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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / 5 fatal mistakes to lose weight in spring

5 fatal mistakes to lose weight in spring

Spring is a good day for people to lose weight . Although many people take diet as the preferred method of weight loss , they often have little effect . What exactly is blocking our fat-reducing plan , let us pull them out one by one .

Five problems with losing weight

Question 1 : Eat too much ” oil “

Someone said : ” I don’t eat fat , only vegetarian oil , to avoid obesity .” . This is essentially a misunderstanding , melon seeds , peanuts , walnuts , pine nuts , hazelnuts , summer fruit and other hard fruit food ingredients are almost half It’s fat . Some people love to eat these snacks is equivalent to eating a lot of fat . In some vegetarian restaurants , the cooking oil is getting bigger and bigger . When cooking , the cooking oil should be sprinkled with clear oil . The various kinds of ” boiled fish ” , ” boiled meat ” and ” spicy crab ” are essentially ” oil ” ” Boiled ” , It is impossible to eat too much oil .

Fat is a taboo for weight loss , and in order to prevent weight gain , it is necessary to eat less food with high fat content . Eliminate fat foods . To put it bluntly , eat less oil . Oil is called ” fat ” in medical terms . Vegetable oil and animal oil are fats . Vegetable oils are pure fats . The main component of fat is fat . Fats also exist on lean meat , Viscera , eggs , milk , soy products , and even food , and certain vegetables (such as edamame ) have a certain amount of fat .

Question 2 : Eat more carbohydrates

Before the standard of living was low , the non-staple food was poor . It is common to the average person to eat four or two and a half pounds of staple food for every meal . Now the living standard has been improved , and the non-staple food is good . Some people eat too much fruit , especially fruits of high sugar content (bananas , persimmons , grapes , lychees ) , which also increases carbohydrate intake .

Carbohydrates are digested by the intestine into monosaccharides (glucose , fructose , galactose ) and then absorbed into the blood . Some of them are directly used by tissues to produce energy for human needs , and some are stored in cells . It will become fat stored in the body . Foods containing carbohydrates include grains , beans , milk , fruits , dried fruits , and vegetables .

Question 3 : Excessive protein

protein is also an energy-generating substance . If you eat too much , the energy intake exceeds the body’s needs , and the stored fat is still fat . Foods containing protein are mostly meat , eggs , milk , soybeans , food , vegetables and fruits also have a small amount of protein . Foods rich in protein (meat , eggs , milk , soybeans ) are high in fat . These foods will eat more fatter as they eat .

Metabolites of protein should be excreted from the kidneys . Eating too much protein will increase the burden on the kidneys . Metabolites exceeding the excretory capacity of the kidneys will cause ” azotemia ” , which is harmful to the body .

Question 4 : Snacks + desserts

Some people like to eat snacks and drink sweet drinks , especially when they feel bored in life or eat too many snacks while watching TV . Almost all carbohydrates , proteins , and fats are found in snacks .

Eating snacks is equal to eating energy . Some snacks are still high in energy . For example , hard fruit foods contain more oil , bananas , pistachios , cashews , potato chips , puffed foods contain more starch , candy , dried fruits , preserved fruits , sweet drinks contain more sugar Beef jerky and fish fillet contain more protein , and the energy produced cannot be consumed , . So they will be stored in the form of fat .

Question 5 : Drink too much

wine is a high-calorie beverage . One gram of alcohol can produce 7 kilocalories , second only to fat .

Although the alcohol contented in beer is only about 3% , It still has a sugar content of 11% , and the amount of beer consumed is much larger . The heat produced by a bottle of beer is equivalent to the heat produced by 100 grams of grain . More is equivalent to eating more food , excess energy will be stored in the form of fat .

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