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Weight Loss / Weight loss diet / 5 big bad diet weight loss habits, Let you eat fatter

5 big bad diet weight loss habits, Let you eat fatter

Poor eating habits are the culprit leading to obesity . With the improvement in living standards , weight loss has become an ever-popular trend . Although obesity is caused by multiple factors , for simple obesity , dietary factors , especially bad eating habits , are the main reason for fattening . You may wish to change it to see if it works .

1 . Fast eating speed

Most of the fat people have good appetite and eat fast , so that they gobble up , the food is not fully chewed , and cannot be applied to the stomach wall as a chyme , so often eat a lot of things and still feel hungry ; chewing time is too short , the vagus nerve is still Excessive excitement , which leads to hyperactivity . In addition , because the blood sugar concentration increases after eating too fast , when the brain’s appetite centers outputs a signal to stop eating , it often eats too much food . Some snacks are constantly fat , especially children and young women who are obese . It seems that the amount of regular meals is not large , but the snacks are constantly , which causes the total calories to be greatly exceeded .

2 . Skip breakfast

Many women have adopted the ” Hunger Weight Loss Method ” in an attempt to achieve weight loss by eating less or no breakfast , but the result is counterproductive and even counterproductive . Because skipping breakfast will increase the sense of fasting during lunch , thereby promoting food absorption . According to the survey , 14% of young people that do not eat breakfast start to feel hungry after 9 am , 72.5% have strong hunger after 10 am , the brain consumes the most energy and cannot concentrate . Due to the enhanced protective function of the energy stored in the body of the morning on an empty stomach , a full lunch will be quickly absorbed , forming fat , which leads to obesity over time .

3 . Improper dinner

Many people are accustomed to eating breakfast and lunch simply because of the time . When the family is reunited at night , there is plenty of time , so chicken , fish , meat , eggs , and dishes are filled in the table . Such an arrangement is not scientific . After food is digested in the body , part from it enters the blood to form blood lipids . In the evening , the amount of insulin in the blood rises to the peak of the day . Insulin can convert blood sugar into fat and condense on the blood vessel wall and abdominal wall . Over time , people will become obese .

4 . Eat too much sugar

In the past , people generally believed that fat in food was the main factor leading to obesity . In fact , the calories provided by fat will not quickly promote the synthesis of fat in the body , and the glycerol produced when fat is decomposed can also inhibit the storage and accumulation of fat . Sugar is not only easy to absorb , but also enhances the activity of enzymes needed to promote fat production , and can secrete insulin that promotes fat synthesis , thereby accumulating fat .

5 . Partial eclipse

Partial eclipse can cause an imbalance in nutritional intake and make some nutrients deficient . As far as we know , lack of B vitamins can lead to obesity . Because B vitamins can turn fat into energy , the reason for the lack of B vitamins is related to modern lifestyles . The food is refined , not only the rice and noodle processing is too fine , but also the intake of fruits and vegetables is not enough . The b vitamins involved in fat metabolism are mainly b1 , b2 , b6 , etc . These vitamins are mainly present in brown rice , wheat hulls and many fresh vegetables and fruits .

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