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5 taboos for weight loss breakfast , egg milk is a misunderstanding

After a good night’s sleep , it is especially important to have a healthy weight loss breakfast when it is early to replenish energy . MM , which has strict requirements on body shape , is also very demanding on breakfast selection . In addition , eating a good breakfast can avoid feeling hungry before lunch time , but breakfast can not be eaten casually , I will remind you that there are 5 major breakfast taboos , bypass the taboo and choose a healthy weight loss breakfast .

Taboo 1 : Eat breakfast in bed in the morning

The first thing some people wake up in the morning is to eat breakfast , fill their stomaches , and then find that they may forget to brush their teeth . Many people often have the view that they must replenish energy immediately after getting up in the morning to promote absorption . In fact , this kind of thinking is very wrong . Taking breakfast too early , the spleen and stomach are still resting , and can not work immediately . At this time , eating will cause a great burden on the stomach .

Taboo 2 : Milk and eggs are the best weight loss breakfast

Milk and eggs are believed to be a weight loss breakfast that many people often eat . In fact , this kind of breakfast is not scientific . In the early morning , the body needs a carbohydrate-rich breakfast to supplement energy . Both milk and eggs are rich in high protein , but It can only supply the body’s structure , but not its energy . People will soon be hungry after eating milk and eggs for breakfast , which will damage the stomach .

Editor’s suggestion : When eating breakfast , the staple food must be indispensable . After drinking milk and eggs , it must be accompanied by staple foods such as porridge , bread , buns , etc , so that people can eat more nutritious and hungry Also longer .

Taboo 3 : The richer the breakfast , the better

Almost everyone knows that it is unhealthy to skip breakfast , but therefore eating a lot of food , even requiring high protein , high calories , high fat , this approach is a bit of a loss , especially in the morning , people’s stomach Especially weak , eating too much food at this time will cause the food to not be digested in time , the function of the stomach will decline , causing disease and obesity .

Editor ‘s suggestion : Breakfast needs to be balanced , but it is best to eat foods that are easy to digest and absorb , such as low-sugar , low-fat , high-fiber foods . According to this principle , eat some porridge , dairy products , Soy milk , dumplings and other very good choices , oily , fried or hard food is not suitable for breakfast .

Taboo 4 : There is no shortage of dairy products of breakfast

Drink milked for breakfast , I believe this is a habit of many people . For the choice of dairy products , maybe many people will confuse pure milk and breakfast milk . Although both have milk ingredients , they have a lot of nutrition and ingredients . The difference is that pure milk is generally fresh milk with a protein content of 2.9% and 3.1% . The ingredients of  breakfast milk are milk , water , malt extract , peanuts , egg powder , oats , stabilizers , iron fortifiers , zinc fortifiers , etc , and the protein content is generally above 2.3% .

Editor ‘s suggestion : The nutritional value of dairy products is different . When people choose breakfast , they should choose the milk that suits them . Compare with pure milk and breakfast milk , breakfast milk is more suitable for drinking .

Taboo 5 : Youtiao and soy milk are very good

Fritters + soy milk has always been a traditional Chinese breakfast . In fact , fritters and soy milk as breakfast are not conducive to health . After the fritters are fried at high temperature , the nutrients will be destroyed , resulting in a large number of carcinogens , which is very harmful to human health . Soy milk is a medium-fat food , and the oil quality of such a breakfast combination is obviously beyond the standard , . So it is not suitable for regular consumption .

A healthy and nutritious breakfast can promote the metabolism of the human body , and can provide the energy required by the body throughout the day . With enough positive energy to successfully complete the day’s work and study tasks , we must learn to choose a healthy weight loss breakfast .

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