complex carbohydrates (such as gluten-free bread or low-sugar mixed cereals ) , protein (such as yogurt or fresh cheese ) , and vitamins (such as a piece of fruit ) . If you don’t like sweets , eat a tomato , a few slices of cucumber , or a carrot . The calories of breakfast should be kept at 250-400 calories .

If you always snooze until the last minute to get up , then you has to make up for breakfast 1 to 2 hours after you get up . Otherwise , as soon as you are busy with your work , you will become hungry and may not choose how many calories you eat . The consequence is naturally to completely deform your figure .

5 . Eat while watching TV

Watching TV while eating dinner , reading newspaper while eating breakfast , eating while listening to music , watching movies at home , snacks is more prepared than a movie theater . A movie hasn’t come to an end , and often a whole bag of potato chips or popcorn has come to an end .

Consequences : Professor Brian Wangzink of Cornell University in New York State found that people who eat while watching TV often consume 20% to 60% more calories than people that concentrate on eating .

Countermeasure : When it is time for dinner , it is best to turn off the TV immediately and concentrate on enjoying your dishes . Enjoy your food , should be happy to eat , eat well , and eat delicious . While eating while doing other things , the consequence is to eat faster and eat more .

Choose some foods with high nutrition and low calories , and use small tableware to hold them . In this way , even if you can’t change the bad habit of watching TV for a while , you have to stand up and add meals because you are not full enough , so as to win enough time for the brain to send a satiety message . American medical scientists recently conducted a survey of 50,000 women , and the results showed that the flashing light on TV screens at night can cause the body to secrete stress hormones , which can interfere with sleep and burning of body fat . Therefore , it is best to turn off the TV one hour before going to bed .

6 . Eat at the weekend

Monday through Friday live ascetics monks , very restrained in eating and drinking . By the weekend , it was liberated ! A mouthful of a week is waiting for these two days ! Let all the food come more violently , anyway , indulge in these two days a week ! The problem is not big !

Consequences : The results of the latest survey on the weight of residents by the relevant U.S. agencies show that those who eat and drink indiscriminately on weekends are far more harmful to their bodies than the occasional gluttons .

Countermeasure : If you want to sleep more on the weekend , you can consider postponing the lunch time or canceling the dinner . You can also cancel lunch and eat dinner early to reduce the discomfort of not eating lunch . There are often social events or family gatherings on weekends , and drinking is inevitable . Don’t forget that wine or beer should also be counted in the calories consumed during dinner . The reason why alcohol hinders the burning of fat in the body is because the body needs to decompose alcohol first , and during this period , the fat that the body ingests from the food has been directly deposited in the buttocks .

7 . Greed for convenient eating fast food

Instant noodles , instant porridge , instant vermicelli , instant rice , instant soup , instant canned food . The kitchen at home is full of these instant foods , I really appreciate modern technology ! The next time your friends gathers / gathered , it’s not a problem to have a convenient dinner !

Consequences : The University of North Carolina in the United States conducted a study on the eating habits of 750 Chinese people . The results confirmed that : Anyone who loves to eat MSG seasoning dishes is more likely to gain weight .

Countermeasure : Convenient foods are basically added with taste enhancers (such as MSG ) , and such substances may cause dysfunction of nerve cells in the human brain that regulate the feeling of hunger , thereby causing people to eat more food , resulting in weight gains. When you have to eat instant food , check it out when you buy it : you should pay attention to the package instructions and avoid buying convenience foods that contain flavor enhancers (MSG ) and sweeteners .

8 . Passionate about desserts

The most wonderful of all the flavors is sweet , which is innate nature of human beings . Therefore , anytime , anywhere , as long as you have the opportunity , you can’t let go-chocolate , cream cake , ice cream , cream sugar , sweetness can not be replaced by any other flavor !

Consequences : Excessive consumption of sweets , the consequence is that the daily calorie intake exceeds the normal intake , resulting in overweight .

Countermeasure : Sugar is indispensable to our body . This is because sugar is the main source of carbohydrates for our most important energy supplier , so don’t suppress your desire for sweets too much , otherwise you will find that the more you suppress the more you desire . Don’t put tempting foods such as sweets and sweets at your own convenience . When buying chocolate , choose small pieces of low-fat pure dark chocolate . For biscuit cakes , buy whole wheat . Really greedy , you can use fruit instead of toffee . Scientists have found that citrus fruits can particularly suppress mouth cravings , and juice them for drinking is also a good choice .

9 . Feeling nervous and overeating

will have an interview tomorrow morning ; there will be 3,000 speakers in 5 minutes ; next month , we will represent the branch to participate in the business competition of the entire group ; these tense moments , all we can think of is food . The more nervous you are , the more hungry you are , and the more you eat naturally .

Consequences : Frequent overeating makes your stomach and body overwhelmed , . So you have to give whatever you want , and after eating , where does the meat converted from these foods goes , it seems that it is not under your control . !

Countermeasure : Decompress your body first . When the body and mind is tense , do deep breathing , practice yoga for a while is a good way to reduce stress , let the body calm down first , so as not to fill your mouth indiscriminately . Some low-calorie foods such as fruits , carrots , cucumbers , lettuce , etc . should always be kept in the refrigerator , so that even if there are some difficult situations to deal with , the foods eaten can be guaranteed to be relatively healthy .

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